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Complications and Pumpkins

Hm, let’s start with pumpkins. Part 2 of the Autumn Festival event has been released, and you can go to Pet Town and choose your very own pumpkin to carve during the Halloween event!

First, go to Pet Town


There will be 6 pumpkins to choose from in the Pumpkin Patch. They are constantly changing between orange, blue, white, and gold.


Autumn Festival

Event Info:


Limited Item Cart in Uptown and Downtown


“Express Yourself” Video Contest

Want to see my entry? Click here to go to the post!

Need some tips? See the updates at the bottom of this post!

Fantage has released a new video contest along with the new avatar expressions!

Here is the information, taken from a sign at Downtown:



Chocolate Challenge Event

It’s Thursday, Cookie Man and Cupcake Chaos updates have been posted too!



Back to School Event

Event Info

Info1  Info2

Info3  Info4

Info5  Info6


Adventures in Wonderland

See MooMoo’s updates in purple!

Event Info

event info


Lights Out Event


Event Info

1 2

3 4

5 6

Click the pictures above to be directed to the matching part of the post!


Hot Air Balloon Event

Event Info

event info

Limited Items


Dinner Party on the Cruise

Moomoo’s updates are in purple

Event Info

The things you can do during this event:

event info


Journey Under the Sea

LOTS of changes has been made to this post, including a map of the Underwater Tunnel that tells you where all the fish are! Scroll down!

Event Info:

event info


Kawaii’s a Mermaid

Sorry this post is late!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at Uptown and Downtown, as usual.



Summer Camp Out Ghost Tales

This event seems to be part of the Summer Camp event, because the campground and fishing lake are still there. Click here for the post if you missed it.

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart can be found at Uptown and Downtown, pretty sure there’s nothing for nonmembers this time…



Summer Camp Out 2013

Update: There is a prank that the boys can play on the girls, scroll down until you see it to figure out how to do it!

Another update: There is also a prank that the girls can play on the boys! Keep scrolling until you see it.

If you were there for the Summer Camp event last year, then you’ll see that this event is very similar!

Item Carts

As usual, Limited Item carts are at Uptown and Downtown. Not as usual, there is something for nonmembers: the marshmallow stick accessory!


Michelle and Zack’s Fireworks Festival

New Event!



Ellie’s Mysterious Island

*Check the bottom of the post for updates, I have added several things

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Nonmembers, if you want something, you’ll have to use ecoins.


Buy an Explorer Costume to play “A Piece of Fantage” scavenger hunt! (explained later, keep scrolling)


Beachwear items can be found inside Top Models Inc. and on the new island (all the way to the right). Wear them in the Fashion Show to get bonus points!


You can also buy the Turbo Tube to perform double jumps in the new game at the island, called Totally Tubular. Click on the sign at the island, at the far right.


The New Island

You can now click on the island on the map!


There are LOTS of games and new areas on the island that are coming soon. Expect a post when they arrive! This also means, members, that the maximum of your game medal will higher, since there are more games!


New game, called Totally Tubular. Not going to explain, because it’s pretty simple and not that great of a game, especially if you have a laggy computer.

A Piece of Fantage Scavenger Hunt

Find all the items for Ellie to get a prize. Buy an Explorer Costume to play. Nonmembers, if you want the pink bikini prize, buy the deluxe explorer costume with ecoins. You do NOT need to buy the nonmember Explorer Costume, it is just a waste of stars!!

*Cheat: If you’re a nonmember and you want the Deluxe Explorer Costume, try looking in Trade n Sell for a cheaper price! I bought mine for less than 1,700 ecoins!


Here are all the locations I have found so far. Thanks to everyone that helped in the comments!

Hunt1 Pet Town (inside Pet Shop, right of entrance)

Hunt2 Carnival (right of Rocket Board)

Hunt3 Outside Lighthouse (left of door)

Hunt4 Inside Zack’s Theater (left of Stage 1)

Hunt5 Mt. Fantage (left of cave)

Hunt6 Wizard’s Domain (inside Orion’s Rare Finds, far right)

Once you’ve found all of them, go back to the island and click on Ellie for your prizes! Nonmembers can wear the pink bikini too!

*Tip: If you’re a nonmember and you bought the Premium Explorer Costume (using ecoins), the costume is useless after you have gotten the bikini. Sell it at Trade n Sell for 2,399 ecoins!

Beach Fashion Show

Go to the island and walk right. Click on the big Fashion Show stage to play.


Each time it will be a multi-theme: beachwear and something else. Just wear items from the carts, then add on items from the other theme!

If you make it into the final round, you will get a medal! Even nonmembers can get this! I think the maximum is 2.


Hot or Not

This is pretty dumb, in my opinion, because you have to judge whether people are “hot” or not. Wow, talk about judging people by their looks???

Click on the sign at Uptown to submit your own look (Members only, dress up BEFORE you click on this), or vote. Members and nonmembers alike will get 10 stars for every 10 votes.


Members, if you gain enough votes for you look, you will win this super cool rainbow dress! It is a starred nonmember item, so nonmembers, if you get one at trade n sell, you will be able to wear it!


Looks like it’s worth a LOT too, not many people have it, and people are selling it for 5,000,000 stars at trade n sell…!

New Updates

They are having Flash Sale again at the Beach. In case you didn’t know, Flash Sales are when they sell a limited number of limited items in a limited time span, and they do this to many items. You may think that flash sale items are worth a lot, but honestly, they are not.


They also opened the Spa at the Island!

spa entrance

This is what it looks like on the inside.


There is a spa for members, but there is really no point… and you can paint your nails! That’s interesting…



And apparently, it actually shows! It looks so weird though…like you have magical powers or something…


The game Slide and Splash also came out, so go over to the island to check it out!


That’s it for now, but there will definitely be more updates, so keep checking this post!

More Updates

There are now Prize Item Sales!

prize items sale

The Resort is also open at Ellie’s Island


The only thing you can do inside the Resort is play a game.

inside resort

The store, High Tide, is also open. They sell cute swimsuits and accessories, but only for members.


There is also a Seashell hunt. You have to wear a seashell collecting costume to collect seashells though.

seashell costumes

If you collect enough seashells, you can trade them in to get prizes. Nonmembers can only collect the shells for the first prize though, unless you buy the premium member seashell collecting costume.

seashell scav hunt

I have  no idea why, but there seems to be like no seashells around Fantage, I only saw like 2, and they were premium member seashells.

So the only advice I have for you is to look near the beach; at Ellie’s Island or the Beach, and keep going back and forth. Otherwise, there are no specific places that the seashells are at.

Sorry I might be wrong, I only guessed this after about 10 minutes of exploring and discovering this event on Fantage.

Have Fun! ~Casey

Featured Video Contest

Sorry I haven’t updated on the opening of Zack’s theater, I was too busy studying for finals AND…

Making a video to enter into the contest!! I am finally finished, and I just wanted to show all of you guys my work.

If for some reason you are dumb enough to steal my video and send it to Fantage, don’t even waste your time. I already sent it to them AGES ago.


Ack, uploaded the wrong, shorter version earlier on accident. The link is now correct.

How do I send in my own video?

Here is a screenshot of the sign inside Zack’s theater with all the instructions.


I don’t know when the contest will end, nor do I know how many winners there will be. Just send one in!

Summer Picnic Bash

This event is a LOT like the Summer Finale Event from 2012…!

Item Carts

You can buy some yummy-looking items from the Limited Item Carts at Uptown/Downtown! Nothing for nonmembers this time…


Get a Burger Flip Costume to play Burger Flip! Buy more than one to flip different types of burgers.


Last, you can also get a Balloon Toss Costume to throw balloons at other people!


All activities will be explained, keep scrolling…

How to Play Burger Flip

You must be wearing a burger flip costume

Go to either Uptown, Downtown, the Beach, or the Carnival. Click on the red grill, next to Chef Emeril


You will play 3 mini games in order to make your burger.

*Tip: Go to an empty server so your computer won’t lag and mess you up

Part 1: Move your mouse up and down to add salt/pepper on your burger. Don’t worry if you don’t get a lot, you will still get a burger in the end. Your mouse will disappear, so make sure it doesn’t go outside of the window, or it won’t count (the mouse on the picture below is edited in).


Part 2: Press FLIP in the lower right hand corner when your patty is this color:


Press FINISH in the lower right hand corner when your patty is this color:


Part 3: Move your mouse left and right to catch to falling food. Do not catch the fish, spider, and smelly socks. (I edited in the green circle and red crossed-out shapes)


You’re done! Now, you can either wait for someone to buy your burger…

Flip6 *If you go to a different place, your burger will disappear!! The number of stars you get depends on how well you did with the games. A star will spin above your head once someone has bought it, and the sign will disappear.

… or give it to Chef Emeril for a prize.


Buy all 4 costumes to get all 4 prizes!

How to Play Balloon Toss

You must be wearing a Balloon Toss costume.

Click on the Balloon Toss! button on the left, then aim at anyone. Nonmembers will get 1 star for every person they hit.


You can also aim your balloon at the red target, at Uptown or the Oasis!


If enough balloons hit the target, stars will come pouring out. Pick them up by clicking on them, each one is worth 10 stars!


*Tip: Go to somewhat full server and do this at Uptown. If there are too many people, then your computer will get very laggy. If there aren’t enough people, then it will take a long time to get the bucket to pour out stars.

*Tip: You can also pick up the stars by touching them. Since they always fall in a straight line, you can just use your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth and get all of the stars very easily.

So, just click on a star, then keep using your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth to collect the falling stars. Don’t use your mouse or up/down arrow keys, or you will move out of the line.

Where is the Ice Cream Truck?

The Ice Cream Truck will come once in a while at Uptown, Downtown, Wizard’s Domain, and the Carnival. It’s VERY big, so you won’t miss it!


Once you see it, click on it, and get a prize.


Click on it again, and you can buy some more Limited Items!


Where are the Picnic Baskets?

Find picnic baskets all over Fantage and get prizes!

Regular Baskets: (anyone can get these)


Premium Baskets: (you must be a premium member)


Pawprint Baskets: (you must be walking your pet)


Here are the POSSIBLE locations:

1. Beach (left of Splash!)

2. Pet Town (right of Pet Academy)

3. Downtown (between Star Cafe and Super Power Shop)

4. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

5. Creature Area (under HELP sign)

6. Uptown (under ID Fone Shop)

7. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

Prizes! These are the possible prizes from the regular basket…


These are the possible prizes from the Premium Basket…


And these are the possible prizes from the Pawprint Basket…



Starry Nights Prom 2013

Item Carts

As usual, Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Nonmembers, if you want to get anything, you will have to use ecoins.


Buy a Dance Costume from Uptown/Downtown to dance on the Dance Floor at the Beach.


Wear anything from these carts to be displayed on the Jumbotron.

~I do not think Fantage has programmed the Jumbotron yet, because it doesn’t work right now~ (8:58 PM Fantage Time)

Vote for Kawaii’s Prom Date

Before you vote randomly, make sure to click on each of these handsome men/bear at Downtown to see the bribes prizes you will get if they win the vote.


Here are the prizes you will get from them if they win:


Outrageous thing #1: WHY WOULD KAWAII DATE A BEAR????

Outrageous thing #2: I THOUGHT ZACK WAS MICHELLE’S DATE, IS HE CHEATING ON HER ALREADY??? Or is that Zack’s evil twin brother, Mack??

Anyway, once you’re done wrapping your head around those shocking news, you can go to Uptown/Downtown and click on this sign to vote. I’m voting for Cody, only because the cape looks really cool and because I wouldn’t want to break Michelle’s heart by voting for Zack


Remember that voting costs 5 stars, and your vote will count as 5 times if you wear Limited Items from the cart.

Why are we getting taxed on everything?? No taxation without representation!!!

Dance Floor

Click on Prom1 at the left of your screen to dance on the Dance Floor!

~I do not think Fantage has programmed the dance floor either, because standing on the START place does nothing. Come back later for an update~ (8:58 PM Fantage Time)

Ride the Limo

Go to Downtown and wait by the sign.

Wait, what??? I just refreshed, and the limo sign disappeared! Note to self, go on Fantage at night, once all of the glitches and mistakes have been cleared up. Hurry up Fantage, half the day is over!

Mother’s Day 2013

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown, nothing for nonmembers this time


Buy a Flower Catching Costume at Uptown/Downtown to play Flower Catching! Yellow one is for nonmembers.


Nonmembers, ever wanted a pet? Click on the Pet Sale sign to buy magic codes for a much cheaper price! Find this at Pet Town, Uptown, or Downtown


Flower Catching

1. Buy a Flower Catching Costume from Uptown or Downtown

2. Go to either the Forest or the Castle Bridge. You will find Blue, Red, Purple, and Yellow flowers floating in bubbles.


3. You can only click on flowers that match the color of your costume. Don’t worry if they disappear, then will return in a couple seconds.

4. Bought more than one costume? No need to go to your inventory and change every time, just click on the flower and you will change automatically!

5. Catch all 10 of the same color to win a prize. Catch 10 of all four colors to get a free board!


Tip: Try buy the costumes and/or prizes at Trade n Sell for a cheaper price, you might be able to save some stars/ecoins!

Where are Zack and Poofi?

Every day of the event, Zack will be in a different place, deciding where to put his Movie Theater:


You will level up the Pet Pals medal each time you find him! For Premium Members, it can level up to 4; for Nonmembers, it can level up to 2. You must be walking a pet to get this medal!!


May 11: Castle Entrance

May 12: Forest (under Bubble Bug)

Pet Parade

Go to Uptown or Downtown, click on Stella’s mom, and see if you can show her the pet she wants! She will ask for a different pet every 15 minutes, so keep checking!



Also, wear Pet Locked Items in the Fashion Show to get bonus points.

The Royal Ball: The Princess Arrives!

The princess finally arrives, and there are many new items for sale! There are new limited items in Downtown and Uptown.

more limited items

Trade n’ Sell is also selling nice royal themed items. Go check it out.

trade n sell items


There are new Royal Ball Costumes at the Castle.

ballroom costumes


And New Throne Room costumes, too.

throne room costumes


If you go in the Throne room, you can click the King and Queen and they will give you a free item!

kind n queens gift


Well, Fantage overdone it a bit, selling like 4 carts of items, otherwise, it’s pretty awesome! So have fun!

The Royal Ball: The Princess Is Coming!

Text in purple is MooMoo’s added words

This new event is from April 25th-May 1st


Event Info


Item Carts

There’s also some wonderfully creative Limited Items in Downtown or Uptown.


You can also design a crown, print it out, and wear it! Click on the sign at Uptown/Downtown


Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

You can get free items by helping the Royal Seamstress collect things. They are placed randomly around Fantage and is different for each person.


Click on the seamstress at Downtown/Uptown to start

Where are the materials?

Since they are different for everyone, we can’t give you an exact list. However, we can tell you possible locations to narrow down your search (these are NOT in any particular order, just check them all)

1. Mt. Fantage (right of Help sign)

2. Castle Bridge (next to guard on left)

3. Oasis (under water well)

4. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

5. Creature Area (under Photo Booth on far left)

6. Beach (under Fish Fish boat)

7. Lighthouse (left of entrance)

8. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

9. Fantage School (left)

10. Dock (under bench on left)

11. Forest (between Hidden Meadow and Wizard Domain signs)

Prizes for Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

Blue Necklace: 20 stars

Red Cape: 40 stars

Crown: 80 stars

Blue and Gold Staff: 

Yellow Dress (Members only): 

Activities at the Castle

This little pedestal is a History of why the princess wanted to come to Fantage in the first place.

where princess came from sign

history of princess

You can go to the Castle to see…. a fancier castle. The Balcony is the giant staircase with a red carpet on the left, and the throne room is the red door on the right.


And if you go even farther right…there is a soon-to-be dance floor.

dance floor

Basically, you can just climb up the balcony and walk around on it. That’s it. You have to buy a special limited items to get up there, by the way.

Actually, you don’t have to! You can just use the Castle Flying Cheat, click here for the post that was made AGES ago.

Keep in mind that you don’t get anything for going up on to the balcony, whether you bought the dress or used the flying cheat.


Members can go inside the Throne Room for free, nonmembers have to pay 100 ecoins each time. You can get prizes from the Mystery Box each time you go in!

the throne room info

This is the Throne Room. Click on the Mystery Box (gold question mark box) at the left to get a free prize. Click on the pink wardrobe at the right to try on royal clothing. Click on the Fairy Godmother to get a free board (you can buy the horse board too).

throne room

Mystery Box prizes can be accessories (yellow crown, white crown, and treasure chest), gems, stars…

Premium Members, if you go in and out too many times, the Mystery Box will disappear.

To entertain you, I made a picture of me, and it has a lot of me in it. Luckily, Yara_yara was there, so I guess she’s in the picture, too!

random pic

I think Fantage events are better than they were last year, but the events were really awesome in 2011. So keep up the good work, Fantage! And have fun with the new event everyone!

Yes, I think I changed my mind about this event too. I’m glad that Fantage has finally decided to move away from Michelle and Zack, and chose to create fun events again.

Michelle & Zack at the Carnival

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. No items for nonmembers 😦


Prizes from the ticket booth can be bought at Uptown and Downtown


Carnival Games

To visit the Carnival, click on this button on the left side of the screen: Games1

If you remember the Fireworks Carnival event from 2012, you will notice that the games are the same! Click here and scroll down until you see the instructions for the games Ticket Grabber, Stacker, and Bottle Knockdown.

The tickets that you earn can be used to get prizes at the Prize Booth, located at the Michelle & Zack Carnival.

There is also a new booth, called “The Fortune Teller Serena”. Members can play for free, Nonmembers have to pay 50 ecoins (I think it’s still worth it, the prizes are pretty cool!).


Click on her, and she will tell you a random “fortune”. At the end, she will give you a free prize. All prizes are starred, nonmember items:


You have to wait an unreasonably long amount of time before clicking on her again, 5 minutes maybe?

Carnival Food

There are 4 different food stands all around Fantage. Click on them, go to the Carnival, and bring them to Michelle. Here are the locations of all the different food stands. Nonmembers get the prizes on the top row, Members get the prizes on the top and bottom row.


Michelle is right under the Ticket Grabber game at the Michelle & Zack Carnival


If you bring the same food to Michelle again, she will give you stars. Also, you have to wait about 2 minutes before giving her more, she needs time to digest!

You can see what food you are currently have by checking the “Carnival Cravings” button on the left.


Looks like I have hot dogs right now, gonna go give them to Michelle and get my prize!

Help Zack

Click on Zack at the Michelle & Zack Carnival.


Were you confused when this message stayed on the screen for a VERY long time? Thought your computer froze? So did I. I guess Fantage thinks we read really slow, so just wait for about 10 seconds, and the next message will show up.


If you hit all 3 sets of bottles over, you will get 30 tickets and a pink guitar as a prize. The prize is a starred nonmember item, everyone can wear it!


Other Random Stuff

Click on the Daily Spin button on the left side of the screen to spin a wheel. You can ecoins, stars, or items. I might post pictures of the prizes later!


Also, did anyone else catch that Zack (just as I predicted) is opening a new store??! A theater, to be precise. Let’s just hope the movies will be better than the event movies…


Michelle’s Dinner Date

These events are getting out of hand… -_- Michelle is dating some random guy named Zack whose hair looks like a squirrel’s tail. How about we keep things PG, Fantage?

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Ever wanted to look like Michelle? (no.) You can buy her hair, outfit, and shoes! Nothing for nonmembers…


Wanna be a servant for Zack and Michelle? Then waste even more stars for a servant uniform! :d


And no, even if you have the serving costume from a while back, it doesn’t count. LOOKS THE SAME TO ME. APPARENTLY NOT.


Where are all the hidden clothes?

How does one lose their clothes…? Does that mean Michelle isn’t wearing any– NEVERMIND.

There are different items every day. Once you find them, you can buy them. I’m not, because they will be put up for sale on the 17th at Downtown anyway.

You can get the medal every day at the Castle Bridge, upper left. It levels up each time.


The items are different every day, but the locations are the same:

1. Uptown, between Board Shop and Costume Shop

2. Carnival, under Putt Putt Revolution

3. Oasis, bottom

4. Downtown, under Stellar Salon

Apr. 11 (forgot to screenshot the last one, sorry!)


Apr. 12


Dinner Date Fashion Judge

Go to Uptown and click on Michelle, she will judge your style.


Wear something from the Limited Items cart, and you will be guaranteed to get a high score. I was able to get the second prize from wearing the new Free Stuff costume and board, meaning Limited Items aren’t needed, it’s just easier. Just wear fancy stuff.


Score at least a 5 to get the hair. Score at least a 9 to get the costume (I’m not too sure about these numbers, just an estimate, comment if I am wrong)


Play Table for Two

Click on this sign at Uptown


To play, you need to buy the serving costumes. So not worth it, but I have to buy it to tell you guys how to play xP

Click on them to start the game. Click on the big MENU sign to get the food they want, and click on their table to give it to them. WHY DO THEY EAT SO MUCH.


Keep an eye on the timer in the corner.


Trick: Click on the area below the table first, then click on the table. This will avoid a really awkward position when you are underneath the table and unable to move. For example, if you were serving Zack:


Another trick: If you are walking your pet, just get rid of it, so it won’t get in the way.

You will receive a medal and 5 stars for every dish you served.


April Fools Day 2013


I am SO glad the blog is back, I really missed posting! I will make this post as awesome as possible 🙂

The entire Fantage has been set up for April Fool’s Day: upside down shops, flooded streets, and more!

Item Carts

Limited Item cart at Uptown and Downtown.


Buy an Egg Toss Costume to throw eggs at people! There is one each for nonmembers and members. Tossing eggs is explained below.


How to Play Egg Toss

1. You must buy and wear one of the costumes above.

2. Click on this button on the left of the screen.


3. Aim the target at any Fantagian. Members will earn 2 stars, nonmembers will win 1 star.


*If the Egg Toss button is gray, then just wait a couple seconds: it’s reloading.


How to Crank Jack-in-the-Box

The Jack-in-the-Box is at Uptown and Downtown. Just click on it, and it will count as one crank.


Keep on cranking, if we reach the goals, everyone on Fantage gets a prize!


Of course, you can’t just sit there and crank all day. This will pop up if you do it too many times.


Since there’s probably a million people playing on Fantage, we’ll get to the prizes in no time 🙂 Yay, free stuff!

Fantage NPC’s Jokes and Pranks

If you’re bored, you can go around Fantage and let the NPC’s (Kawaii, Jester, Orion, etc) play jokes on you. You don’t earn anything, it’s just for fun. Here are the locations:

1. Jester: Beach

2. Finkelstein: Carnival

3. Gizmo: Mt. Fantage

4. Michael: Castle Entrance

5. Stella: Forest

6. Kawaii: Fantage School

7. Michelle: Creature Area

These are some of the pranks they will play on you. They aren’t permanent, once you move to a different area on the map, it will disappear.


Hope you’ll enjoy this event, Happy April Fool’s!

St. Patrick’s Day Event

Item Carts

Limited Item cart at Uptown and Downtown, no nonmember stuff this time though…


All people can get a free Potted Clover, also at Uptown and Downtown.



Click on GET IT at the bottom, and it will be placed into your furniture inventory. To use it, just go to your house, edit, and add it anywhere.

Also, M and Peabody2 are selling these items at Trade n Sell. They aren’t that special, and they will be even less popular afterwards, so I don’t think I’m going to buy any…


Clover Raffle

Click on Michelle at Uptown or Downtown for all the details.


Find 20 clovers all over Fantage for the best chance to win. Each cover is 1 entry for nonmembers, and 4 entries for premium members. The more entries, the more likely you will win!

Fantage will do a raffle every day by randomly picking an entry. If that entry is yours, you will win 5,000 ecoins!

No, you do not need to be a super high level, “popular” Fantagian to win. On March 14, a newbie won!


Where are the clovers?

The locations are the same every day:

1. Downtown (under Stellar Salon)

2. Downtown (under Super Power Shop)

3. Uptown (front of Trade n Sell)

4. Uptown (front of Hall of Fame)

5. Dock (on top of Star Cafe background)

6. Beach (under The Palm)

7. Beach (under Sun Block, on beach ball)

8. Lighthouse (all the way right)

9. Carnival (under Putt Putt Revolution)

10. Carnival (under Arcade)

11. Oasis (left of Airplane)

12. Oasis (on Card Quest tent)

13. Pet Town (roof of Pet Shop)

14. Mt. Fantage (right of helicopter)

15. Castle Bridge (left, sky)

16. Castle Bridge (right, sky)

17. Castle Entrance (above Mouse Out)

18. Wizard’s Domain (under Staries)

19. Forest (under Lucky Bob’s)

20. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Where is O’Brien the Leprechaun?

If you find him, you get to buy special items from him, plus get a free prize



He changes locations a LOT, so I can’t tell you where he is exactly.

Just look all over! I found him at the Carnival, Mt. Fantage, and Creature Area, in plain sight. He was NOT inside a store, or hiding in a bush.

But, once you click on him and close the sales window, he will disappear.

Also, if you see him and you do not click on him right away, he will DISAPPEAR BEFORE YOUR EYES. O_O

This is what he looks like