❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Summer Camp

MooMoo’s words at the bottom, in purple!

Yes! A real event on Fantage finally! Thank goodness 🙂 I actually really liked this event in previous years, I just wish I could be doing all this stuff in real life instead of preparing for the SAT…

Anyway, here is all that is going on during this event.

event info

If you don’t know, before Fantage decided to change the map and mix the Creature Arena, the Forest, and the Wizard’s Domain into one area, there was an obsolete section of Fantage called the Summer Camp, but you could only go there during the event. They actually haven’t even used that area before deciding to mash all the areas into one. Now to get there, you have to first go to the Forest which is located on the right side of the map.



Then you have to go all the way to the right to find the Summer Camp sign, which you click on. It will lead you to the summer camp area (obviously).

summer camp


Limited Items

So I was actually extremely excited for the limited items for this event since Fantage hasn’t released any in a long time. That is until I actually saw the items. They are the same limited items as the ones from the last summer event :/

limited items

Not only are the limited items old items, but also they cost GOLD. Wow Fantage, I expected so much from you guys for this event, thanks for letting me down.

pink star cap

There are also “special campfire items” which are the same as the ones from the previous summer camp event.

special campfire items

Unfortunately, it also costs gold too… With these items, you can roast them near the fire in the summer camp and win a prize. The prize is s’mores, and after that you get 1 star every time you roast something. You can’t really do this, either, unless you want to pay gold or use the items you got from last year’s event.

special campfire item gold


(thanks for the picture math12345678!)

If you go all the way to the right to the lake at the summer camp, you can buy fishing gear. There is only one new item, and the rest are from previous summer camp events.

lakefishing gear

It kind of annoys me that these items cost gold too because you literally cannot participate in the one activity they have during this event if you don’t buy the items with GOLD. That is totally exclusive and unacceptable, but luckily I have these costumes already.


First, to get to the fishing area in the summer camp, click the dock at the very right of the summer camp, which is connected to the lake. You must have a canoeing costume to fish. Also, whatever color canoe costume you have is whatever color fish you can get. Unfortunately, I am not a member anymore so I can only get the nonmember orange fishes.

fishing area

To go fishing, you must put on your canoeing costume. Then, you go out into the lake. The bar at the top tells you how much fish you have. The meter labeled “hot, warm, cool, and cold” tells you how close you are to a fish. The higher the bar goes, the better chance you have of getting a fish. When the bar reaches warm or hot and you want to try to get a fish, click the “click to fish” button on the right side of the screen.

Remember, you can’t change costumes when you are fishing so you have to return to the dock when you want to switch canoeing costumes.


You get many prizes for collecting fish including stars and items. You must collect 30 of each color fish to receive the prize listed. It is kind of arduous work, but the prizes are worth it 🙂 There will new prizes next week, so come back for more fun!

fishing prizes

bubble tshirt


To make the summer camp even MORE realistic, there are cabins for boys and girls on the left side of the summer camp.


Too bad you can’t actually do anything inside the cabins…

girls cabin

And that is pretty much it for this event. I will update the new fishing prizes next week when they come out, but that is pretty much all that will be changing.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Since many people were complaining that I don’t write enough on my posts and I don’t write my posts EXACTLY like Moomoo does, here is a reflection for you sassy faces out there (I’m kidding, I love you all).

I know I am cynical about my rating, but here’s what I have to say. First of all, this event is not creative at all. The activities are exactly the same as the summer camp event last year. Even the limited items are almost EXACTLY the same, and even worst, they cost gold. Second of all, this point is mainly directed towards Fantage as a whole, but I DESPISE gold and how the limited items cost gold. There is literally only one activity in this whole event and that is fishing at the lake. Not only that, but you can’t even do that activity if you don’t buy the costumes with gold, unless you have the costumes from last year’s event. I really liked the prizes from fishing last year too… Also, the cabins are completely useless and are only there for aesthetic reasons. I know Fantage is good with things that are only there for appearance and have no use, but please, at least try to make some use with the cabins. The gold thing just annoys me the most…

Otherwise, it’s a really fun event because I quite enjoyed this event last year 🙂 I like how there are so many prizes that are easy to get and I love how they designed the summer camp, it’s quite pretty. I just wish the summer camp wasn’t open for only like 2 weeks every year, it makes the area quite useless on the map.


Hi everyone, I decided to check up on you all since it’s been about a week since my last check-up. Thanks again for posting everything, Angela, I know you’re super busy! To those of you on ask.fm (and maybe even on here) who have been giving her a hard time by harshly criticizing her posts, please, stahp.

As for this event, I took one look at the screenshots and I was like… wow… Deja vu much?? Fantage has pretty much been reusing the summer camp event for 3 years in a row now, click here for the 2012 one and here for the 2013 one, they are nearly identical.

It makes me pretty mad that they not only sold the 2012 Summer Camp Limited Items again, but they sold them for GOLD. Fantage, please look up the word “limited” in the dictionary and get back to us, thanks.

Just be glad that they re-used the canoes too, because I got mine in 2012 for a fairly good price in ecoins and have been using it in every summer camp since!

Enjoy your summer, I will be back this Sunday ❤


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Comments on: "Summer Camp" (38)

  1. I fully agree about the whole gold thing! The whole event (and also the mall) is basically off limits to all the people on fantage who wont\cant\dont want to get gold! (This includes me) if I could, I wold go back in time and somehow prevent the idea of gold on fantage to be aproved.
    This was an awesome, great post! 🙂 it expressed my hatred for gold quite clearly. Hopefully a fantage worker might stumble apon this article and do some thing about this gold situation. 😀


  2. Oh also the prize for the marshmellows are stars. Not sure how many, but when I watched someone roasting marshies it said “+1star!” So the prize is just a star or two. Also in the first picture of this post it says “roast marshmellows for stars?” 🙂


  3. I would rate this event a complete zero, because it is EXACTLY the same as last year, except everything costs gold. The Limiteds are the same, the marshmallow/hotdog accesory is the same, and the canoe costumes are the same. Even the fishing prizes are the same!!

    I bought the marshmallow and hotdog last year for stars, thankfully, and those can still be roasted so DON’T BUY GOLD. Gold is a complete waste of money.


  4. first comment!!!
    Can we meet on fantage…


  5. Susanღ said:

    The special campfire things were at last year’s event too.


  6. i have all those items from last year and i dont see any new items? i quit a few months ago and looking back now, wow just wow. i regret spending so much money on this game. how could they do this to their users… warning dont fall in their money pit


  7. Actually, the campfire item isn’t new. It was from last year too…


  8. Sorry, not trying to advertise just trying to help…
    I have put the item here:


  9. Oh, and can’t wait until you come back, Moo Moo!


  10. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    Guys, I think you messed the links up. 2013 goes to 2012, and 2012 goes to 2013.


  11. pannda27 said:

    The marshmallow stick is actually from last year, so you can just use last year’s. Unfortunately, the “prize” is 1 star.


  12. Actually, Fantage actually did the the exact copy of previous years. Even the prizes for fishing are EXACTLY the same. The Cabin Pranks still work and there isn’t even a pillow fight option. I also hate the “Gold” currency like you do


  13. couldn’t you get the “special campfire items” last year? i did


  14. Colorora said:

    You can also use the hotdog and marshmallow items from last year at the campfire.


  15. Oh fantage these days………….. :/ *Facepalm* WHY GOLD FANTAGE?!??!?!!??


  16. great post,angela! Dont let the hate get to you. your posts are fab and u should now it!!


  17. The prize for roasting marshmallows is smores


  18. I give the whole event ½ a star. We don’t know what the ” new prizes ” are going to be, might as well put that.


  19. You can play a prank on the boys by clicking the picnic basket on the table in front of the girls cabin. It will move and lipstick will appear. Click the lipstick and watch. (Sadly, this is for girls only.)

    This one is boys only. Click the bread basket on the other table. Toilet paper roll. Click.


  20. I just realized something today. I was going to play Jelly Shuffle, but then an ad popped up. I think Fantage just puts ads there to encourage us to get membership and have no ads. 😦


  21. if fantage raises the prices for an item at vintage and no one buys it like bunny nose, will they lower the price??


  22. Fantage said they were going to give FREE MyMall selling permissions to SELECT fantagians. But now they just added it to lucky bot…so much for free


  23. I can’t believe that Fantage made everything cost gold, and brought back the EXACT same items! What if this happens for other events. And it’s really weird how they just threw three vents right on top of each other. There is Treasure Hunters which takes forever, Summer Camp which almost no one does, and the Cody pet thing which takes forever. In my opinion, Fantage I sat an all time low. 😦


  24. My fantage isn’t working, and that made me really sad. But after seeing this, I’m wondering if I’m even missing that much. I mean, gold sucks, I already have the marshmallow roasting thing from previous years, and the canoe prizes are ugly. The only thing I would be interested in is the captain cody pet stuff.


  25. Fantage used to be fun until they started doing stuff like gold currency, Vintage Gold, and reusing old items. I haven’t been on Fantage in a while, so the updates there were shocking.


  26. 17pineapples said:

    At least there’s the Cody event…


  27. I was thinking about the “Hot or Not” and I realized that it’s not very popular now. I mean, there are people dressed up in the same things they were in a few months ago. It seems like Fantage is putting them there. There is no way someone would dress like that to submit for “Hot or Not” for such a long time.


  28. The summer camp is getting really unpopular now days xD


  29. Thiniceycycle95 said:

    I don’t even have any gold. Well


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