❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Sorry I’m late on this post, I’ve been busy with summer homework aaaannnnnd… watching Naruto xD

Happy (late) 4th of July! I only remembered because our neighbors were exploding firecrackers. Sorry for being unpatriotic, America T_T

Limited Items

I can’t believe everything is for gold AGAIN, have ecoins and stars become completely useless??


Free Gift: Sparkler Accessory

You will get this free accessory when you log in during this event, it will be automatically added to your inventory!


Personal Fireworks

Funnily enough, Fantage Co. is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which is one of the 4 states in which fireworks are illegal!

The Fireworks Laws in Every State

Let’s hope the floating island of Fantage isn’t located in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or New York, or some Fantagians are gonna be arrested, haha! @_@

To buy firework powder, click on this sign at Downtown Fireworks3

I’ll spend 30 ecoins so you guys don’t have to, if you just want to see what happens! xP


Go to either the Beach, the Castle Bridge, or the Campground to launch your fireworks. Then, click on the blue tab on the left and choose your powder


Aim, fire, and lament over the 30 ecoins you just wasted 😛 I was expecting something more magnificent, maybe the powders that cost gold are better…?



I feel like they kinda put this event together last-minute, because it wasn’t very eventful.

And selling the limited items for gold…? I really hope they stop doing this, because not everyone is willing to buy gold, including me!

I’m just glad that spending gold wasn’t a requirement to enjoy this event, at least. So, one star for that, and another star for the free gift :/


Comments on: "Fantage Fireworks Festival" (35)

  1. fantageawesome6 said:

    Hi, Moo Moo and Angela! I have come to invite you guys to VidCon:
    █▓▒░ ★Introducing Fantage’s VidCon 2014 @Star Cafe★ ░▒▓█
    ★Meet and hang out with your favorite users, youtubers, and bloggers.
    ★Have fun with your friends
    ★Get a souvenir sticker and edited stuff for free!
    ★Do all of this for free!!!
    ★ White Seal
    ★ 4:00 FST
    ( Fantage Vidcon is brought to you by Fantage T.V. ™ and fantagelover6262. )

    Sponsors are: Fantage Reviews @fantagereviews.wordpress.com and The Fantage 099 @thefantage099.wordpress.com


  2. Ooh Naruto is my favourite =) though I’m reading it instead. I’m past 600 chapters already. =D


  3. Umm when are they gonna announce the winners for the contest?!?! Are they putting alot of stuff hoping we’d forget??


  4. Blurasxbery said:

    July 4th is my birthday but no one bothered to congratulate me because they were all busy with Independence Day (;_;)
    Oh, this event was such a GREAT birthday present.


      Actually, I think it’s cool that you share a birthday with America! It should make it easier to remember, since it’s on a holiday.
      And at least it’s not on Christmas, or your Christmas presents would be the same as your birthday presents >.<


    • Happy late birthday 🙂 Don’t be sad, my family forgot it was my birthday last year T_T

      24 more days until my birthday this year :O Maybe my family wont forget…


  5. Moomoo,
    They (Fantage) released new pets (in pet town)…
    You have to play pet games to get ‘materials’ which you then you use to make even more materials to build your ‘pet’. Thankfully, the materials (especially the stardusts and boards) look pretty cool~
    However, each pet game you play provides a 1/2 chance of getting a material item. There are approximately 3 catagories of materials, and three types of materials in each category. Therefor, 1/3X1/3X1/2=1/18, which is about 5.5% chance of getting a specific material item.
    It is also required for one to have ten of each material in a category (3X10=30) to build the board, and 5 boards of the catagory to build a pet (30X5=150), which means one would have to play around 300 pet games to attain one pet, since there is a 1/2 chance of getting a material every game one plays
    ALSO, the materials from each of the three categories are given out randomly, so one cannot simply play 300 games to get one pet, since there is an approx 1/6 (1/3X1/2) chance of getting a certain category of materials. All in all, in order to get all of the pets, one would have to play approx 900 games. If tone also wishes to have all three boards as well, he/she will have to play a total of around 1260 games. T_T~ this is going to take all summer


  6. QueenUn1corn said:

    Thankyou MooMoo for this! Although I know it’s a terrible event, it’s nice to see you still go to the effort to show us everything. 🙂 I’m no longer playing Fantage because of their emphasis on gold but thanks anyway 😛


  7. Miieryu said:

    Omg I wanted to watch Naruto once but when I looked at its chapters and episodes I just cringed so hard
    I pretty much never finish a long series OTL


  8. Another useless event. [censored] fantage


  9. You can also shoot fireworks from the Castle for free! Just click the fireworks on the bottom.

    It looks cooler too, just not personal.


  10. Um actually, the limited items for me are ecoins… o-o
    Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 02:53:46 +0000
    To: katiemaple@outlook.com


  11. fantage is so hella boring now omg you should introduce transformice to the people of your blog.

    is naruto good btw bc i kinda remember i watched it when i was younger and the only person i really remember well is that pink haired girl called sakura and she would beat up naruto or something idk??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg yeah, my cousin watched it when we were young, so I watched snippets of it. I remember sakura too! Naruto is pretty good so far, I really like it!
      And yeah, Fantage is getting boring 😐 But it’s hard to quit when I’m blogging about it, oh well


      • i might start watching it. i’ve been watching thats so raven lately on youtube and idk why but that show is just so funny and it’s pretty entertaining.
        if you ever started playing transformice, that would be so cool lmao.


      • Oh I remember seeing that show when surfing through channels when I was younger!
        Lol I doubt I’ll have time, but since you’re always talking about cheese and stuff, I might check it out 🙂


    • I played transformice(tfm) and fantage and tfm got boring for me ._. there hasn’t even been a new event on tfm that is actually FUN….
      Fantage is getting boring, but I play it everyday anyways.


  12. fantageawesome6 said:

    I just looked at my friend’s old blog and saw that the last post she did was the 4th of July post and camp posts. Fantage used to be so fun then… What happened?




  14. This is just random but…..When you hover you cursor over the event info, it says “firworks” fantage spelled fireworks wrong xP (It might be fixed now, idk)


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