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“Express Yourself” Video Contest

Want to see my entry? Click here to go to the post!

Need some tips? See the updates at the bottom of this post!

Fantage has released a new video contest along with the new avatar expressions!

Here is the information, taken from a sign at Downtown:



Featured Video Contest

Sorry I haven’t updated on the opening of Zack’s theater, I was too busy studying for finals AND…

Making a video to enter into the contest!! I am finally finished, and I just wanted to show all of you guys my work.

If for some reason you are dumb enough to steal my video and send it to Fantage, don’t even waste your time. I already sent it to them AGES ago.


Ack, uploaded the wrong, shorter version earlier on accident. The link is now correct.

How do I send in my own video?

Here is a screenshot of the sign inside Zack’s theater with all the instructions.


I don’t know when the contest will end, nor do I know how many winners there will be. Just send one in!