❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Treasure Hunters!

Treasure Hunters has been released in Fantage! Yay 🙂


If you’re like me and you have no recollection of the updated Fantage map whatsoever, you now know the Island is located here on the map.


Once you reach the island, you will see Treasure Hunters in the top left hand corner. If it isn’t obvious enough in the picture below, please go get some eyeglasses 😉

treasure hunters

These are the instructions for how to play Treasure Hunters. Just from reading the instructions, you can tell the basic idea is step 1, destroy the bricks. I like number 5, it’s a good incentive to play this game, unless the items are bad.

how to play

These are the tools available for anyone to buy, unfortunately they cost gold and ecoins and are quite expensive. The better the tool, the faster you can get break through walls. The Golden Bomb lets you destroy a whole wall. Each wall is one layer, and there are hundreds of layers on one wall. Everyone on Fantage has to break 10 walls all together to get the rewards. You get 5 levels for every layer you break through. The top 100 clickers get special ecoin gifts. (Thanks math12345678!)


So this is what the game looks like. It takes 10 chips to remove one tile, just click on it 10 times. You get 500 chips an hour, so you get to remove 50 chips an hour. That’s a lot of clicking…


After about 500 clicks and virtually no prizes, this is what the board looked like. I suggest spreading out your clicks among the board, although it really doesn’t make a difference. I have no idea why the total progress changed from 2% to 1%…

game 2

Now I can come back every hour to do these monotonous, useless 500 clicks! Or you can just log out or log back in to get 500 more clicks! (Thanks Salwa197!)

These are the prizes I received so far:

-A number of stars ranging from 1-20

Well, that is pretty much all I got. I will update the prizes as the event proceeds on. Have fun with your numerous number of clicks upon the computer screen! That is pretty much all that is happening for this “event”. 🙂

Comments on: "Treasure Hunters!" (46)

  1. thts so cool!


  2. awesome_fantagian said:

    How does a ancient cave just suddenly appear on an island? Weird.


    • It’s Fantage, no one ever knows XD


    • fairycari said:

      it was in the video (yes, I actually watched it)
      it was something like the fox suddenly made a discovery on the island and there was a wall so he needs fantagians to break that wall by clicking


  3. ◕ω◕♬ameee♬◕ω◕ said:

    me too! The highest amount of stars I got was 13 TnT
    I wonder what other prizes you can get


  4. You actually don’t have to wait an hour, you can just log out then log back in. c:


  5. I think what Fantage meant by ecoin prizes was that they would give us ecoins.


    • topazblue11 said:

      Yeah, the eCoin prizes are 500 ecoins and a medal (5 levels) to the “top 10 clickers” or whatever, I got them 🙂 I was on a server where it said in the corner “Total Fantage Progress: 98%” so I kept clicking the bricks and suddenly my screen said I won 500 eCoins and a medal. Besides that, and the stars, that’s all I’ve won…


  6. fyretotherain said:

    There is a glitch with the item rental thing. You can turn into a naked person or a baldo.


  7. Maybe I’ll consider going on fantage for this event…


  8. Anonymous said:

    Looks like a game from Club Penguin, except for the 500 clicks.


  9. Mr Hexagon said:

    apparently, excessive and repetitive movements of the fingers can be kinda a risk to health. I mean, these kids are going to risk their hands clicking for so long to be in the top 100 to get the prize…if they’re bothered that is. XD

    I just find that there are much better ideas for an activity to do for this event that Fantage can come up with. This…is just time-consuming and unnecessary.

    But that’s just my opinion. 8)


  10. buddy123445 said:

    Wow, we need about 960 clicks (i think) in order to complete ONE grid! Wow…


  11. Anonymous said:

    This is so weird event I don’t understand it, all we get is stars no prizas?


  12. fyretotherain said:

    Angela, I know why the ‘Total Fantage Progress’ percent changed. Its about how much every single Fantagian did in total. Watch the movie, it makes more sense.


  13. mellowyellow127 said:

    Aww…the log out and log back in thing doesn’t work 😦 it just resets all my work.


  14. I don’t know what they mean about the level/medal thing because I’ve used over 3,500 clicks and I haven’t leveled a single level from it.



    • That’s weird, I have no idea :/


    • Here is how the game works!

      1. Go to the Island

      2. Select a TOOL

      3. The better the tool the faster you can break through the walls

      4. Use bombs to randomly break an entire wall

      5. Hundreds of walls make up one layer

      6. Break 10 layers communally as a Fantage team to win rewards

      7. Win a MEDAL and LEVEL UP to 50 if you participate!

      8. Win +5 levels for every layer you help break through!

      9. The Top 100 clickers for each layer will receive SPECIAL GIFTS!

      From the Fantage Blog


      • topazblue11 said:

        Yeah, the eCoin prizes are 500 ecoins and a medal (5 levels) to the “top 10 clickers” or whatever, I got them 🙂 I was on a server where it said in the corner “Total Fantage Progress: 98%” so I kept clicking the bricks and suddenly my screen said I won 500 eCoins and a medal. Besides that, and the stars, that’s all I’ve won…
        (I reposted this exact same comment above) 🙂


  15. _Carly_cool♥ said:

    The tools that cost ecoins where one the first day both 500 ecoins .___. woooow


  16. This is a stupid “event”


  17. Haha, I just noticed a small smiley face at the very bottom of your blog. 🙂


  18. Fantage released a summer camp event :/ u have to buy everything with gold 😡 even nons 😦


  19. Oh, so from now on we need gold to buy limited items?
    Hmm…thanks fantage :l


  20. Cookimonsta said:

    Back then ecoins were IMPOSSIBLE for non-members to have. After a while, Fantage started making ecoins available to non-members too (videos, inviting friends, etc.) I’m guessing they brought in the Gold currency, because ecoins were becoming too easy for non members to gain (bingo as well).
    Bringing in Gold makes people want to spend more money on Fantage again, because it allows them to have that feeling that they have way ore privileges than nons, like My Mall and limited items. Plus, you can also transfer gold to ecoins, so you can buy any store items at any time as well.
    This is only my guess, idk actually why 😀


    • topazblue11 said:

      I think you’re exactly right 🙂 That’s what I was thinking, too. :/ WHY, FANTAGE? WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  21. Cookimonsta said:

    Oh yeah, and i’m pretty sure the percentage on the thing is how much of the place fantagians have chipped away. The percentage must’ve gone down because more people logged in, and didn’t do it yet. If you log into fantage and check the percentage it has gone up as more people have done it. The people who have chipped away the most will earn stuff at the end of the event.


  22. Guess what? Me and my friend, Salwa197, emailed an idea for an event nearly identical to this about a year ago. We said there should be an Egyptian event with Cleopatra items as the event sale items, and the main minigame/area thing would be a pyramid that was a labrynth you had to find your way through, and in the end, you get a treasure item which was NOT exclusive to members. It also had this item cart with costumes you had to wear to be able to play the maze game. All we asked for was credit.
    I think its similar to our idea.


  23. nyantwinklefantage said:

    Today, when I was going to play Treasure Hunters, I found out that if you click on the cave (it is STILL there), it says that they ended up finding poisonous bananas inside the cave, and that they will clean up the mess and it will reopen.


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