❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Thanks, Angela, for posting the events n’ stuff 🙂

I plan to update these things:

1. Vintage Gold History page (I took screenshots, I just have to add them)

2. Green Ville Bills (won’t take long, I already have the password in mind, I just hafta hide them all)

3. Think about the Speak Your Mind page and how to make it more convenient for me to look at your answers

4. That’s all for now, no need to get ahead of myself xP Although finals are over, I still have English homework, yep.

And now for the second part of this post, a mini contest I thought of just now! I shall call it…

The Grammar Nazi Contest

What is a Grammar Nazi? Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler ;P

Grammar Nazis are people that are SUPER picky about grammar and spelling, and they love sharing their knowledge of grammar by correcting people. Although they are smart (grammar is important!), they are sometimes seen as annoying, because they correct people’s grammar at the most inappropriate moments.

For example:

Girl: Omg someone help, I looked out at my neighbor’s house and there house was on fire…!!
Grammar Nazi: Their*
Girl: What?
Grammar Nazi: You used the incorrect “there.” “There” is a preposition, and “their” shows possession
Girl: =____________=

Ok back to the contest. In this contest, you will all become Grammar Nazi’s! 😀 Don’t worry, we won’t think you’re annoying, this is for fun 🙂

Your Task

Search around this blog and try to find grammar/spelling mistakes made by anyone in the comments. Once you find one, comment the correction, and hashtag it “#grammarnazi” so that people will know you’re doing this for fun, not because you’re an actual annoying grammar nazi 😉 Hashtagging it will also allow me to find it easily.



Try to find as many as possible, the person with the most corrections wins!


Contest ends on Friday, May 23 Saturday, May 17, 11:59 PM FST

You can correct any comment from any page/post/anywhere in this blog, as long as it’s not the Ville Bill page

Once someone corrects a comment, that’s it, you can’t comment again (that means you can’t use the one in the example either, I already corrected it!)

Your comment must have “#grammarnazi” in your comment or I won’t know that it’s for this contest.

No correcting capitalization or punctuation, there are hundreds of those, because nobody really is that formal when commenting on a blog… Grammar and spelling only!

If I approve your comment, that means I saw it and you got your points. If I don’t think it counts, I will just delete the comment.

Also, slang like “thx,” “u,” ur,” “luv,” and others that people often use do not count.

As a general rule for what counts and what doesn’t: If the person spelled it that way on purpose, it doesn’t count. For example: any slang, adding a bunch of extra letters for emphasis, etc.


Correcting a viewer’s comment = 1 point

Correcting MooMoo’s or Angela’s comment = 3 points

Making an incorrect correction = 0 points

Making a correction but not hashtagging #grammarnazi = 0 points


1 winner only: the person with the most CORRECT corrections before the deadline

Prizes: a free location of 1 random Green Ville Bill (once they are released) OR 1 free gift on Fantage (the ones that you buy for your buddies and send)


Have fun, and bring out that inner Grammar Nazi ;3 I also want to see how competent you guys are at grammar [: If you have questions, just comment!


Comments on: "I’m Back + Mini Contest!" (88)

  1. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    Are you on Fantage right now?


  2. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    So only pages, ok! Love the idea! 😀


  3. Susanღ said:

    When people say “[item] and [item] and [item]” does it count because its not right grammar?


  4. ~Arissa said:

    What about those “slang” words? Like “LUV” and “DUNNO”?


  5. Please respond ASAP so I can get started!

    ( Also another question, does it count if somebody already found the mistake? )


  6. Not sure why you need the by ______ part, just put the hashtag and you’re good. See the example if you’re still confused


  7. Susanღ said:

    Ok i have another question :/

    i saw a mistake in a reply to a comment, but i don’t know how to reply to the reply.


  8. Sorry one more question!

    Does it count if they spelled something wrong like this:


    instead of



  9. Really Sorry, another question:

    Do texting abbreviations count as misspelled/grammar words?

    Ex: u instead of you.


  10. Candykatx said:

    Does lower case i when it’s meant to be upper case I count?


  11. Susanღ said:

    nvm i just found out a minute ago


  12. lilyrocker139 said:

    So, MooMoo, i’ve got a question about xat. When i recently logged into it, i got banned for no reason. I was wonder if you could help me with this. I totally understand if you can’t 🙂


    • I’m not sure why that would happen, was your icon already brown when you logged in, or did Villebot ban you after you logged in?
      Btw, for the grammar nazi contest. You keep on hashtagging it “grammernazi,” it should be “grammarnazi.” I have been correcting it for you, but if I miss it, then you won’t get the points.


  13. ooooh
    I am the grammar nazi


  14. PS. If I win, can you memo me on fantage?


  15. I really like the idea!
    (even if I’m not really a grammar nazi)


  16. The Unknown said:

    This is going to be awesome! Wait, spelling counts, right?


  17. Welcome back! 😀


  18. ♦ραη∂ιι♦ said:

    We have no idea what the prize is and how much “points” we have right now, right?
    (I’ve spent like 893247932 hours on this, hehe)


  19. ♦ραη∂ιι♦ said:

    Oh and one more question.
    Does wrong tense count?


  20. PRINCESS MOOMOO! can you answer these questions
    whos your fav singer

    when is this blog going to shut down

    when is fantage going to shut down

    whats your fav show

    your fav color ?

    😀 😀 😀 D; D D: D; 😀 😀 😀 😀 D; D; ;D


  21. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    OH WOW!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. tiffany9452 said:

    Welcome Back Moo Moo! I can assure you that the blog wasn’t the same without you. ❤
    – Tiffany


  23. Can you please make the bot stop code banning? It’s getting really annoying and it’s ticking me off. I’m sorry but I just don’t like the code banning “game” and also, he bans you for 1000 hours! Also, I can’t wait THAT long! Can you at least make it 5 to 15 (for the code banning not inappropriate word/not following rules) minutes?


  24. Not a thousand, (nvm) but whatever the person wants for hours! Also, the other people can figure out the code but I can’t! I think it’s totally unfair. Sorry.


  25. ♥Jяƒ♥ said:

    Thank gosh the finals are over. We had our final on our last subject, Science. I think society is trying to suffocate me. -_-


  26. I can’t get the code! I’m crying! Ugh! I guess I won’t com on here anymore. Bye. 😥


  27. Oooh sounds fun, just want to start out by saying welcome back moo moo!
    i have a question about this whole entire grammer nazi thing, dont you think that people might post a comment with TONS of grammer mistakes and then make another comment with a different name and correct it themselves – well i guess you might be able to tell because of the IP address 🙂


  28. Anonymous said:

    Hey Moo Moo welcome back! Did you do good on finals? xD – Audrey


  29. Whoo! I’m a huge grammar nazi…
    Haven’t been to the blog in awhile…Nice backdrop though!


  30. Congratulations on finishing finals! Finals for us were last week and this week >_< Also, there are a lot of "Its" and It's" on this comments, and I corrected a few but I'm not very sure if that counts, so sorry if it doesn't!


  31. sombody corrct dish coment plz I relly nead help whith mi grammerz.


    • superstargirl1 said:

      Nyehehe, *correct *this (wait… people dont say dish do they? idk)*comment *really *need *with *my *grammar


  32. Cookimonsta said:

    Welcome back !!This is my favourite fantage blog ♥ 😀


  33. Moo Moo, I have a complaint because on https://fantageville.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/starry-nights-prom-2013/

    I corrected a spelling error FIRST, and yet someone else got credit. You can even see on my laptop that I commented first, in fact 3 HOURS before the other person.

    The only difference I can see is that she edited it with a capital, while I put a lowercase. But, you said that capital letters don’t matter: “No correcting capitalization or punctuation, there are hundreds of those, because nobody really is that formal when commenting on a blog… Grammar and spelling only!”

    I think I should get the points, no offence to her.


  34. I’m seeing a lot of people comment ‘thats’ ‘dont’ ‘its’ ‘havent’ and those other combinations. Do they count if I correct them?


  35. I’m still moderating the comments, there are over 600


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