❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

After several weeks of waiting, MyMall has arrived! I see a LOT of confused Fantagians, so I’m here to tell you all how it works as best I can 🙂 Feel free to add your input!

Where is MyMall?

MyMall is a new shop located at Uptown, between the ID Fone shop and the Furniture Shop.


How can I sell my items at MyMall?

First, go inside MyMall and visit the Business Center on the lower right. You will have to start a kiosk, which is like a mini-booth where people sell things.


In order to keep your kiosk running, you have to pay for Business Permission each day using gold. Keep reading for more info on how to get gold. 1 Day permission costs 150, 3 Day costs 400, and 7 Day costs 850. The bigger the package you choose, the better the deal is (see below).

(Calculated using math)

1 Day Permission costs 150 per day
3 Day Permission costs 133 per day
7 Day Permission costs 121 per day

I don’t completely understand this part: “All kiosks will RESET at 12AM FST every Mon, Wed, and Fri.” If our kiosks are reset every 2 days, how will we be able to use up a 7 Day permission? I realize now that the Permission time builds up. Even if your kiosk is reset, your Permission time stays! You just have to post the items again.


Since I did not buy any gold (see bottom of this post to find out why you shouldn’t either), I can’t show you any screenshots from here, but I can guess!

You will be assigned a kiosk number. You can sell up to 5 items at a time at your kiosk, and you can set a price in gold for each item. There might also be some sort of price to posting items (tax) like Trade n Sell.

If you want to advertise your kiosk, make sure to tell people your kiosk number. For example, xxsheryxx’s kiosk number is 10A-1, meaning it is kiosk #1 on the 10th floor, Room A. You’re welcome, xxsheryxx 🙂


How can I buy items at MyMall?

Click on the elevator inside the mall.


There are currently 20 floors (not including L, the Lobby), with 3 rooms, each with 10 kiosks, on each floor, so 30 kiosks per floor. This means there are 20 x 3 x 10 = 600 kiosks total.  Thanks aung306angela!



It will be pretty hard to find something you specifically want, because unlike any other store, there is no catalog. You pretty much just have to go window shopping and see if you like anything!

When you click on a kiosk, it will tell you…

1. The kiosk number and the owner’s username

2. The items that they are selling

3. The price, in gold, for each item

4. The type of item it is (e.g. starred/ecoined, limited/luxury/rare


Click on the BUY button to purchase the item.

How can I buy or get gold???

Right now, the only way you can get gold is by buying it with real money =_=

Yes, there’s an eCoins Exchange Booth inside the mall, but this is only for converting gold to ecoins, not the other way around.

I’m surprised that so many people have already spent real money on the gold, but I’ll share the rest of my opinion later.

Premium Membership, Ecoins, and Gold can all be bought on the same page: https://secure.fantage.com/membershipv3/pmSelectPayment.do?tl=en

Gold costs exactly the same as ecoins: $1 per 1,000 gold. Of course, you can use UGC cards, FGC cards, paypal, etc. per usual.

The only other way you can use MyMall without paying anything, I noticed, is from the “Free Selling Permission Raffle.” There is an information sign at Downtown, and I think a lot of people must have missed it; it’s not mentioned anywhere else.


I didn’t even know about this, but the raffle already started! A few lucky people are chosen every day, you should get a notification when you log in. Thanks, aung306angela, for letting me know! She says: “When I logged on, I got a notice saying that I was one of the lucky ones, out of 500, that got a kiosk for free, for a day.”

Cody’s Crazy Combos

FYI: Captain Cody is a superhero teddy bear thingy that came on Fantage a looooong time ago. Back then, we had to find him somewhere on Fantage, then wait for a magical tree at the Oasis to grow, and get a free prize. Click here to see a super old post from back then.

Cody’s Crazy Combos is like a combination of Orion’s Rare Finds and Lucky Bot, except you have to use Gold instead of gems/ecoins.


You need at least 300 Gold to do anything.

Click on the DRAW! button, and you will be given a random item. Most of the items are normal items that have been released in the past.


Special items have a planet symbol on the top. If you get these and wear it, you might get part of a super power! If you get every item in the set, you will get the full super power! Here are all the sets and the special prize for getting all the items in a set:


I saw cristina792 on Fantage, and she was half invisible from wearing the Magic Invisibility Shoes, and she was wearing a bunch of other items as well. Pretty awesome, but I hate to think how much she spent to get those items…


Also, unlike Lucky Bob, if you get the same item over and over again, you can swap it out for a new one (and pay 30 Gold) or, if you have 5 items you don’t like, you can switch it for a free draw.

Advertise Your Kiosk!

I know it’s difficult to advertise on Fantage, since they don’t allow numbers, so advertise your items here, if you opened a kiosk!

Please follow this format, or your comment will not be approved:

My username is [username] and I am kiosk [kiosk number]
I am selling [starred/coined] [item names] for [price] gold.

My username is xxsheryxx and I am kiosk 10A-1
I am selling starred Fire Hydrant Board for 3,000 gold and starred School Uniform for 2,000 gold.


Without even checking Facebook, I know that people will be cussing their faces off about this.

*Checks Facebook* Yep, I literally scrolled through the news feed for 15 seconds and already found 3.


But I honestly don’t blame them. Has Fantage ever released anything that was unplayable without using real money? I don’t think so, there was always a choice to use ecoins at least.

I’m probably not going to buy any. Not many people can/are willing to, which means that there aren’t a lot of buyers you can sell to. And since your kiosk is cleared every couple of days, you would be spending SO much money just keeping it open. To sum it up, you’re not going to make much of a profit…

And Cody’s Crazy Combos? Ha, we all learned our lesson from Lucky Bot. Even if I had Gold, I would not spend any on it. You only have a 4 in 10 chance of getting it by luck, but I think Fantage messes with the probability and makes it 1/10 (Before the Daily Spin was updated, I used to get 20 stars every time. That’s not random probability, that’s MESSED UP probability).

I really hope they will add some updates to make this available to more people.

What do you guys think?

Comments on: "How to Shop At MyMall + Cody’s Crazy Combos" (226)

  1. OuO first comment i think- saw you a while ago 🙂


  2. NO! There are 60 things per floor.


  3. I was blogging too, then I saw xxsherryxx like in the lobby (o.o)


  4. moomoo- there are more than 10 kiosks, as there are 3 rooms on each level. (To get to the next level you have to go all the way to the edge of the room and click the opening in the wall. Theres 2 more rooms per level. *30 kiosks a level*



  5. Thanks princess_moomoo, I was really confused of how to get gold, it turns out you have to buy it with real money Dx soo unfair! They atleast should’ve given us some free gold or something so we could try it out first!


  6. math10000 said:

    We shouldn’t buy gold?


  7. fantageawesome6 said:

    If the raffle hasn’t started yet why didn’t fantage just put on the sign when it starts?


  8. fantageawesome6 said:

    Fantage should let us transfer eCoins for gold too.


  9. I SEE YOU ON FANTAGE!!!!!!!!!


  10. I would like to make a few points, (sorry if I sound a bit mean- don’t know how to say it professionally)
    First, I thought the raffle already started, because when I logged on, I got a notice saying that I was one of the lucky ones, out of 500, that got a kiosk for free, for a day. I thought that was the raffle.
    2. There are three rooms in one floor. That’s why there is a letter (A) after the first number. How? Go left of a floor, you can see a room, continue on, into the next room, and the room after that.
    I don’t know if I’m right or anything, but that’s all I know!


  11. waterfairy66 said:

    I wish we can trade stars for gold.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. My username is pink_annoyness and I am kiosk 5B-4
    I am selling 3 ecoined items, 2 starred items
    -Lucky Bot purple and yellow spikes(900 gold)
    -Ruffled skirt with gold trim(900 gold)
    -Neon Glowstick(9000 gold, even thought it’s not worth it)

    -Summer fun Ponytail(4000 gold)
    -Yellow Hat(2000 gold)


  13. lakayatarawa said:

    im at downtown, and im already seeing people cussing about fantage being greedy 😦 yeah i know, stuff are expensive but some people need money to survive. they could just ignore it and play with their friends.


  14. MusicFan said:

    This is unbelievable. At first, I honestly thought that My Mall would be a great idea. Fantage was finally letting us take buying, selling and (as we all had hoped) making items into our own hands. However, I am very disappointed to find out it’s basically trade and sell, without the trade part, much more confusing, and with a whole new currency. Stars, ecoins, now gold? Next thing you know, they’ll be doing jewels. Not only is this whole new currency an inconvenience enough, (since so few people actually have it), but Fantage just HAD to play the “real money” card. I don’t know if it’s because it’s just recently been added and that many Fantagians aren’t into it yet, but I’m pretty sure most of us would rather have ecoins or membership than gold. Also, with this type of setup, I can already think of the scams we might have to face later on. In fact, now that I think of it, it actually wouldn’t be to hard to set up some sort of trade:
    Ex. Let’s say Mandy agreed to trade Hair A for Amy’s Hair B
    Mandy puts up a cheap hairpin up on sale for a super overpriced 1000G
    Amy buys that item (meaning now she has that cheap hairpin, and Mandy has 1000G)
    Amy puts Hair B up for sale for 1000G
    Mandy buys it for 1000G (so now Mandy has Hair B, and Amy has her 1000G back)
    Now, they do the exact same thing, except its Amy who puts the hairpin out for sale~
    Viola~ Amy has Hair A and Mandy has Hair B
    Is it just me or do I smell SCAM all over this?
    Sigh.. And there we were, all getting super excited and proud of Fantage for nothing… ._.
    P.S. I was wondering, if a nonmember buys a PM item with gold, will they be able to wear it? Do you know? ^^


  15. No, every floor has 30 kiosks, you can click on the right to go to the next room


  16. For the membership week, if you hatch new pets and get the pet lock items after the membership week you will get to keep the pet lock items. And also the membership gifts.


  17. Arese Uwuoruya said:

    If you have $10 or $20 to spare, then I don’t think it woukd hurt to get gold, especially since, unlike the Trade n’ Sell, most items are reasonably priced. And, if anything, now is the time to do it, since everyone is a menber and will get twice as much gold. But whoever purchases it should spend it knowingly.


  18. I totally bet this is gonna get closed just like trade n sell. Man we are complaining 24/7. If only fantage just listened to our ideas. And this is basically like a copy of trade n sell. I was In one kiosk and someo-wait a lot of people were selling stuff for 9999999999 (you get the point) gold.


    • TnS got closed because people were making hundreds of dollars off of it (which is probably more than the amount they earn in a day), and because people were complaining about scamming. Lots of people hate VG, but it isn’t gonna be closed, I think, because it’s good for business.
      I think they just care about which store gives them the most money


  19. I don’t know why, but I actually like MyMall 🙂


  20. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    Fantage has done it again! In my opinion, Fantage should just get a clue and listen to people. Get rid of your money-scamming Lucky Bot, Change MyMall, and get rid of the new Currency, Gold. Until then, I will ignore these things on Fantage. I’m sorry, I just really needed to pour out my anger. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH MUSIC FAN.


  21. moonshinezodiac said:

    I was really hoping that this was gonna be a great mall, but when I saw what it actually was… let’s just say I was depressed.
    I can’t believe that Fantage actually made a NEW currency that you have to PAY FOR. As if ecoins and membership wasn’t enough, they have to make GOLD? Just wow.
    I know the staff are trying to make a living but… really? Do they have to do THIS?


  22. Anonymous said:

    My username is elffypony and I am kiosk 19A-6
    I am selling coined genie hair for 3000 gold, coined supermodel necklace for 1,500 gold and genie gloves for 1,700 gold.


  23. its confusing and useless. but im just enjoying the free member ship for now


  24. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    I think there’s about 150 things in each floor since there’s 3 rooms in each floor and 50 things in each room, I’m not sure I might be wrong.


  25. Candykatx said:

    >_> Hate it haha, although for people who actually have gold, it’d be pretty good for them


  26. I saw her too like that, and along with xstefanix, xxsheryxx, aurora3, and people in one day.


  27. tiffany9452 said:

    I saw frisky for like 4000 gold which isent that bad


  28. fantageawesome6 said:

    user: lucky6468
    Kiosk 14A-6
    (starred)rainbow dress 5,000
    (eCoined)school girl 9,000
    (ecoined)chrysanthemum board 7,000
    (ecoined)blue cheerleading costume 15,000
    Items last for 3 more days.


  29. I think the Cody’s Crazy Combos is cool and all, but Fantage needs new ideas! They seriously just changed the Lucky Bot look and everything.
    Also, you have to take a risk- like in order to get the item you want, you have to cross your fingers and hope Cody is a good person. I was able to get items from it, but still- RISK.
    Adding on, unless you have PLENTY of gold to waste (don’t know how Fantage does it), Fantage gives you a REALLY cool item (like the Invisibility Hair for me) for your first try, and so you think your gonna get a REALLY cool item on your next turn- but you don’t. It’s very addicting, and it’s hard to stop unless you got all the items. I suggest you DON’T do it.


  30. My username is Pink_annoyness and I am kiosk 5C-3
    I am selling starred Bunny Earmuffs for 7,000 gold.


  31. Fantage made me look stupid!
    Ok so i went to MyMall and saw bunny nose for 4,000 gold! I was wishing i could buy it but i didn’t buy gold. Anyways, I clicked it and i saw how much gold i had. It said 1,000,000 and i didn’t know what to do but just click buy! Then it said I didn’t have any gold and said “Buy Gold” And I was like huh?!? I then looked back at how much gold i had, and it said 0 TuT

    Everytime I log in, I see that I am wearing the clothes I had from when I first joined Fantage. Does anyone know why this is happening?


  32. I don’t get this: I clicked bunny nose and saw that it said *warning* you wont be able to wear this when you are you a non member? Something like that…but bunny nose is a non member item


  33. Minipeace said:

    My username is [Minipeace21] and I am kiosk [2-B]
    I am selling:

    Winter Green Hair – starred – 29,000 gold
    Stylish Fall Look – starred – 25,000 gold
    Mouse Band – coined – 14,000 gold
    Summer Fun Hairstyle – coined – 13,000 gold
    Purple Midnight Hair – coined – 9,000


  34. redsparkle123 said:

    My name is redsparkle123 and I am kiosk 17A-2. I am selling:
    starred lollipop board for 20,000
    starred shell wand for 300
    ecoined cool tee for 200
    starred giant shell board for 800
    ecoined plain lime sweater for 100


  35. princessjillana said:

    i had canceled my membership last month
    fantage has officially went downhill and you cant deny it..
    i went to mymall and was like: gold? uh what happened to ecoins -_-
    but honestly the gold trick is just a scam out of your money
    im never buying anything from fantage again.


  36. redsparkle123 said:

    omg. i am soooo happy. someone sold summer fun time hair for only 1000 gold.


  37. The “Trade in 5 items for a Free Draw” is faulty. I click to trade in my duplicates and it just shows a blank. Any idea why this is happening?


  38. The idea is very iffy to me for those fantagians who want to earn gold through this. All these items are purchasable through Vintage Gold (most), and are not worth real money.
    But of course, there are those few who have the money to spare and buy gold and buy virtual items they want through this game.

    That aside, I am planning to try it at least once. See how things roll. I made a list of somewhat high level/famous people’s kiosks locations. Feel free to use this list if you have the gold to purchase items from MyMall:

    meme2307’s kiosk- 3c-4
    aurora_3’s kiosk- 3b-1
    spanishlqver4ever- 3a-4
    1mommy1973 kiosk- 2a-1
    glo1006’s kiosk- 2a-9
    luma137’s kiosk- 2a-10
    cristina792 kiosk- 1a-4
    xxsheryxx kiosk- 1a-9
    beckaboo03’s kiosk- 1a-10
    alex_luu28’s kiosk – 1a-5
    chris_930’s kiosk- 1a-1
    icostner’s kiosk- 1c-3


  39. candyplum101 said:

    Hey! This doesnt rlly have anything to do with this post, but is anyone willing to sell their MSH(movie star hair)? I will give 100,000 gold for it 🙂 Make sure you also have enough gold so you can sell the hair. Thank you!
    Kik me at beauty_baby216 for more information, and if you want to sell 🙂


  40. square face said:

    princess moomoo are you going to buy gold?


  41. square face said:

    do you know how to get trade n sell back? I KNOW, KEEP EMAILING fantage lol


  42. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    MSH would be around $200 or $100+ in real life c:
    I saw MSH for 120 gold ~e.e~


  43. Susanღ said:

    Princess MooMoo, i dont really know where to put this comment tbh
    So, there’s this person who copied from awesomeamazing1 ‘s post and I work on the blog as well. What should we do? :/


  44. I think fantage didn’t give free gold at the start because they already gave membership for a week to everyone so they didn’t give gold….. Anyways fantage is trying to make a lot of money out of everyone now what happen to old fantage that everyone loved?


    • I would rather have gold than membership, Fantage already gave a free membership week for Fantage’s sixth anniversary, this week isn’t a celebration, it’s just useless


  45. lisa10511 said:

    My name is lisa10511 and I am kiosk 16C-1
    I am selling ecoined golden gloves for 2,500 gold, starred beach paradise board for 2,500 gold, and ecoined purple goggles for 1000 gold (I might lower the prices c:)


  46. why did u cover upo that bb hair girls name in red


  47. Reblogged this on FantageNewsForU and commented:
    gosh Stupid Mymall


  48. lakayatarawa said:

    i thought i saw you just now, but the clothes didnt look like what you would wear, so i checked the idfone and it said princess_moomoop -_-

    ps i hate the new chat system now because most of the time, the text is innocent


    • Ahahahhaa! That’s hilarious!
      Wait, what was the girl wearing? Whoa how do you guys know me so well lol
      And yeah, it won’t let me say the simplest things, but it lets me say “mean” and “hajte” hahaa


      • lakayatarawa said:

        well i guess you could say that her clothes were um simple? xD she had almond daze hair, airy peach shirt and white shorts. plus, her eyes were different from yours 🙂

        seriously, the “p” in her username was right behind my screen and the “p” only


  49. Moo Moo! yesterday i saw you in fantage like at 12:15pm (fantage time) in the server Papaya Poodle,but i was too shy to talk to you. 😦


  50. I wish they could add Gold in the Daily Spin……that would be better than buying it for real money.


  51. Lawl. 3:28AM… and what am I doing? shhhhhh don’t tell my mother. I think I hear birds outside, or squirrels, or worse… rats? Dang. So tired. Wonder how I’m gonna wake up at 6:30 tomorrow. AHAHAHA. It sucks how we can’t transfer Ecoins to Gold.


  52. Okay, after the daily spin was updated, I keep getting the daily spin shoes, or the daily spin overalls, how’s THAT for messed up probability, I sold the shoes like 3 times!


  53. I’ve heard fantage is going to give free Gold to everyone in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait…


  54. princessjillana said:

    this is really sad…


  55. They should have used stars or ecoins. Why make a new currency when you can only use it for two things.


  56. Shiny star said:

    Hi,can anyone can give me tips to get 360 points on Go Cart,can’t pass after 250 points.

    Tanks!!!!! ( ^_^)/


    • Try not to jump, it always messes me up, and it’s totally unnecessary in the first couple of levels.
      Also, you’re holding down the up arrow key all the way, right?
      Last, the game starts immediately, so keep your hand on the up arrow at the beginning before it starts.


  57. °•°•°•°•°$¢h00|$ 0ut ¶@rty°•°•°•°•°
    Hey guys!!! I love this blog and wanted to tell you guys about a party coming up! I want to invited moo moo, Angela and of course all of you! The party was made my spideyz_
    Date: June 20th
    Where: Beach, Pear Parrot server
    Time: 6:00 pm (FST)
    Don’t forget to invite all your friends! Hope everyone comes!
    P.S: I’m princess_817 ( say hi to me xD)


  58. smithsophie said:

    I HATE FANTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I said to my BFF Love your dress, fantage edited my comment into: Please save your loving for something else. My best friend got so mad at me!!!! Curses Fantage!


  59. *-* MyMall*-*
    Is it just me or do guys give cheaper prices than girls at MyMall…


  60. Susanღ said:

    Princess MooMoo, for the Pinkstardust post, some people can still see it because they have the original version in their email I think.


  61. happy hippo said:

    Moo why your changed the page To Pinkstardust to pass protected?


  62. aquaforevergirl said:

    It would be great if they added gold as a prize on the bingo thing LOL instead of having stars like e.g. 150 gold per every line finished .


  63. When they did the free premium membership week, i still got ads 😦


  64. this is irrelevant to this post but i went on fantage and my level went down by 200 levels and i don’t know y. plz help


  65. I feel like they could develop a different version of trade and sell. So basically, there is a icon that you can click that says trade. A symbol pops up on top of your avatar, so you are bassically letting other people know you want to trade or sell. After that people can hit the icon and either buy or trade from that person. One button is a book, where you can look up an item’s average amount, so you won’t be ripped off. Then you can accept the trade or sell! I also feel like fantage needs to get a big time supporter. Seriously, the only reason Club Penguin is making more money than Fantage is because it is apart of Disney. People trust Disney. With Fantage, people aren’t sure if it actually is a ligitiment website or not. Truly, the only thing that is fun about fantage is the tryouts. They should develop more things for tryouts. Fantage is only the slightest bit fun, because Fantagians have used their ideas. I am sort of getting off topic. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.


    • Umm its not true Club Penguin is not supported because of Disney its because there are no advertisements for non members,they are improving facilities for non members (the fire,water card jitsu was for members later when they decided to make card jitsu snow then they probably even thought to make it for non members because atleast they should get a chance to experience how the game is),and the cost of membership is kinda cheap.Since when Fantage introduced Gold mostly everybody had to quit.Now the Summer Camp event is on,the stuff are same except the currency is changed into Gold.Its like Fantage made system that we cannot enjoy it without buying Gold of once.I have also quit but I rarely come online (I play Club Penguin though).


  66. Meowi♥ >:3 said:

    MyMall has 20 more floors added ♥


  67. Who knows? said:

    I tried doing a free draw without gold but I HAD NO ITEMS. In my closet I did have some clothes but not in Cody’s Crazy Combos.
    I’m gonna put this in my I don’t like Fantage reasons to-do-list.


  68. Moon (iskindaback) said:

    My name is Miasparkle101 and my kiosk is 25B-5. I am selling Santa suit, mini ribbon dress, green sidebang with ribbon, and hoho hat. I am also going to put up bunny nose. Thank you.


  69. math10000 said:

    MOO MOO!

    Not to rush you, but you have got to see the summer big bang in fantage! There’s a NEW PET FAMILY COMING, a comet update, a cool event, a new app and more!



  70. math10000 said:

    And that’s only part 1!


  71. There is a sign on Uptown and Downtown that says “Big Band Info”. First (before opening it), I thought it was something to do with real band. When I opened it, there was so many things that is going to happen in the event. I can’t wait to see the new pet family!


  72. redsparkle123 said:

    Omg. Don’t listen to stylish108 if she asks you to trade. she tried to scam me for my glowies and diamond earrings.


  73. Don’t know if you will use this or not, just trying to help 🙂

    I recently got my mall credits from the raffle, and I made a post on it:



  74. I have a question: if you buy the limiteds with gold, what happens to them when you become a nonmember? OnO


  75. My bff summer13640, bought gold and she got addicted TnT she bought SOOO much and im about to delete her and yeahs


  76. Anonymous said:

    please buy my items kiosk 27B-2


  77. aw50m3tt3☮♪ said:

    I’m kinda confused about MyMall. :/
    They’re giving these free business permission slips, so I was thinking of setting up a kiosk. I’ve got bone, black and white shorts, puppy board, ghost tee, argyle sweater, canoeing red prize, peppermint board, painted rose, finklestein mustache, rose headband and elf hat that I’m willing to sell but I’m not sure how much to sell them for! STUCK!


  78. I’m not saying user lol

    Kiosk: 41A-6

    Selling purple midnight hair for 3500 coimed


  79. And lol cause . Got free gold from the attendance event Lollll

    Someone bought mai items

    But I only hav 5000 because . Bought chalk bord for 3000 lol


  80. I think I’m lucky tho

    Tip: sell cool things really cheep liak for 500-600-700

    Also I don’t get starred items cause I bought a wand and it said if I’m not a member then I can’t wear it but I checked mai inventory and it wasn’t grayed out. I could wear lol.

    I think fantage does this to trick u.


  81. I managed to get gold for free! Here is how I did it:
    1. I got a one day free Mymall permission in the daily attendence thingy-ma-boop
    2. I advertsied my kiosk on Instagram, and tagged the people that I knew played Fantage
    3. Someone ACTUALLY bought my stuff. It was a duplicate I got from Cody’s Crazy Combo’s. I put it for the cheapest price I could (500 gold) and someone wanted to get it. Also, sell ecoined items so it’s fair to everyone.
    Now I have 500 gold! I’m probally gonna hoard it, just like I do with my ecoins! xD


  82. Popgirl5317 said:

    My username is popgirl5317 and I am kiosk 25D-6
    I am selling coined loony glasses, pixie dust and summer fun hairstyle.(all limited) for the cheapest price I am allowed to sell them for


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