❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Since MyMall will be opening soon and the Captain Cody event will be here tomorrow, I decided to make a separate post for this, so the other 2 posts don’t have to be as long 🙂

MyMall CodyCombo

Prom Wrap-Up

Prom Week is ending today, and it’s 9:20 FST right now, meaning the last Prom King/Queen Crown was raffled out 20 minutes ago. High-Five to all of you who were able to get the crowns, they look awesome!

Also, you should have received these free prom prizes. Two were given out every day since 5/22. You would have gotten them if you logged on any time between 4:00 – 11:59 PM FST. If this window didn’t pop up when you logged on, don’t worry, it’s already in your inventory.

There was a glitch with the free membership, we got it early today on accident, but it’s gone now. Because of this, everyone has these prizes in their inventory! For nonmembers, the mem prizes are greyed out, but it’s still cool to have 🙂


Also, this is a bit late, but we were discussing this in the comments on the first Prom post. The tickets in the limo are a LOT easier to earn now, they come every 2 minutes, and you can get as much as 200 in just one turn! Also, the yellow star bag on the bag seat puffs up each time the stars are about to come, so you can get ready 🙂 So try and get that medal from the ticket booth before the event ends!

Free Membership Week


Fantage is having Free Membership Week for the second time! (Click here and scroll down to the “Free Membership Week” section to read about the first one)

Members, I think you get this week on top of your already-paid for membership, so don’t worry, you’re not getting ripped off.

Nonmembers, here’s another checklist of stuff you should do during Free Membership Week, to make sure you get the most out of it!

☑ Level up your Seahorse Medal all the way to 200 (max). You get to keep these levels even when you turn back into a nonmember! Just make sure you don’t catch any more seahorse once you’re a non again, or it will go back to 50.

☑ Level up your Daily Quiz medal as much as possible! Just like the Seahorse Medal, the level stays 🙂 Actually, this doesn’t work. If you’re a nonmember and your Daily Quiz medal is over 50, it counts as 0 right now! So, just do the daily quiz to get it back to 50, and you will magically gain 50 levels 🙂 Make sure to refresh after.

☑ Pick up your free Monthly Membership item at Downtown. Since Membership week will last until the first week of June, you can get two!

☑ If you’re planning to be a member again, level up your sticker medals by giving/receiving stickers (maybe exchange with your friend). Remember that since the sticker medal is a member medal, you won’t keep the level when you turn back to a non.

☑ Complete the Cosmic Bingo for the week, you get a free chip double stars when playing games, and no ads!

☑ Use up all your starred gems at Orion’s Rare Finds to get rares, then sell them at Lucky Bob’s to get stars if you don’t want them (you won’t be able to wear them anyway once the week is over)

☑ I’m sure there will be more things for mems to do once MyMall and the Cody event are released, so I’ll mention it when I post about them!

☑ If you have nonmember eyes right now, change them to a member eye color that you like! I’ve heard that you can keep them! If you have member eyes already, bought with ecoins, then don’t change it.

Comments on: "Prom Wrap-Up + Free Membership Week" (39)

  1. My friend got the Purple Mist eyes for free as a member during the past free mems week, and her membership wore off but the eyes are still there! I think change to a member eye during the week and don’t change it back?


  2. Oh I think I know why Fantage gave us another free premium membership week! My Mall is going to open soon right? So My Mall is probably going to open when we get free premium membership. And I have a feeling that non members won’t have as much access to My Mall like premium members. So Fantage gave us premium membership so non members can experience the benefits of being a premium member in My Mall. So ….Fantage maybe wanted to persuade people to buy premium membership?


  3. katy50312 said:

    When the first membership week was over I still got to keep the eyes I got when I was a member.


  4. Candykatx said:

    You can get free member eyes at the spanish server.


  5. Dx I disn’t get the mem items for the everyday prizes


  6. When I got membership I got member eyes, And I still have them for a long time now.


  7. ‘! Do NOT to change your eye color! I bought my green eyes with ecoins before they were free for mems, so that’s why I still have them. If you change them during this week, they will automatically turn back to nonmember eyes once the week is over, and you won’t be able to change them back, even with ecoins. This is what I heard from people in the comments from last time !’

    Go to french server, and buy them with ecoins. They are free, too! c:


  8. ♥ вrooĸlyn ♥ said:

    So everyone gets members like right now in this very day? >O< It's 5/29 already here or maybe tomorrow?


  9. jemmie12345 said:

    Whaaatt? The eye color thing isn’t true. I bought my violet eyes during free membership (since it was free) and it stayed perfectly fine! Still have them. 😉

    I’m excited for MyMall, but how’s that going to work??


  10. buddy123445 said:

    lol i remember the glitch last night! 😀 Well, at least i got the items! Yaaay! Also during the last free membership week, I bought the member eyes and I still have them!


  11. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    I bought my eyes with ecoins too! The green ones are my fave.


  12. OMG! That’s what happened to my eyes! I think it was better when they cost e-coins though. Since everyone can have access to them that way.


  13. My mall just seems like some new scheme to get more money! You have you get some silly new currency called “Gold” (way to be creative fantage) and right now we have no way to earn it. Heck to even open up a shop you need gold. I’m actually pretty dissapionted in fantage. They go around advertising this “cool” new store and then they spring some new currency on us! Even the Captain cody thing requires gold! It’s ridiculous! >:C


  14. Well just want to tell everyone, you need gold to buy and use mymall. How do you get gold?
    You buy it. Thanks Fantage for caring about us all not richandcanspendmoneyoneverything. Because we appreciate it soooo much.


  15. aquaforevergirl said:

    I dislike what happened when i woke up this morning i was excited but rly a new money item
    i just saved up $50 dollar and bought coins omg sorry I’m complaining


  16. The Unknown said:

    You have to BUY gold.


  17. The Unknown said:

    heres a glitch. Go to the beach. Press lucky bot and exit. Speech bubbles will pop up rapidly!!


  18. Ugh, this free membership is messing me up. I bought the anime looking eyes for 750 eCoins like an year ago. I was also a non-member. Then this free membership thing comes and everybody gets free eyes! But I already bought my eyes so I didn’t change them. Then the membership disappears and so do my eyes. -.- I wasted 750 whole eCoins buying those eyes and Fantage just removes them from my inventory. ):


  19. Hi! I just saw you on Fantage and requested you. You didn’t accept though…


  20. Cookimonsta said:

    Have fun in the VIP room and enjoy your chat bubble blue 🙂


  21. Cookimonsta said:

    Plus you can earn double stars in games


  22. buddy123445 said:

    Also, Thanks SO much for the tips for the membership week! Last membership week I was kinda lazy (lol) to do the sea horse one but I am doing it right now and so far I gained like 20 levels in like 15 or 10 minutes lol. So thank you for the tips! 🙂


  23. Can someone help me?When i logged into fantage i did not get my free membership even though i’ve registered way before 5/29 and i logged on the day when everyone got a free membership.If someone can help me,i’ll be really grateful.Thanks!


  24. Susanღ said:

    It’s also a good time to get stars if you’re poor, even though it won’t really matter now…


  25. Anonymous said:

    i was on lvl 100, and cuz of the member week. I am now at 75. How did this happen?


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