❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Moonlight Prom 2014

Fantage is having a prom, even though their Chat and Behavior Code of Conduct page says that “expressions or behavior not appropriate for children is not permitted”… I dunno about you, but I never even knew what a prom was until high school. And since children don’t go to high school, I don’t see how a prom would be appropriate, but alrighty…!

Limited Item Cart

Fantage always has super nice-looking dresses and hairstyles during the prom event, so I was a bit disappointed to see that they were selling costumes only 😐


Limo Rides



Keep checking the sign at Downtown to see how many minutes are left until the Limo arrives! It comes every 10 minutes.

Yay! The limo is here! Click on it to go inside.


How do you earn tickets in the limo? You don’t play any games or click on anything, you wait for 5 minutes and tickets will appear. Click on them!


You have to be quick though! Everyone shares those tickets, click them before they are all gone! I was taking a screenshot so I only got one ._.

Once you got some, just wait another 5 minutes and more will appear. Try going to emptier servers so there will be less people.

Overall, this is definitely not the fastest way to get tickets…

Dance Floor

If you exit the limo, you will automatically be taken to the Dance Floor. To access it from the map, just go to the beach.

Look at the Big Screen for the theme, they are all colors.


I don’t think it chooses whoever dressed the best according to the theme… You don’t even need to dance on the dance floor or anything, if you are at the beach you can be chosen.


Unless you enjoy being displayed on the Big Screen, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fun in this, since there’s no prizes for being chosen.

Prize Booth

The Prize Booth for tickets is at the carnival. Since there hasn’t been any mini games released yet, it’s super hard to get tickets.

Here are the prizes, they look really cool!


UPDATE: They made all the prizes a LOT cheaper now! Good thing too, it’s so hard to get tickets…

Prom Tales

These… are so… cheesy… Pls Fantage, we’d rather you do fun stuff than mushy romance ._. And LOL I laughed when I saw the “Fantagebook” (Facebook) part, good job for inventing words xD


Molly, your Cafe is literally a 30 second walk to Static’s ID Fone Shop. Stop standing there grinning creepily while holding a cup of tea, just go over there and talk to him. What could go wrong? You’re all just pixels anyway :3



That’s all for now, there will be more updates to come, as indicated by the Event Info sign at Downtown


I’ll be adding updates in green!

Comments on: "Moonlight Prom 2014" (45)

  1. The daily spin is also updated!


  2. It’s Gizmo, not Static. Static is the guy who is sells idfone skins and stuff.


  3. Princess Moomoo are you still on?


  4. Are you on fantage princess_moomoo?


  5. Reblogged this on ♫ Fantage Waves ♫ and commented:
    I wanted to make my own post but the one from fantageville is soo good :3


  6. First you put Static’s Power Shop.
    Then you changed it to Gizmo’s Board Shop. It should be Static’s Board Shop


  7. ღ вrooĸlyn ღ said:

    Future of Fantage: We get to have babies.

    Seriously? How come they make an event like this when more than half of the players are kids that still goes to elementary? //facepalm


  8. Fantagebook TuT


  9. cutedodo said:

    oh plz god let this be gitch on tht dress up thing becuz it has no gifts and stuff!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA T`T


  10. Lol Fantagebook, so funny.


  11. Hailey Cakess said:

    They aren’t replacing VG, cause when you look in the picture, the new shop is on the right of the iDfone shop.. Just saying (:


  12. Er
    Gizmo runs the Super Power Shop


  13. tiffany9452 said:

    when i go on fantage the ticket booth non mem things are only 20 tickets and the other non mem is 50 tickets O.O


  14. Princess MooMoo i think the ticket booth items have their cost values lowered to 20-900


  15. Gizmo’s BOARD Shop? Do you mean SUPER POWER Shop? …


  16. ♥Jяƒ♥ said:

    “Molly, your Cafe is literally 5 feet from Static’s Super Power Shop. Stop standing there grinning creepily while holding a cup of tea, just go over there and talk to him. What could go wrong? You’re all just pixels anyway :3”.

    -That killed me.


  17. I’m soooo relieved the prizes used to be 300 and 600 …. now that’s pretty hard to get and really expensive. But now they changed the shirt to 30 and the sash to 60!! 🙂 just an update


  18. Just wonddering, ive seen a few Fantagians wearing some sort of Parrot Dress :S ( The dress is sort of made out of feathers… red, purple, blue, orange feathers) I was just wondering if it was a new dress that was added to the event somehow without me noticing, or if it was from an event or from Fantage Comet… Thanks 😀


  19. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    XD I JUST SAW YOU PRINCESS_MOOMOO ON FANTAGE!!!!!! AND ON THE LIMO TOO! Sorry, you’re just my favorite person EVER ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!


  20. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    I don’t think there is ever going to be mini games.


  21. 17pineapples said:

    There’s also supposed to be a “free prize” thing today at 4, and I didn’t get it yet 😦


    • 17pineapples said:

      NEVERMIND! After a close search through my inventory, I realized that I got a “corsage”


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