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Ville Bills

I’m happy to announce that the Ville Bills have RETURNED!

I didn’t have much work today, so I decided to just get started on remaking them. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, because luckily, I keep a Google Doc keeping track of where all of them are, with the links and precise location and everything. I’m glad I decided to be so organized :3

All 3 Ville Bill pages are back up, with their new passwords. These passwords are completely random and are not necessarily related to the previous ones.

For those of you who found the Ville Bills honestly before they were suspended (they were suspended because someone gave them all away on XAT), this will be easy as pie for you. Well, if you were smart and organized, that is:

All of the Ville Bills are hidden in the EXACT same locations as before, same color and everything. The only difference is the letters on them, since I had to make a new password. If you recorded the locations from last time, then you just have to go back and get the new letters. This way, only the honest people will be able to get the page easily. Any cheaters from last time who didn’t work to find the password will have nothing to start with, which is my exact intention.


Quick Post

Item sale and raffle is over, Lilly already got her ecoins.

Trade n sell is closing in less than 3 hours.

I am no longer doing Art Requests (at least, not for a while) because school is getting really busy. Really sorry to those of you who are in line, this is exactly why I didn’t want you guys to pay in advance >.<

I will not be able to come on for the rest of the week, but I have a break on Monday, so hopefully I will be able to moderate the 150+ comments and reply to the 50+ emails xP


Complications and Pumpkins

Hm, let’s start with pumpkins. Part 2 of the Autumn Festival event has been released, and you can go to Pet Town and choose your very own pumpkin to carve during the Halloween event!

First, go to Pet Town


There will be 6 pumpkins to choose from in the Pumpkin Patch. They are constantly changing between orange, blue, white, and gold.


New Name For Casey

Hey guys! I am getting more interested and into my fashion blog, so I decided to change my name. If my blog gets popular, I don’t really want people to call me “Casey”. My username is still caseycow101, but my new public name will now be my real name, Angela.

Well except on Xat. On Xat I am still casey_cow101. Just a heads up!

P.S. If you are wondering, my name on Fantage is casey_cow101 even though my username for everything is caseycow101 because caseycow101 wasn’t available on Fantage, so I just added the underscore for Fantage only.

Members Pass OUT, Ville Bills IN

MAJOR new thing on this blog that’s I’m planning to develop over the weekend!! (I came up with this when I was brushing my teeth this morning, HAHAHA…)

First off, I will be completely removing the Members/Rares page pass because:

  • people start hating on this blog when they can’t get into the page (there are over 500 thumbs-down ratings) Picture1
  • when I checked the member accounts, all of them had expired, and lots of them had changed their pass :C
  • it’s really difficult and unfair to my younger audience
  • the entire thing takes a LOT of time to run
  • removing it will clear up a bunch of clutter on this blog (I dislike clutter)


Art Announcements!

Sorry for the 3 consecutive posts about the selling drawings, this is the last, I promise!

Looks like quite a few people are interested in buying our art, so I’ve made an official page! Click here.

And YAY, Casey’s doing it too! (To Casey: I left a blank spot for you on the Art Sales page, you can put anything you want on it [: )

Also, to the 10 or so people that already sent me requests for a drawing, could you kindly send another one, using the format I listed on that Art Sales page? Thanks! This will keep everything neat and tidy.

I will delete the 2 past posts about the art sales now, to reduce the clutter.

Thanks everyone! :mrgreen:


Fantageville Video

What do you guys think? There’s music :3

Click here to see the video on the YouTube page.

Your Opinion?

I’ve decided to test out a new post layout for this blog.

In case you didn’t notice, I have made the posts on the home page so that they only show snippets of themselves instead of the entire thing.

This way, you don’t have to cramp up your fingers scrolling through our long posts to get to the next one.

If you don’t get what I mean, here’s a before and after pic of an example post…


Scammed (Again): Yes I’m An Idiot

Remember how I got hacked like a month ago? Well you might be saying wow Casey is stupid, she got scammed AGAIN, ok but seriously here’s the story.

March 17, 2013.

Ashley Marrie on Facebook promised Casey $70 for Movie Star Hair(my most prized possession), red gym shorts(dang it), and popstar board(don’t care that much).


Fantageville FlipBoard

This new, bonus feature of Fantageville can be used by anyone that has a smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc) or tablet. If you don’t have any of those, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on any information. It’s just for fun!


Changes to Our XAT!

*This post has been updated a couple of times, check it often*

Due to many complaints, Casey and I have made several major changes to Fantageville’s XAT chat box. We feel that these changes will allow all users to have a better time on our chat.



Guys thanks soooooo much for all your help and support!!! Thanks to all my awesome fans, I got my stuff back, yay!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you so much! I love you all!!!!!!!


Well this is a bit unfortunate.

I haven’t been on Fantage in a long time, and when I went on, most of my good stuff was gone. Like frisky, cc, stained glas shirt, super hero hair, gypsy hair, number 1 accessory, glowies, celebrity crowns, and lots more I can’t even count.

I think my password was too easy…

Well so here is what I need you to help me on.
Call Fantage, email fantage, contact them as much as possible for me on how casey_cow101 is hacked so I can get my stuff back.
The more we complain, the merrier.

Thank You

UPDATE: I am feeling in a good mood, especially after Fantageville got unsuspended. So, I am giving away the first hint to the members/rares pass!! No joke, no catch. A free hint.

Click here to go to the page that has the very first hint. There is invisible text under the words “~More will be added later on~”. Just highlight the white space by dragging your mouse, and the hidden message will be there in white.

Some of you may be confused, and since I did promise a free hint, I will tell you what the invisible text says, in case you can’t figure it out:

Yes, more will be added… such as the first hint to the Members/Rares page! Here it is: The next hint is hidden on a page in this blog that does not allow any comments to be posted.

Good luck 🙂

Thank you, wordpress

To be more specific, I wanted to thank Jackie, a WordPress staff member. When Fantageville got suspended for putting an ad of Swagbucks on the sidebar, I sent an email to WordPress to figure out why and how to unsuspend it, and Jackie replied to all of my pestering emails within 24 hours each time.

Jackie also allowed me to remove all my ads in order to unsuspend my blog, which was SO generous.

Thank you SO much, it means a lot to me, I felt really lost without Fantageville!

Thank you, viewers

I wanted to mention that, to my utter shock, Fantageville STILL received over 500 hits, EVEN WHEN THE BLOG WAS SUSPENDED!!


I have no idea how that is even possible, but it really shows how much you all contribute to this blog.

I also wanted to thank several all the people who showed so much concern and hope for us when Fantageville got suspended. Things like “I know you worked really hard on that blog” and “I hope it will become unsuspended too” REALLY helped in those 2 days of complete confusion.

Thank you to everyone!

No thank you, tinkerbell

Still not removing your copied material, eh? Notice how easy it is to get suspended. I just put a banner of Swagbucks on the sidebar, and I got suspended. Imagine how easy it would be for me to report you…

Speaking of which, along with my thank you to Jackie, I am also reporting you. It seems like she has the power to suspend blogs 🙂

Update: I have NEVER seen a bigger LIAR than you. This is a screenshot of her “blog”


One, I NEVER even HEARD of her before she copied my blog. Like I have said a MILLION times, I do not know ANYONE in real life that plays Fantage.

Two, WHY THE HECK would I want to hack HER??? I have over 25 premium member accounts in my possession, given to me by my awesome viewers. Hacking is really stupid.

Three, uh, be the first at what?? Punching you in the face? Maybe!

Four, obviously my mods are banning you forever. Any blog owner would do the same thing. You are even worse than Kevin, at least he doesn’t LIE.

Five, that is the dumbest lie I have ever heard. I do not even know your username, much less your password. I don’t want a newbie account.

And that screenshot of the Fantagians that she is claiming to know the pass to? ALL of them are my friend’s profile pictures. She doesn’t even know how to screenshot.

Pinky229’s profile picture –> 

Who’s is this? –> images (5)

Cstar’s profile picture –> 

Her page: Capture5

I have never hated anyone more. She is a fraud, liar, copier, poser, the list just goes on and on…

Random stuff

One, I am really behind in moderating comments ._. Sorry if I don’t get to yours!!!


Two, I have decided that I will continue blogging, because I wouldn’t be able to stand abandoning this blog and Casey…

Three, I LOVE the new background, Casey! 😀

Four, if any of your friends still have not been notified that Fantageville has been unsuspended, please tell them all the info! That if going to the home page doesn’t work, then they need to clear out their cache: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache

Make sure to clear everything in the cache from the past 4 weeks.

This won’t delete anything, don’t worry. The only thing you will have to do is sign in again to any accounts that you had logged in to before (e.g. email, Facebook, Youtube, wordpress, etc.)

I’m Sorry

I’m really sorry that I missed my anniversary party. 

My dad blocked Fantage, and Wifi on my phone, so I basically can’t do anything.

Really sorry to disappoint you guys that went to see me, but if you call me names for not coming, I will never forgive you.

That’s all. Sorry guys! 




Fantage Party!

Guys! I know that you’re all confused, and I am too, I heard Casey didn’t show up today? (Well, I couldn’t have shown up anyway, the time didn’t work for me). I think she wasn’t able to go on the computer, because she got some sort of parental control that only allows her to go on the computer an hour at a time. I know it must have been a real bummer, I would be bummed out too! I’m sure Casey has some sort of explanation though, we just have to wait for it! Hang in there!

So some of you might know that I, casey_cow101, am quitting Fantage. First of all this means that:

  • I am not quitting the blog!!!
  • I am not giving away my account or any of my items
  • I’m selling my items for real money to people on Facebook that I trust only!

So, some people also might know that I joined Fantage on March 26, 2011. In 3 days, it will be March 26, 2013, my 2-year anniversary of Fantage, so I’m hosting a party!

Oh yea, I’m also quitting Fantage on that day.

So here are the details!!!!!

Fantage 2-Year Anniversary Quitting Party for Casey_cow101:

Date: March 26, 2013

Time: 1:00 PM Pacific Time(4 PM Eastern Time) until 2:00 PM Pacific time.

Where: Star Cafe, in Sienna Shark

Wear: Your best and fanciest outfit!

That’s it! Hope to see you there!!!!

P.S. I will be doing some giveaways for my items on the blog because I love you guys so much ❤


A Sneak Preview

I have released it, after reviewing the poll. Click here!

You guys have heard that I was working on a HUGE project for this blog that I started maybe 2 months ago, right? But it would remain a secret until it gets released?

Well. I think I’m gonna explode if I don’t tell you guys, I can’t keep in the secret anymore, because I am SO excited for you to use it!

I made the following YouTube video for several reasons: as a preview, as an advertisement, and as a guide.

Remember, the link mentioned in the video does NOT work yet, because I’m not done with it! You won’t be able to find this video by searching on YouTube either, only on this blog! How special!

Now sit tight, get some popcorn (naww it’s really short), turn on your speakers, and watch in HD…

*I know lots of people are gonna copy me on this. I’d like to tell you that it’s practically impossible, because it would take you more than 2 months to get all the screenshots and the names. But of course, some senseless people just love to copy and paste. So, I made a warning regarding copiers my first priority. Once I release the page, you will see the same exact thing on the top. Here it is:



EVERYTHING on this page is copyrighted by princess_moomoo for the blog Fantageville. This includes: the idea of an “All Fantage Items” list, all pictures, and all of the words I have typed to match with my pictures.

I DON’T WANT CREDITS. This took over 2 months to create, so “credits” are worth less than a bucket of cow dung in comparison.

If I find out that you have copied ANYTHING on this page, I will report you, and you will never receive a single viewer again. I am DEAD serious.”


Soo… yea. Now aren’t you EXCITED??? I have tried it out myself, and it’s amazingly useful…

I expect to released it on March 9, at the earliest, but no promises!

Now you know why I haven’t been updating the weekly announcements or stuff for sale page, or why I seem to never reply when you find me in the trade n sell shop…


1. I’m sooo sorry that we haven’t been able to announce the winners to the poster contest yet!! I promise I will get to that! Dx

2. The reason why I haven’t announced the winners or done much updating is because I am working on something HUGE and SUPER awesome. Once I finish it, I will update everything!! (If you know what it is, please don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!!)

3. princess_moomoo is a nonmember again 😀

From Casey

Here’s a poem to everyone:
It’s Casey, yes the real Casey Cow
I wanted to come to tell you something now
I know I haven’t been on much till today
But I guess in life I can’t always get my way

I wanted to say Merry Christmas to all
I hope you got good presents, maybe a doll
Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year
And hopefully you know the tradition most dear

Make resolutions and have some fun
And party a lot until you are numb
Respect your friends and family
And don’t act up or get all silly

Love what you have don’t be greedy
Or there will be nothing under the tree
This isn’t a poem for me to leave
I’m staying, duh, so don’t you greave

Merry Christmas to all and all a good night,
and I hope my appearance didn’t give you a big fright.

P.S. If you think I’m quitting lol I’m not.
P.P.S. Sorry Moomoo for not posting lately, I’ll be on top of it, its my resolution

Trading on XAT

*Note: This entire post is about trading ACCOUNTS, NOT items at Trade n’ Sell!!! Btw, trading ITEMS is absolutely allowed on Fantageville chat!

I hope by now you know that there is a super strict rule on Fantageville chat that says “No trading, giving, selling, or sharing Fantage accounts. Anything that has to do with the transfer of account info is banned”

Well, it seems that most of the time when I get reports, it’s because people are trading accounts.

Which has led me to reconsider my “no trading accounts” rule. Here are my thoughts:

Bad things about trading accounts

  • Most of the time, people who offer trades don’t actually have a member account to give
  • Scammers usually demand that you say your account info first before they give you theirs, and when they get your account, they go offline without giving you an account back
  • Sometimes, scammers do have an account, but its either a newbie or an account with nothing good
  • The more people that know about an account, the more likely it will be banned
  • I don’t want people trading away my accounts that are on the member accounts page (which is still under construction btw)

Good things about trading accounts

  • Most people like trading, so I guess everyone will be happier
  • I don’t have to waste my time banning traders
  • Not everyone that trades is a scammer, most people just want to experience new accounts
  • Maybe people will get along better if trading were allowed

So now you have heard arguments from both sides. It’s time for YOU to make your decision! Vote on the poll below and let your voice be heard. Whichever side has the most votes will determine whether trading will be allowed or banned. I will stop the poll once there is a CLEAR choice.


I feel like a LOT of people are so lost, so I’m going to announce a few things


Somebody gave it away a couple of weeks ago, so I have to hide the hints all over again. I already said this a million times, but nobody seems to notice.

2. Sidebar stuff

I know that some people are on mobile devices (phones) and cannot see the sidebar. You are missing out!! There is a “Weekly Announcements” button, and a “Stuff for Sale” button. I will give you the links for them here, bookmark them!

Weekly Announcements: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/weekly-announcements/

Stuff for Sale: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/stuff-for-sale/

**Even if you are on your phone, you can still see the sidebar!! Just scroll all the way to the bottom and click “View Full Site”

3. Reporting people

Even though I have made an ENTIRE page for it (click here) AND made a video tutorial on screenshotting (click here), people are STILL not reporting people properly. You MUST include a screenshot!!!

4. New blog background?

christmas2.jpg Choice #1

christmas3.png Choice #2

christmas1.jpg Choice #3

Whichever has the most votes by Friday, December 14, will be used as the new background, so let your voice be heard and vote!!

*Hehe actually, I was SO excited for the new background, I just went over the results today (December 12) at 9 PM Fantage time:


Look’s like we’re having the gingerbread background! Yay! That was my favorite too! ❤

Fantageville Facebook Page

Hey Fantagevillagers! Thats your new name! Anyway if you want to follow Fantageville on Facebook for updates and whatnot go to https://www.facebook.com/Fantageville

Grand Opening!

The blog has been finally been revamped!! This post contains a LOT of awesome info, read to the end!

1. Updated Stuff

☑ New accounts have been added to the Nonmember Accounts page

☑ New accounts have been added to the Members/Rare Accounts page

☑ A super helpful guide about Trade n’ Sell has been made

☑ Everything has been cleaned up, so all useless pages, widgets, and comments have been removed


2. Members/Rares Page

There are currently 20 accounts on this page, 13 of which are members. I still have SO many to add!

The new password hints have all been added too. The old ones are gone, and the password has changed, so everyone starts fresh.

I would like to thank the 178 people who have subscribed to my blog by giving them the first hint: *Removed*

If you have subscribed, just check your email for the post to see the unedited version. To people that did not subscribe, I have already removed the hint. It pays to be a tentative viewer 🙂

The hint that I have given to the subscribers is the starting point of the hints, which will lead to several other hints, which will finally lead to the final password. There are 2 ways to follow, but both will lead to the same page that contains the password. To those of you who aren’t subscribers, then you just have to find the starting point yourselves xP

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor xD

Also! If you have any questions about it, just click here

3. Weekly announcements

We will now be having a weekly announcement page! Just click on this button on the sidebar

☂ Trade N’ Sell ☂

Everything has been moved here, because this post was too long!

Enjoy 🙂

Revamping the Blog!

I will be revamping the blog this month, so everything will be in tip-top shape, and my viewers will be able to find things easier!

Here are some of the plans:

  • Adding brand new, fresh accounts to BOTH the Free Accounts page and Members/Rare Accounts page
  • Cleaning up the sidebar so it looks neater
  • Adding some pages to help you guys
  • And informational post/page about trading, because I know it is SO confusing
  • Putting MORE hints all over the blog to help you find the password to the Members/Rares page!
  • And more!

I will be making a post when the blog has been fully revamped.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to view this blog obviously! I’m just telling you the new AWESOMENESS that will be on this blog within a month!