❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Map and Area Updates!

Ok actually I’ll update this before I leave, because it’s SO cool!!

Why has everything changed? Watch the third Cataclysm video!

And according to the second one, the reason why the snow hasn’t melted is because the fairies were trapped and couldn’t change the season >_<

Overall Map Changes

The snow has melted, so everything’s green now! Also, when you hover your mouse over an area, there’s a description. Great for newbies!

spring map1

Also, notice how there’s a defined path everywhere now, you can get anywhere just by moving left and right. This is shown on the map as well, looks like Fantage is trying to connect all the areas with paths and bridges.



There are helpful signs everywhere now too!


The Beach

The Beach, the Lighthouse, and Sea Breeze have all been combined into one area now! A bit inconvenient, not sure why they did this.


To access Sea Breeze and the Lighthouse, you have to go all the way left and click on the background

map3 map4

The Palm Dance Club and Sun Block haven’t changed. Looking for the games, Fish Fish, Jellyfishin, and Splash? They’re ALL at the Carnival now!

The Island

The only difference is that they removed that super convenient underwater tube area on the map, so to catch Seahorse, you have to go all the way to the right.

map5 map6

The Carnival

The Carnival got super squished together now, and I think it’s pretty cool! Face Painting is still here, and now they’ve moved Card Quest here as well.


The Arcade isn’t a dirty old tent anymore, it’s like those arcades you see on TV! Almost all the games are here now, separated into 4 categories.


Here are all the games inside the Arcade by category, and their old location in parenthesis. You won’t be able to play these games at their old location anymore.

Arcade Games: BoBo Fish (Creature Area), Galaxy Hero (Arcade), Pearly Pop (Arcade), Whack a Veggie (Arcade), Type Boo (Castle Realtor’s)
Outdoor Games: Fish Fish (Beach), Go Cart (Carnival), Buzzer Beater (Carnival), Rocket Board (Carnival), Snowday (Castle Bridge), Splash (Beach), Putt Putt Revolution (Carnival)
Multiplayer: Fish Fish (Beach), Fruit Stack (Star Cafe), Snack Tac Toe (Star Cafe), Splash (Beach), Snowday (Castle Bridge)
Puzzle: Fruit Stack (Star Cafe), Snack Tac Toe (Star Cafe), Memory Mixup (Star Cafe), Jigsaw Jigsaw (Star Cafe)

There’s a new Arcade dude now too, he replaced the creepy one who kept on sticking out his tongue


The Forest

The Wizard’s Domain, the Forest, the Secret Adventure game, and Creature Area (far right) are all combined together now too!


Everything just looks so weird and different… Orion’s Rare Finds, Lucky Bob’s, and Creature Area hasn’t changed, but the inside of the Grotto has!


All of the gem-earning games can be accessed inside the Grotto now. And the Hidden Fairy Forest hasn’t changed either.

The Castle

The Castle Bridge and Castle Realtor’s remained intact, but the Castle Entrance is gone! If you’re looking for Mouse Out, it’s hiding on the bridge now


The Dock and the Oasis

Poof, gone. Don’t worry, Raj escaped, he’s at the Carnival, as I mentioned earlier.


The only things that hasn’t changed at all is Mt. Fantage, Pet Town, Fantage School area, Uptown, and Downtown.

I’m not sure if I like this, but I do know that we will all get used to it. I think everything is just a lot more tidy now 🙂

I wish I took more pictures before the change, I’ll miss the old look! (These are all just random pictures of areas that I collected from past posts)


tree trouble

Castle 1

Comments on: "Map and Area Updates!" (112)

  1. I think you should edit out that new signs are out because they were there from before…
    Just saying cx


  2. fairycari said:

    I was looking all over for mouse out
    and now I know where it is! 🙂


  3. oh! love it MM!


  4. Anonymous said:

    where is bricks breaking


  5. Blurasxbery said:

    I checked the Spanish server and they still haven’t updated it yet OoO they probably will soon though xD and I don’t know why but this new update reminds me of old fantage for some reason


  6. Ooh so many changes.


  7. I don’t really like the new update. The forest is so squished together with Wizard’s Domain and Creature Area and Secret Adventure game. The Carnival is so small! But I will get use to it. 😛


  8. I like the old layout better 😦 Everything just seemed more….. spread out and less empty, but now… it’s all bunched together and the removed some places like the campground for summer…. and they removed an entire OASIS….


    • The only time people went to the Oasis was to play Card Quest and that was very rarely. So, they just moved the game and there really was no point in moving the game AND keeping the Oasis.


    • I agree with you, the old layout was better 😦 I suppose they’ll bring back the campground for summer though, and we’ll get used to the changes in no time 😀


    • i like old layout better too. i hate oasis, copter pier and creature arena all with photo boot, pet locked items boots all gone too. grrr. why is fantage messing with what not broken? is this to save money could be?


  9. I kinda miss the old fantage look now :(. Did they remove photobooth and the friendship bracelets thing because I don’t see it?


  10. I can barely find anything on Fantage anymore…


  11. Reblogged this on Fantage Reality and commented:
    I can’t post so here’s Princess MooMoo’s post. It’s really good 🙂


  12. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Now I can’t find all the pet treats…they’re only at the Castle, Beach, Pet Town, Forest, and Mt. Fantage as far as I know…anyone know where the other pet treats are now?


  13. Lol who saw me?


  14. I totally agree. Good luck on finals btw! My regents are coming up too lol.


  15. That’s it? THAT’S ALL THE SHARDS OF GLASS WE COLLECTED? Just a handful?… Fantage, I think you miscounted. 😛
    I don’t really like the new updates… THEY KICKED THE POOR MOUSE OF OF IT’S CASTLE HOME!!!


  16. The one bad thing is- I can’t even collect all the pet treats for the day because I don’t know where they are! Sincce everything is so squished and mixed up, I could only find 4 treats! 😦


    • The pet treats are at: Fantage school, Forest, Castle, Pet town, Carnival and Mt. Fantage.
      I hope that helped!


  17. The best thing about these updates is that Fantage is putting more effort into events, items, and the overall feel about the game. I’m really enjoying it! Sorta gives off a warm feeling after all that rage in the game, lol.


  18. There is also a new big inconvienance when traveling to Finklestein’s Lair; the super handy sign is gone which tells you the order in which to press the shapes on the logs. Now, it is in a dark gray on the side of the Lighthouse. I liked the sign better, but I guess they had to change it so people didn’t get confused with the travel signs.


  19. superstargirl1 said:

    ASDFGHJKL Moomoo ~D:< Guess what game they deleted…. Guess. GUEESSSSS D:< THEY DELETED BRICKS BREAKING D:< ASDFGHJKL I got so angry because thats the game I play (the ONLY game) to get stars. Now my life is ruined.


  20. Actually, Mt. Fantage did change at least one thing… the hobo that always sat by the fire is gone 😦 I liked him….


  21. anybody know where the moodies are? :c


  22. Susanღ said:

    Did they take away some games because I don’t know where bricks breaking is…


  23. greatmmchan said:

    You can’t plant the winter plants anymore in your Farm…


  24. Where is bricks breaking? I loved that game!


  25. i don’t like this change. The pet treats are missing. Forest is all scrunched up. Castle is scrunched up. i do like the carnival change because no need for long walk to tent anymore. They should keep carnival change but put all else back as was.


  26. Hey Moomoo,
    I found a glitch with the unicorn boards! so members get a discount but when you sell it at luckybobs you get ALOT of money!! check it out its really cool. but this glitch seams like it might only work for members but its still AWESOME! I have 4,454,976 stars!


  27. angielee2002 said:

    You probably know about this already, but there are new unicorn boards. So when I logged on today I found the blue unicorn board in my inventory an none of my ecoins or stars were spent. Do you know how this happened?


  28. Candykatx said:

    The table in the cafe is gone 😥


  29. Hi everyone,
    So many people keep saying they have seen pinkstardust, when it is not even true. This is just to draw attention to themselves. I just wanted to warn everyone, don’t believe it.


  30. Hai Princess MooMoo,

    I’ve been thinking. May I please ask you to help publicize my website I have just started? I have always been a fan of your website as I continually refer back to your blog for event guidance and simply for pleasure =) So if you do publicise my blog but I am not sure if your blog – made by wordpress – would allow you to advertise weebly-made blogs. That didn’t make sense but okai…

    In return I am going to add your blog name linked directly to this blog on my sidebar =) But that is only happening after I seen it =) Sorry for making it sound like a blackmail TuT”

    Anyhow, if you check my blog out, that will be great because you may perhaps have some tips to make my blog better =)


    ~ J.Z (Jackie Z)


    • All well, I guess that is a no =) I guess I will take some advice from the blogging tips pages although I haven’t really have muck luck in creating pages =( because I don’t have much ideas. But nice to talk to you =)

      ~ J.Z


    • Hi, sorry my response is so late!
      We don’t advertise for anyone, because that’s not what our blog is for. I would also find it annoying, as a viewer, to always see ads in the way of the stuff I want to read.
      Just try your best, good luck!


  31. Does anyone know anything about the creature area? As far as i know its gone!


  32. go to blue tiger and get the unicorn board for 100 stars! but i think a certain time, but i think its staying there all day…………………………………..


  33. http://prntscr.com/3e4wnx

    I discovered a way to go back to the old Wizard’s Domain and Creature Area. Sorry, the pic is a screenshot from my blog.


  34. I don’t know if this was a glitch on my computer, but I got the unicorn board for a very cheap price…
    FOR 100 STARS!
    No, I am NOT a premium member.
    But its like…
    90000 stars now???
    Did anyone else buy the board for that amount?


  35. OMG Thank you so much moo moo for posting this i was looking everywhere for mouse out. i was worried cause of bingo lol thnx so much 🙂 ❤


  36. Mr Hexagon said:

    In relations to the fantage fanart…
    How come when I typed in my name, it shows none of the fanart I’ve submitted? 😦


  37. pandiithepanda said:


    I think you should see this.
    I found this on http://fantageeminions.wordpress.com/ and I found this on one of their posts :/
    She was worse than most of your posers – she copied some of your pages! (It’s quite funny, though “♥ from the brain of our bottoms and the bottom of our brain ♥ ” xD)

    I didn’t put ugly numbers and tons of pictures this time for a picture, btw.



  38. aaradhya said:

    I wanted to ask if you ( Angela ) or princess moomoo could get me the bunny nose from Vintage Gold which is coming out on Saturday . I am going on a vacation and the place I am going to does not have wifi.So please can you get it for me ? reply fast as I have to go tomorrow. thanks ❤


  39. Angela-
    I’m just wondering… You know how some people have those really cool moodies like the black cat one? (Also Easter Basket, and Shooting Star) Where, when, and HOW did they get it??? 🙂


    • Ahhh those are probably limited. So they don’t sell them anymore


    • Hmm... said:

      Yes they were limited. The easter basket used to be available in the French server, but now its gone. Plus, the shooting star was from the alien/robot theme in 2012.

      Sorry if I’m being rude because you only asked Angela.


  40. Hmm... said:

    For the part about ‘taking more pictures before it changed’, you could still have some photos in your fantage photo album.


  41. amyyinz said:

    Ohh, still- I have been on Fantage for 3 years and I never even had a clue there were limited moodies. Seriously, how did people get them? There wasn’t a “for sale” sign anywhere during events for moodies…


  42. 17pineapples said:

    it’s weird since I still have my creatures and stuff


    • Haha I know right


      • Creature Arena is all the way to the right of the forest. You will see a small purple swirly portal and sign saying “Creature Shop” go through thr portal to reach the arena and click the sign for a gui to pop up with pets u can buy to go in the arena as. Hope this helped!


    • Hmm... said:

      The creature Arena is at the very end of the squished in forest.


  43. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    The level locked items are near Hall Of Fame!? >.>


  44. They took out phto booth :((


  45. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    With the unicorn things, my brother got 5000 stars from his membership, did the unicorn things, then he has 0 stars ._.


  46. The photo booth just got moved to Zach’s Academy. And, the wardrobe is still available so you can take pictures with any clothes you want!


  47. YAY


  48. dolphin6778 said:

    where is the photo booth?


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