❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Green Ville Bills!

Before I leave for vacation, I decided to finally hide all the Green Ville Bills so you all have something to do while we’re gone! 😀

If you don’t know what Ville Bills are, or you need to refreshen your memory on them since it’s been so long, visit the Ville Bills page here

And of course, here’s a gift to the people who are following this blog! A hint to the location of a not-so-easy-to-find Ville Bill:


Followers, just check the email that you used to follow us with and find the email from WordPress (you receive these each time we post something). There will be the unedited version of this post in it, with the hint above not removed. The email will look something like this:


Please don’t comment “I followed you but didn’t get the email.” If you didn’t get this email, that means you didn’t get all our other posts either, which means you weren’t following us. Sorry! Make sure to check spam as well, just in case.

For those of you who didn’t follow us before this was posted, you won’t be able to see the hint. Follow us so you won’t miss out next time, and make sure you confirm your subscription (you only need to confirm if you follow by email, not a WordPress account)

Once you confirm follow, you will get this email
Check your subscriptions here: https://subscribe.wordpress.com

Have fun! Let’s see who can find it before I get back 🙂

Comments on: "Green Ville Bills!" (57)

  1. buddy123445 said:

    Already found 3! It was HARD! Also, thanks for the hint! I was lucky that i was a follower! 🙂


  2. How do you add a picture, like your picture that says ‘FANTAGEVILLE’ with the flowers and stuff.


    In the comet, dragon_iron is wearing a girl outfit and girl hair. (writing tab)


  4. I guess I’m desperate to see how you look like. I’m spending my free time finding ville bills.


  5. ☆ρan∂ιι★ тнє ♦1/2 Joкєя♣ said:

    That’s so cool! How did you make it so that “removed/the clue” thing happen?? So…brilliant. …


  6. I found all of the ville bills, but when I try to unscramble it, it says that there are no results.


  7. YAY ♥ I luckily followed by email just yesterday


  8. Yay thanks for the hint! Already found it 🙂
    Off to find more


  9. square face said:

    should i follow you?
    im confused now!!!!


  10. square face said:

    do u swear?


  11. square face said:

    do u wear shorts shorts shorts ….


  12. square face said:

    short shorts looks like undies


  13. square face said:

    did u know i subbed u moomoo!
    the utube channel u have


  14. square face said:

    if we meet on fantage can u give gifts to me
    lol just asking


  15. square face said:

    princess moomoo, do u have a nick name i can call you becuase princess moomoo is long lol xD


  16. square face said:

    some person on fantage said that they hacked into ur acc!!!! is that true?


  17. square face said:

    did u know that fantage is going to shut down next month!!!
    reply princess moomoo


  18. I found 4 already yay


  19. i did not understand the hint


  20. That hint ws very helpful! Thanks! C: (I’m already up to 10 green villebills :3 )


  21. We’re having a week to sell items in MyMall for free! 😀 items last for three days yay! And the dance party update is coming the 12…


  22. *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

    *Screams and flips table* I NEEED 4 MORE.


  23. square face said:

    princess moomoo!!!!!!!
    are u ever going to give r acc away?
    just asking xD


  24. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Moomoo can you give me the hint again I accidently deleted the your email while I was reading and deleting other mails too.


  25. I followed a few days before this post.Should I have gotten it?I don’t know if it would of counted to get the email.


  26. rainbowfairy84 said:

    I found 10 of the Green Ville Bills!


  27. Y’a|| ©omin to th€ ¶arty? ^-^


  28. ok im really confused becuase im a follower and i recieved all of your posts so far and i haven’t gotten the hint im not sure how to prove it but i even refeshed 3 times and checked spam is there anyway to find out that im really a true follower my email is silverpanda22@gmail.com


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