❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Parades in Downtown

There will be parades in downtown at 4 PM-6 PM FST time everday for Anniversary Month.

parades in downtown sign

Just click the giant sign in Downtown to join.

parade sign

Make sure you are at the parade on time dressed up according to the theme! I can’t get any information or pictures about what happens during the actual parades because I am still in school during the times of the parade 😦


Prize Raffles in Uptown

Along with the parades in Downtown, there will also be prize raffles in Uptown from 6 PM-8 PM FST everyday. All you have to do is be in Uptown at these times.

raffle sign

prize raffles


Live Concerts

There will be live concerts in the VIP lounge in top models from 8 PM-12 AM, for members only of course.

live concerts

Unicorn Boards

This is probably unrelated to the Anniversary Month event, but you can buy super cute unicorn boards in Uptown and Downtown.

unicorn boards

Members can get Scooter for only 100 stars! Another wonderful premium member perk. But nonmembers have to buy it for a whopping 90,000 stars!

horse board

User Inspired Items

Check out the new set of user inspired items in Uptown and Downtown. The ones at the bottom are old user inspired items that have been sold before. Congratulations to all that have been chosen to make user inspired items! (Props to my great editing skills 😛 )

user inspired items

user inspired items list

6th Anniversary Prize Giveaway Winners

Remember that giveaway where you download the Fantage Comet in the App Store and you are automatically entered for a chance to win these prizes?prizes

Well Fantage has decided the winners for this giveaway. You can check out the winners in Downtown or Uptown by clicking on this sign. Congratulations to all winners 🙂


giveaway winners

That’s all the updates for now, have fun and stay safe!

Comments on: "Anniversary Month Post #4" (79)

  1. soo we can’t submit it tomorrow? Dx
    Oh and theres this thing called heartbleed that can hack wordpress look out O.O


  2. You won? Congrats! Once I won 100 ecoins 🙂


  3. There’s only like, 14 minutes for the user inspired items..


  4. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Congrats on winning a raffle! 😀


  5. My friend told me to sell the unicorn boards then buy them agian. It worked but after a while, I had almost 4 million stars but my stars were gone! My other friend’s stars were gone too. I thought that fantage took them. My BFF called fantage owners and they did take our stars but the reason why they did is becuase we abused the unicorns boards. We just needed stars. 😦

    For the parade, you don’t really have to dress but my you have to be registered to go on the float. I did that and I only got only 250 stars.

    I won one of the raffles and I wasn’t there because I didn’t want to watch. I got a little note explaining that I got 100 eCoins.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow! The Fantage Inspire Items are coming tomrrow and I have enough stars. (I think)


  6. ANGELA!!! Yay I was waiting for a post for a long time cuz princess moomoo is buzy lol


  7. Anonymous said:

    Hey Angela thanks for doing that. I do play fantage a lot like every day. XD I am caroline2854 and call me Audrey. If you see me on fantage just say hey Audrey. Anyways tell princess moo moo that my birthday is on Friday. TTYL bye.


  8. The Unknown said:

    First comment, woohooooo!
    tell Moomoo I emailed her, please, if you can.


  9. stay safe…XD


  10. ღ The Pink Drawing Monster ღ said:

    Let me be the first one to ask this:
    Did you submit any fan art, Angela? I mean, your drawings are so good. YOU DESERVE TO WIN, lol!


    • I used to submit fan art, and I won those like honorable mention things like twice but that’s it. Otherwise, I don’t really have time to do any art anymore…and when I submit fan art, after a while it disappears when you search me up in the Fantage Comet.


  11. ღ The Pink Drawing Monster ღ said:

    Aww, too bad. I was really cheering for you, you’re my favorite! How old did you say you were, again?


      • ღ The Pink Drawing Monster ღ said:

        Wow, you’re really responsible for a 15-year-old. Maturity and self-reliance usually undergoes at the age of 17 and up, you should be thankful. I’m 10, by the way 🙂


      • You are very mature for a ten year old yourself. According to most people, I am definitely not mature or self reliant. I am so immature in many ways, but I want to sound mature online 😛


  12. Camy03 said:

    On the picture for the parade were it says the theme, you can tell if you will on the float or not. Well if your the first you will be leader and the sign would say leader instead of waitlist. Also if you didn’t get leader but very close to one of the first people to join it would say registered instead of waitlist. And when your registered you are on the second float where the leader isn’t there. And last if says waitlist like the picture you may or may not get on to the floats. Ussally when. I’m on the waitlist I go off near top models and some how get in.
    I don’t have any proof but all of what I said happend to me.


  13. They still are taking submissions for Fantage Inspired Items, if you click on the stand with the Fantage Inspired Items it says on the side: “Send your fan art here!” that means you can still send an submission. I also read Comet too, it says their taking submissions all year long. So you still have a chance to send in yours. I sent mines already, it’s a Totoro themed one though. Hopefully they’ll accept! Dx


  14. Hi Angela 😀 I see you on Fantage now :O


  15. Awesomeness678 said:

    I really want to see you on Fantage 😀


  16. Awesomeness678 said:

    This has nothing to do with raffle but a while ago Princess Moomoo said she would release a ville bille with her face. Do you know when she will?


  17. Camy03 said:

    I’m not sure why but I got scooter for 100 stars and I am a non.


  18. Hmm... said:


    I think the unicorns are just another ‘perk of being a member’ (quote Angela). I’ve been on sine 2012, so I don’t know what newbies get because they changed the system.

    PS, I’m level 407 xD (not to brag or anything)


    • I’m on level 442. I made my account princess_817 in like june 2013 and i became a member 2 weeks ago 😀


  19. Anonymous said:

    Hey im on level 504 and been playing since 2012 but anyways thanks for doing stuff for princess moo moo. I had an awesome birthday. Bye- Audrey


  20. NOO!!! wat happened to this blog! theres posts so rarely literally


  21. I used the unicorn boards to sell at lucky bobs 😛 I did it ALOT of times 🙂 I bought so many things at vintage but then my remaining stars were tooken O-O


  22. Anonymous said:

    I was not trying to brag about my level (I am younger than 13). I am not a teenager yet. 🙂


  23. I made a newbie and they now get all furniture items 0o0

    Thanks Angela for everything your truly the best
    I ❤ this blog


  24. ღ The Pink Drawing Monster ღ said:

    Hey Angela, it’s me again, there wasn’t a reply option in your past reply so I hope this is okay. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about being or sounding mature cause honestly, I’m much more immature than you think I am. Plus, we have the same goal of sounding mature online but that doesn’t really matter. Heart and soul matter much more. I hope this teaches not only you but everyone else out there with matching goals! Anyway, they’re selling dog bone today which makes me go “whaa”. 9-year-olds rule! 😀


  25. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are u way behide?
    will you post more news soon?


  26. I can’t believe i won an iPad!!!


  27. Anonymous said:

    Hey moo moo I took the advanced placement test last year. I had to retry once then I got in. I’m in an advanced class.


  28. i hope u do good in ur test. WE do nwea


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