❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Very Quick Post

Updates at the bottom.

Hi, this will be quick!

There’s a girl, selena_107, that has been claiming that she “works for us” and “gives us ideas for our videos and everything.”

She’s lying, please don’t believe her.


I’ve said this a couple times already in regards to posers, but I’m glad that I have the chance right now to say it again:

If someone claims something and you do not see it written anywhere on this blog, then they are 100% lying. No, not 99%, not even 99.9%. One HUNDRED percent LYING.

If Angela and I have anything to say to you guys (sort of what I’m doing right now) we will always make a post or page. Search it in the search box on the sidebar, that’s what it’s for!

Search selena_107, nothing (except for this post) will show up. Why? I have no clue who she is, nor have I ever even heard of her.

Even if she did “work for us” (which makes no sense, because I’ve made it clear that we don’t accept workers) I would always give our helpers credit. Like, whenever someone comments something I didn’t know, I always credit them with a “thanks _____!” I’ll even do it right now: thanks so much to the person that sent an email telling me about this! I kept you anonymous just in case you didn’t want me revealing who you were

That’s all, have a wonderful day 🙂 I’ll try and finish the post below this one ASAP 😉

I tracked down selena on Fantage, thanks to someone who messaged me on XAT. I found her surrounded by a huge crowd of people and I knew something was wrong, so I made it quick and told everyone the truth.

Thankfully, several people in the crowd already said they didn’t believe her, but unfortunately, some did.

Point is, all lies have been straightened out now. She apologized over and over again, and she said she didn’t expect so many people to find out. I accepted it, but I also told her this:

The person you should be apologizing to is yourself. You didn’t hurt me, you didn’t hurt any of us, you hurt only yourself, by losing my trust and everyone else’s trust. Yeah, I guess you didn’t anticipate how big this would get, but it wasn’t a smart decision to begin with. I’m not deleting this post, mistakes are not erased that easily.

She also asked me a couple times “how do I become famous,” to which I answered:

By not posing. By not lying. You don’t “become” famous, it’s not something you expect or aim for. More importantly, you have to work for it. Not pose as someone who already did the work and hope to steal “fame” from them by doing nothing.

I think this incident provided us all with 2 lessons.

One, think before you act. The consequences can be a lot bigger than you expect.

And two, winners never cheat, and cheaters never win. If you want something, you work for it. Nobody becomes successful by doing nothing. This goes especially for copiers, posers, and liars in general.

On a lighter note, glad I got to meet so many viewers today! I had a fun time adding and getting to know you all!


Comments on: "Very Quick Post" (57)

  1. mango0819 said:

    I saw her around Mt. Fantage claiming that you were doing a giveaway or something.


  2. ♥PurpleStarlight♥ said:

    I really hate posers.


  3. ♥❤red343❤♥ said:

    I saw her at the beach and everyone was worshiping and asking her to add them for some reason.


  4. jessica82390 said:

    Am I the only person that mostly payed attention to the cookie making person. Cookies.


  5. Are you Klya’s friend? When you were at Sea Breeze she was wearing the same clothes when I said “hai” to her this morning. For the cotton costume, it’s the same prize as last year. (By the way, I’m Klya’s friend too! ;))


  6. Oh! One more thing. Why do we have to use iPads, Tablets etc. for Fantage Comet? I don’t have any of those and I am not the only one who dosen’t have those and I really wanna see Fantage Comet. (My mom said she will get me a iPad (maybe Tablet) on May but she always changes her mind)


  7. LOL PRINCESS MOOMOO! why cant you add other people too!
    i tried adding you but i think you did not accept!!!!!!!!!


  8. Plz friend me somehow... said:

    Is there some way I can find you on fantage? I would like to add you.


  9. Plz friend me somehow... said:

    Ok please wait I will be there!


  10. Plz friend me somehow... said:



  11. I was in a fashion show and I said ‘I love fantageville!’ and she came up and was like ‘I help moomoo!!!’
    I was like e ei Reeeeeeeally…. I surely woulda seen her mentioned in a post…. >.> I just said ‘erm I dunno about that’ and she just walked off I was like XD


  12. lottie17 said:

    Stupid posers, you’re lucky to have found out about this before it got worse 🙂


  13. Lol does anyone know why I have negative stars O_O




  15. ermagawwwd guise i tots halpz momooo wiff her blawg teeheheheheheheee

    but omg i remember back then when you had like 4k views and then suddenly BOOM 80k views and i was like wait what


  16. Could_be_posing_as_someone? said:

    Has anyone noticed that all the nonmember items in the shops are SUPER cheap? Like, none of them are over 400 stars, and the cheapest are like 10-15.


  17. Oh my goodness. So many people do this to princess_moomoo -_-


  18. summer824 said:

    uhh so i got a unicorn and i sold it at luvky bobs and got a lot of stars but then i came on and BAM all my stars disappeared. I HAD 500000 SOMETHING 😦 😦


  19. Shai Bear said:

    Princess_moomoo, is there any way you could add me on Fantage?? I am a HUGE fan of your blog (but unlike that girl, I wouldn’t become a poser 😝) and would like to add you!!! Btw, if you see me on fantage my username is claudiacool5.


  20. Awesomeness678 said:

    Could you say about what time and servers you go on because i would LOVE to meet you on fantage!!!!


  21. gurlsrule said:

    selena sawry or nah


  22. wise words spoken as always princess moo moo 🙂


  23. I thought that it was really unfair of selena to pose like that. I mean it took you years of hard work to get all that fame and she took it. If I were you I would try to get her banned but I could tell that you were letting her go easy.


  24. FlappyBird said:

    i like bacon (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS)


  25. I love your blog! Someone like you could change the world…..and its’ problems. Do you think it’s bad when people say things like ” wun needed”? Most of the time people don’t know whose on the other side! I tried telling someone this, but they told me they can do whatever they want…..true, but hopefully he or she isn’t a player. lol


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