❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Click here for the first Anniversary Month post

Uptown Prize Raffle

Clearly, this was causing a lot of people confusion and frustration at around 6:30 PM FST. People screaming “MOVE,” bossy people trying to get everyone’s attention (but having no clue what was going on either), random people asking for “mwommys” (really??), people getting confused about timezones and shouting out their country, caps lock EVERYWHERE… it was a mess xP


This was because not all the servers were updated for this raffle, so only some worked. The BigScreen in my server was stuck at “Next Raffle is at 6:00 PM!” so everyone was confused.

But enough about the confusing past, now for the information!

To be entered into the raffle (this is completely separate from the iPad/T-shirt raffle thing, click here to learn about that), just wait in Uptown. You must be outside, not inside a shop or something.

A prize will be given out randomly every 15 minutes. This means at exactly 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, etc.

So far, the only prizes I have seen are stars and ecoins. The winner (and their winnings) will be displayed on the BigScreen. Nice, lunaravenue! xD


Beware that if you win, jealous crazy people will start screaming “WHY DID YOU WIN” or “LUCKY” or “I DESERVED TO WIN UGH I HATE THIS.” So if you win… HIDE… But then again, there are a bunch of nice people saying Congrats too ❤

It seems that the prizes get better and better too. At 6:30, the prize was 500 stars. At 6:45, it was 300 ecoins, and at 4:15 (I missed one), it was 1000 stars.

Tips? Go on at night, and go to the emptiest server. Less people means higher chance of winning.

Become an Expert – Update

Click here for the original post to read all the basic information!

To level up this medal, you need a newbie account that joined AFTER April 4th.

So, just make a newbie account! While you’re at it, make sure to fill in your own name as the referrer (or you can put my username if you’d like to donate to me xD). This way you’ll get 100 free ecoins for inviting a friend, as well as 1 level on the Invite a Friend medal.


When doing this, you’ll notice that they’ve changed the creating a new account process. Newbies automatically get 20 free items (the 20 nonmember items from the free Fashion Show pack), as well as the old stuff from before: the costume and outfit (girls) or board (boys). On the second day, they get all the free furniture items instead of just 2, and the free stars seem to have increased as well.


Back on topic! Once you’ve created the account, click on the EXPERTS button on the top of the screen, on your newbie’s account. This button only shows for accounts that were created after April 4th.


There will be a long list of every “expert” in the server. Find yours and click on it!


This will pop up on your main account. Click YES.


Then, on your MAIN account, click on the TOUR button Anniversary21 and click END TOUR. You have to do this on your main account, not on the newbies. I tried doing it on the newbie’s the first time, and I didn’t level up, but maybe that was just me.


Last, this message will pop up on your newbie’s account. Click yes, and you should level up.


If you don’t level up, try moving around a bit more. If that still doesn’t work, don’t worry, that’s what happened to me too. Just repeat the process and it will work. For some reason, when I was on level 4, it wouldn’t level up, so I did it again, and it skipped to level 6.


The Red Smoke – Update

Ahhh! The red smoke thingy has grown bigger! Looks like we’re getting closer to figuring out what this is.


New Premium Member Benefits

1. Eye and Skin Colors

All eye colors and skin colors are free now at Sun Block! That’s why you see the NEW sign hovering over the shop on the map.


Remember, this is for Premium Members only. Once Free Membership week is over, you will be back to buying them. So get the one you like best NOW, before the week ends!


2. Free Megaphone Usage

Not too important, but all members can announce messages through the megaphone for free now. That’s why you see a megaphone message popping up every 3 seconds…

Oh, cool trick, in case you didn’t know. When a megaphone announcement pops up, you can click on the circle to the right of the message to view that person’s ID Fone. This is how you can “visit their place” or “add them.”


3 and 4. ?

That’s right, more are coming soon! However, since the Free Membership week ends today for us nonmembers, we sadly will not be able to experience them. I will still post about them if I am able to!

Speaking of Membership Week ending, I’ve added another countdown widget to the sidebar, telling you guys how many hours are left until the Free Membership ends. Aw, 16 hours left… Oops, I accidentally miscalculated, I set it to 11:59 AM instead of PM (23:59), since WordPress uses a 24 hour clock, oops!


Comments on: "Anniversary Month Post #2" (51)

  1. Candykatx said:

    I won and only got 750 stars and everyone was really nice to me and they were saying “congrats” and good job and everything!


  2. Blurasxbery said:

    Oh hey you just posted this! And yea a lot of people were congratulating the people that won 🙂 it was so nice! So I joined in. Thanks for adding me.


  3. Susanღ said:

    Lol so much people are like “I NEVER WON” or “I WANT TO WIN”. I’m just staring at them thinking “What is the big deal? It’s not you won a million dollars or something”


  4. Susanღ said:

    And some treat the people like celebrities. haha


  5. --> fill in my name said:

    There was a newbie who won a raffle! :O congrats newbie guy! *applause* 😀 this is true


  6. Thanks for adding me in! Nice post as well. Describes the whole scenario perfectly.


  7. do you have to move the newbie to wherever you go?


  8. ….Umm how can we go to the emptiest server at night? The raffle is from 6PM-8PM FST, and plus, during the raffle, there IS no empty server. >.<


  9. Ada11812 said:

    It’s not really fair for me. I come home at 5:00 from school. I use pacific standard time, so it’s 8:00 pm for FST :(. I’m always super busy on weekends. I have to take lessons on Saturday and Sunday . It’s pretty impossible for me to enter a raffle :/.


  10. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    LOL prince_moomoo xD
    I’m surprised it wasn’t taken yet…


  11. MusicFan said:

    While I was on yesterday, I noticed all the servers that were full or almost full, updated fairly quickly, however the ones with fewer people kept getting stuck. After re-logging in server lots of times, I noticed that half of the servers before were gone. I think Fantage is still working some things out, but there are still done glitches. By the way, is it just me, or is the megaphone thing REALLY annoying? The message practically covers the entire top right of the screen, and the messages are really stupid. Why do you need a megaphone to say “maybe next time”. -____-


  12. lottie17 said:

    Lol Prince_Moomoo


  13. Susanღ said:

    For the expert thing, you don’t need to move around. (I’m too lazy to auctually help ha)


  14. --> fill in my name said:

    *kisses* mem week 😦 it’s over soon Waaaaaa!


  15. rayya mohammed said:


    On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 7:40 PM, “ƒαɳƚαɠҽνιℓℓҽ”


  16. I call hacks on the raffle. I was on Papaya Poodle when the 6:00pm raffle took place.
    This girl won: http://tinypic.com/r/a4bq11/8
    And I checked all over Uptown for her. Guess what? I couldn’t find her avatar O_O
    There were three people with the Rakoon hat in Uptown, and none of them had the username mellos123.


  17. princess_moomoo, remember me? on the day when we were all next to prince__moomoo? and it was on the spanish sever? Lool nice lovely post, thats why you was brb for a long time xD ~kid12348


  18. Anonymous said:

    is the only prize ecoins and stars? Is Fantage going to give us stars?


  19. Oh that’s why they did not give out the ipad mini’s.


  20. THe april premium gift. It’s still usable for me.


  21. Moomoo- Here’s a little thing I’ve noticed. In the summer of 2013 I was PM and when I became non, I couldn’t wear the monthly items. Now, I guess you can… ;P


  22. I’m Central Time Zone, actually. 🙂


  23. I believe it says 9:54. 🙂


  24. Omg- The clock in the Star Café shows the time for the Central Time Zone! (Mine)
    I never noticed… Lol.


  25. Excuse me MooMoo but can you do a post on what the items are when you send somebody a gift? It’s 450 ecoins and I want to know if it’s worth it or not.


  26. Moomoo- Did you get my reply yesterday? It doesn’t seem that it was modified…


  27. you know some servers stay at 6:00 because its in a diff time zone :3 i was on fantage 12:00 FST with my friend and she won 100 ecoins :3 we were on tan iguana


  28. Honeychicken said:

    Its really annoying cause when the raffle starts of fantage its 8:00 here in australia and School starts at 8:00 for me >:(. Same with the parade, i’ve never joined one before


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