❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Item Rental Week

Hey guys, it’s Angela. Sorry I haven’t posted about the event(s) lately, I was on vacation. This post will include all recent events on Fantage since the last post about My Mall and what not.

Item Rental Week

Nonmembers can now rent items in all the shops during this 1 week period. You still have to pay for the item with stars, but now you can wear them for 3 days to participate in fashion shows.

item rental week

Just go to any store and choose and item. There will be an option to buy the item for stars and borrow it for a number of days. You can do this as many times as you want for as many items as you want 🙂


Home Party Updates

Fantage has revamped parties at homes! For this week only, June 12th-June 18th, everyone can have parties at their homes for free.

Home Party Updates

You can now have a Dance Party at your home and you can even choose music to play in the background, although it cost gold.

party shop

To host a party, go to your house and click the host party button in the upper right hand corner. There, you can choose your party theme, pinata, stickers, and music.

host a party

To find a party, just click the party invitations button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It will give you options for whomever is hosting a party in your server. You can go to any party you want.

party invitations

party invites

Movie Contest

Going along with the new party updates, Fantage has made a movie/video contest. The theme for this contest is Dance Party Contest! Since Fantage is allowing EVERYONE including nonmembers to host parties this week, you can take a video of you and your friends chilling at a party and enter it in this contest.

I suggest using http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ since I use that to video my missions and Fantage series before 🙂

Details are below on how to enter, remember entries are due tomorrow June 17th. Upload your video on Youtube and email the link and your username to fantage at contest@fantage.com. Also, don’t forget to make the subject of your email “Fantage Video Contest”.

Good luck to everyone! I don’t think I will have time to participate in this contest since entries are due tomorrow, but maybe in the future I will enter one.

dance party contest

Summer Big Bang?

It looks like Fantage released a BANGIN’ new summer event! I don’t see any limited items or games and prizes though. Hmm… it seems Fantage just tied all these updates together and called it an “event”. I see. They haven’t actually released all these updates yet, so basically it is still the middle of the event. “Something is coming that Fantagians will work together to conquer,” I hope this will be good! I wish there could be fun limited items and what not in this event though. Oh well, the world isn’t a wish granting factory! *wink wink*

summer big bang

So that’s all the updates for this week in Fantage!

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Comments on: "Item Rental Week" (41)

  1. Lol I literally logged on 1 second ago to see if there were any new posts haha
    Still on vacation with family, I feel so fat going to sooooo many restaurants to eat out. Returning in a week or so!


  2. math12345678 said:

    Oh, and love the new background!


  3. I like the new header!
    Clipping mask eh?


  4. OOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..
    Finally new post.


  5. I immediately thought of tfios when I saw “… the world isn’t a wish granting factory.” xD


  6. There’s a glitch with the item renting thingy.


  7. I love the new tagline! ❤


  8. square face said:

    is princess moomoo american?


  9. jemmie12345 said:

    Love it! Love TFIOS! Love everything! Okay?

    That sucked. Anyway, have fun on your little vacation, Moomoo! Disney World? (No, really, I should stop this.)


  10. square face said:

    Angela ? why are you advertising your utube channel on this fantage blog?


  11. square face said:

    should i sub your utube channel angela?


  12. 17pineapples said:


    The first “Summer Big Bang” event is going to be a treasure hunt thingy, I think.
    Here’s what it says in the Comet:

    “This Thursday (tomorrow), head over to the island to help Archie the Archaeologist explore and excavate the Monkey’s Ancient Temple! Use tools to chip away the structure. Participate to level up to 50! Top participants receive ultra-special items and free eCoins!”

    So they’re bringing back the island? Or are they talking about Fantage Comet? Because IT (STILL) DOESN’T WORK ON THE iPAD MINI ARGHHHH


  13. square face said:

    my friend think princess moomoo is mean!!! :O


  14. It’s June 21st and they still didn’t announce the video contest winners…what’s up with that?


  15. ueegirl101 said:

    Hi I work on loads of blogs lol. Please can I work here? I blogged about fantage a lot, check out my main blog and see how good it is to prove im a good blogger. fantageredruby.wordpress.com


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