❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Click here for Post #2, and here for Post #1 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Angela’s stuff in blue

Send Gifts to Buddies

This is a great new of way of being able to interact with your friends. You can now pay a low cost of 450 ecoins to send a mystery gift to one of your friends. To do this, click the “Gift” symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

mystery gift

Then, just choose a friend that you want to send a gift to. To keep this system as safe as possible, do not send a gift to anyone that you don’t trust!

Send mystery gift

Buy mystery gift

Many people have sent me gifts, and I thank you guys very much!

Remember that you can only send gifts if your account is more than 30 days old, or if it’s a Premium Member. This prevents people from creating newbie accounts and gifting themselves.

Fantage Comet

Thank you to two awesome viewers who kindly screenshotted these for me! Both asked to remain anonymous, so I have blocked out their names. You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge. Also, apparently, Fantage Comet only works properly for iPad 3 or newer (thanks homuraforever!)

The Log In screen is very similar to the desktop version. Just click on Login and use your normal Fantage username and password info.


You will start out in the first area of Fantage Comet, the JungleCade! You can move to the right on the colorful path, so I combined 2 screenshots to show you the entire area.


You can click on the purple Play Fashion Show button to play the Fashion Show too!

Like the regular Fantage, there is a Map button, an Inventory button, a chat bar, a Social button, and a Settings button, all at the bottom of the screen.

This is what your inventory looks like on Fantage Comet:


There isn’t much to do in the JungleCade, where are the super cheap items that everyone is talking about? Click on the Map button, and go to the second area: the Clockwork Canyon! (Sorry for bad quality and glare, I took a picture with my camera instead of screenshotting for this one)


Another screenshot-combined view, of Clockwork Canyon


Click on the shopping cart button on the top right, and you’ll be able to buy some super cheap items. Notice how a LOT of them are nonmember items!


Buy Cotton Pet

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Remember for a limited time, you can buy the holiday pet Cotton. Just go to downtown or uptown to buy the egg.


Don’t know how to hatch a pet? Click here. Don’t forget to set it to the right settings, low light and medium heat. After you hatch your pet, you can get a free costume!

cotton pet sale

free costume 

Double Stars

Premium members are getting more and more perks! One of the new benefits is that they don’t have to buy double star coupons for games anymore! They automatically get them. Another benefit is that they can choose whatever eyes they want now, and it’s 100% free. I think this one is a little unfair, because now nonmembers can’t even get premium member eyes if they have enough ecoins. The use of the megaphone is also free now for all premium members. Great! 🙂

New Premium Benefits

Comments on: "Anniversary Month Post #3" (83)

  1. ada11812 said:

    I wish I had a tablet/iPad. I have an iOS, but I can’t find it anywhere ;/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you add in that fantage comet (for the iPad) only works for iPad 3 or newer? Because if people are having trouble, they either have iPad (1) or iPad 2. For these iPads it will go back to the home screen(i had this problem too). XD XD 8)


  3. Can I play the comet thingy on an iphone ?


  4. You actually can get Fabtage Comey on iOS just change the iPhone or iPod only to iPad only then you’ll find fantage comet


  5. So in Fantage Comet, you can play fashion show and buy clothes. No games or anything?


  6. brooklynmcgovern said:

    The graphics are so cool!


  7. Selina Xu said:

    For the mystery gift, what gift do you get when you send a gift?


  8. Don’t forget that you can only send gifts if a) your account is more than 30 days old, or b) if you are a premium member.


  9. It’s a suggestion, but I didn’t know where to post it, so I will just do it here!

    I think you should add a page where we, the viewers of this blog, could comment on some improvements on this website. Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad or boring website, but maybe it might help if we can tell you what we think. I think it’s an awesome blog, and I have some ideas that could help.


  10. ♥❤red343❤♥ said:

    Can nonmembers buy premium member eyes with Ecoins after April because fantage changed my eyes into nonmember eyes even though i bought member eyes with ecoins BEFORE the free premium member thing.


    • Sadly, no. Since all the eyes are free for mems only, nons can’t get them anymore, even with ecoins. You’re stuck with the eyes you had before free membership week.
      Did you change your eyes during membership week? Some people said it stayed, some say it changed back. Not sure…


      • ♥❤red343❤♥ said:

        Yeah, I changed it and tried on some other eyes for members, then I changed it back to the one I bought with ecoins but the one I bought with ecoins i got it for free so thats probably why. Most peoples eyes stayed the same.


  11. princess moomoo! do u gift them bak or just leave it


  12. superstargirl1 said:

    Moomooooo o_o I just found out
    on the items thing (I know this isnt the page but that click… its so far away =w=) Go on june 2013 body acc and you can try on NAILS. What the…? For free lol dont bother paying that 100 ish stars just try it on! 😀


  13. How come it has to be 450 eCoins for 1 gift? I wish it was 50 eCoins for 1 gift so we don’t have to waste that much of our eCoins.


  14. I have an android tablet and the app is so frustrating that i don’t want to deal with it anymore i was wondering if angela could go on my account and get those exclusive items for me cause i have been saving up? Like the app keeps crashing and freezing my tab.


  15. I have a google nexus and when i go to type my username it goes like this ( and it goes like this, take me )dddimaondq stuff like dat


  16. The items online you have now will be in your fantage comet inventory right? What if you buy items in Fantage Comet will you be able to have them online like on a computer?


  17. ok thank you


  18. One Question…

    When it says “Downloading Files….” when it loads, does it actually download files onto your iPad/Android Tablet?


  19. i was wondering if angela could go on my account and buy me all the items cause ive been saving up and i cant use the app because i dont have a tablet or ipad


  20. Dear Moo moo or angela,
    Me and my friend Kharin made a news website for fantage so its opinionated website and we post like news on fantage like whats going on and what people are saying etc. i was wondering if we could refer/ sort of advertise your blog by saying here is a help blog to go for help and fun! can we do that? reply to us asap


  21. well looks like fantage is NOT winter anymore…
    and now they kinda changed the map!


  22. i don’t think there’s an oasis…


  23. or creature arena…


  24. omg like the world of fantage is like… changed


  25. wait… creature arena is in the
    THE FOREST???!!!
    THE FOREST???!!! (now its not “secret”)
    new retro arcade???
    Poor Raj, he got rejected that he moved to the carnival with his “super popular” game.
    The carnival got smaller…
    spome games got removed…


  26. How did you get the screenshot for the clothes at clockwork canyon? Mine would crash everytime i click on the shop button.


  27. Hello Moo_moo or Angela. I am creating a talk show and I wanted to ask if I could like review and advertise your popular on my talk show. It will be on youtube.


  28. Anonymous said:

    urgg i gifted myself with my old account and I have the action figure and rainbow ball twice -_-


  29. Anonymous said:



  30. Michaela Layton said:

    I haven’t been getting emails for a long time and I think I might have unsubscribed accidentally. I want to receive emails each time you post something new, but I don’t want to be subscribed to certain pages receiving emails every time someone comments something. How do I start getting emails again?


  31. Kitkat1 said:

    ok everyone this ACTUALLY works!!!!!!!! i am NOT lying! this is to all the nons who want to have cool member eyes. so this is how you do it.

    1. Go on the spanish fantage ( it will be right next to the english at the top of the screen)
    2. Go to sun block
    3. Pick out any member eyes you want.
    4. Click transform (or whatever it is in spanish lol)
    5. and then click buy with ecoins *NOTE* you HAVE to click buy with ecoins.
    6. You now have premium member eyes XD!

    To clear up any confusion
    No you DONT have to pay for this
    and YES the eyes stay when you log back into the english version.

    So there. I swear this 100% works! So try it out.!!!


  32. britneyandsophee said:

    umm I just heard a anniversary came on the last days of May and some first days on June. It’s now two or three months already and not one single anniversary came… Hey, can someone reply me when the next anniversary is going to come?


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