❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

To all the participants of the Fantageville Games,

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in quite a few days. I have been extremely busy 😦 Now I added 5 new challenges and extended the time for Task 2 until July 28th, 2014. Thank you guys for being so patient! I will probably add 5 more challenges tomorrow, I just couldn’t think of any today. As of now, all points are also updated.

It seems a lot of people haven’t been participating. I know I said I would eliminate the people with the lowest number of points, but I change my mind on that. Now the new rules is: if you don’t participate in this task, YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED. Also, the 2 people from each team with the lowest score will be eliminated. ALSO, the person with the highest score from each team will win something that will benefit them in the next task. I hope this is enough incentive to participate more 🙂


Comments on: "The Fantageville Games Task 2 Update" (3)

  1. angela I sent an email to make up for one because i Didn’t put name or team name (last chance u said) but i have no score…


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