❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Looks like there will be TONS of new updates this month, so I will definitely be posting more than once. That’s why I will number all the posts 🙂

About Anniversary Month

The month of April is a grand celebration. Log in daily to find out what’s new!

First, you can buy the Anniversary Item at Downtown. For Members (pretty much everyone, since we’re all members now xD), it’s 2,500 ecoins/5,000 stars. Remember that if you buy any member item with stars, you won’t be able to wear it once you’re a non again.


There is also a huge giveaway! You don’t need to officially enter, if you meet the requirements, you are automatically in for the raffle.


Click here to learn more, from Fantage’s blog!

Free Membership Week

Everyone that joined before April 4, 2014 will get one free week of Premium Membership! If you were a non before this week, remember these things (if you were already a member, just skip this part):

  • Every member item you buy with stars this week will be greyed out once this week is over, since you will be returning to a non. This includes all Member clothing/accessories/board, pets, moodies, houses, etc.
  • If you level up a Member medal this week, the levels will be stored for when you become a Member again in the future. The only reason your level drops after you become a non again is because the Member medals are greyed out and don’t count if you’re a non.

Also, if you were a non, take advantage of this opportunity!! Here’s a list of stuff you should do:

  • Catch seahorses and level up your medal! There is a glitch: the max seahorse medal for nons is 50, but if you become a member and go to 200 (the max for mems), it stays at 200 EVEN IF YOU GO BACK TO A NON! BUT: make sure NOT to catch any more seahorses once you’re a non again, or it will automatically go back to 50. I accidentally did this T_T
  • Go to Top Model’s and receive your FREE Fashion Show Starter pack. Yes, you won’t be able to wear this once you’re a non, but it’s still cool to have it in your inventory 🙂 Click here for more cool things you can do inside the VIP Lounge at Top Model’s
  • Collect your free monthy premium gift at Downtown, between Le Shop and Stellar Salon! Yes, for those of you who have never bought membership, Premium Members get free monthy gifts, and some of them actually look pretty cool xD Again, you can’t wear this once you’re a non, but still cool item to keep.
  • Max some of your Member medals. They won’t show when you’re a nonmember like the seahorse medal, but you can still level them up in case you ever become a member again. This includes the Game medal (max is 94), Top Model’s Fashion Show, and Daily Quiz.
  • Level up super quickly by exchanging stickers with a friend. This cheat is on the How to Level Up Fast page. Speaking of which, check out some of the other things I have on there! 🙂
  • If you have a BUNCH of unused starred gems in Orion’s Rare Finds, use them up! Even if you don’t like the items, you can always sell them at Lucky Bob’s for stars. This will level up your Rarity Medal (which is a Member medal; it will be greyed out once you’re a non again). Thanks icyblue111 and ashla!
  • You can finally use the double star coupons while playing games (thanks ashla)! They only cost 5 stars each, but they DOUBLE the gems you receive. It’s a good idea to start the Cosmic Bingo after you get these coupons, so you can earn bingo chips while getting a bunch of stars 🙂
  • Do the Cosmic Bingo if you haven’t already! You get a free chip, you won’t have ANY ads, AND you get to use double star coupons.
  • I heard that there was a glitch for houses. Buy a member house with stars, sell the nonmember house at Lucky Bob’s, so when you’re a non again, the member house will stay. Not sure if this works! Thanks anonymous person on Ask!
  • Also, I heard from several comments that all skin tones and eye colors are free at The Palm (at the beach), check it out!

Fantage Comet – A New World

Looks like we will soon be able to play Fantage on our iPads/tablets soon, AND get exclusive prizes!


This is a bit unfair to people that don’t have any tablets, but I guess Fantage really wants to spread word of their game. Updates will be posted once this is released!

What’s Going On? Red Smoke Everywhere!

The red smoke has evolved! Click here for the update

If you look on the map, there are red smokepits on the Island, the Oasis, the Carnival, the Castle, the Wizard’s Domain, and Creature Area!

When you visit one of those areas, there will be a huge, scary-looking smoke pit.


My guess is that there might be a new mission soon! Either that, or an event. Be on the lookout for updates, I will post about it!



Become an Expert

Click here for the updated post once you’re done reading this section, I figured out how this works.

Go to Mt. Fantage to take a test and see if you have what it takes to become a Fantage Expert! You must have played for at least 30 days and be at least level 20 to take the test (obviously a newbie can’t be an expert).


Ok if you read my blog, then you will have what it takes. Because I’m gonna give you the answers right here 😀

How do you level up the Expert Fantagian medal?
Teaching beginners how to have fun in Fantage.

How do you add buddies?
Click “Add buddy” from their IDFone.

What does it mean when your text is red?
The chat was filtered and others cannot see it.

How do you hatch Pets?
Using the lamp and heater in your Barn.

Where do you get Rare Items?
Orion’s Rare Finds.

How do you get more Stars?
Playing games.

How do you ignore Fantagians who are being mean or rude?
Click “Ignore” from their IDFone.

How do you check another player’s Level?
Click on them to open their IDFone.

After you answer these questions correctly (you’re welcome), you will get a level 1 Fantage Expert medal and a tour guide costume (looks like a “sassy show-off costume” to me, but okayyyy!)


The medal guide says that the max for this medal is 10, and it is for both Nonmembers and Members! Which makes sense: some of us nonmembers are very expert.



Make sure notifications are on, just click on the desk at Mt. Fantage, the same place where you took the quiz.

Haha my only thought is, they should automatically make us bloggers Super Experts. Because who knows more about Fantage than us?

And that’s all for this post! It was super long, but there will be MORE coming!

Comments on: "Anniversary Month Post #1" (83)

  1. Can’t you just use a spare account to “ask for help” from your main account?


  2. I also guessed there we’re be a new mission.


  3. I’m so happy that I saw you on Fantage! Thanks for adding me back! Jade and I were pretending to be “real” bodyguards for fun. xD We got 5 customers but they all fired us after a few minutes. I think we were freaking them out.


  4. Most of the items in Le Shop have lower prices than before… now I regret buying stuff for 1400 stars when they now cost like 140.


  5. Anonymous said:

    moomoo u should add that all the eye types and skin tones are free for everyone right now! 🙂


  6. I don’t really understand the experts thing; I have the notifications on, and I’m wearing the uniform, but when I went on my newly made account (like just now) to give “advice” to, there was no “help button” or anything? So I don’t really understand what we’re supposed to do…


  7. hahha my birthday is in april what a great surprise


  8. i think the non mem clothes/hair/boards in the shops have been like made wayyy cheaper cause i saw like a hair i bought for like 1700 stars was being sold as 500 stars


  9. About the house thingy your welcome cx
    Though not sure if this still works…I tried it afew months ago soo xc


  10. Lacey1326 said:

    It looks like the newbie beginner cutscene when you register for a new account has been changed, it’s 10x shorter and stuff, but doesn’t show you how to navigate around, etc.


  11. For the expert thing, it DOES work, you just have to be a new person.
    I made a new account, and it had an “Expert” button on the top-left, and I could ask one of the experts to give my new account a tour of Fantage
    I guess you have to actually be new to ask for a tour


  12. SugarSugar said:

    Omg! I can’t believe this but Le shop, Loco boards and Stellar sallon’s items have all gone WAY cheaper! Post about this please!


  13. Will our mem eyes change after we become back to a non-mem?


  14. Only beginners can see the “Call and Expert Button”. To level up, you need to get someone to call you for help and then end the tour. (I Think the newbie has to rate the tour guide helpful in order to get full credit)

    Try it on a spare account, it works well.


  15. For the expert thing the newbie has a expert button on their top left and they click it. then they would choose a person they want to tour them and that person gets a notification at the top of the page. The person who is touring will get a botton on their top left and click it and click to tour the person or not. It also tells where you can meet the person. I igured this about by making a new account -smith883


  16. blurasxbery said:

    I made a new account, and I found out they updated how you made a new account too 😀 I used it to ask for help from my main account and I got up to 18 levels!


  17. shakira said:

    it has be new account created today. then expert button shows to the new account. they request your name then you give the tour.


  18. About the free prize for being a membership during the free membership week,
    are we able to keep it after the week is over?


  19. i made a new account, and asked myself for a tour. and i clicked yes, and did a few suggestions. and clicked end tour and leveled up 🙂


  20. jemmie12345 said:

    I just got the level prizes from the vending machine thing. I know it won’t stay, but whatever. Also, I don’t think the house thing will work. It’s probably the same as clothing where you aren’t allowed to sell it,


  21. Oh my god, it’s like they listened to your posts! Someone mentioned like Free Membership for a week or so and giveaways and new worlds and missions, etc. Thanks Fantage!


  22. Reblogged this on Just.Chat.Fantage and commented:
    Oh my gosh, it’s like they listened to us! Free Membership for a WEEK? Awesome, thanks Fantage!


  23. Lacey1326 said:

    MooMoo! I just bought a mem house and sold my old non mem house at Lucky Bob’s! I think I will get to keep it! ❤


  24. you could get all of the level up prizes and sell them later


  25. Once when I was playing on a nearly empty server I got a notification from a newbie. Afterwards next o explore on the left hand corner was an ‘experts’ sign… 😕


  26. For the expert thing my friend told me that it should show next to the Tour button. You cannot click or see it if you are a member. Meaning you can only use it if you joined after 4/3/14. Also, to level up, after you help someone you click end tour. The person that requested for help then gets a pop up asking if “blah” was a good expert. If yes, then you level up, if not, then nothing happens. Hope this helped.


  27. If you buy something for your Idfone using stars and when you become a non again, will it go change back to default or stay?


  28. How do you get membership I’m really confused about all this…


  29. I think the dark things are part of an event. Please post once you find out what they are!


  30. Great grammar! *cough* VERY EXPERT *cough again*


  31. Does the pet locked items stay if you bought your pets with stars?


  32. I wore all the cosmic bingo items, but nothing happened!


  33. Uhhhh how does the Fantagian Expert medal even work? It doesn’t do anything!!!
    When my “pupil” plays the game I tell them to, I lose contact with them. Then, the tour is pretty much over. How do I earn levels from that thing?


  34. Moomoo, the free pm monthly gift thing. Im a non now but I can still wear it!!! 🙂


  35. Anonymous said:

    Since I’m a mem I got to choose a SS item today! I chose the cape not the long blond hair because I might want to make a Fantage frozen it’s caroline2854 on my sister’s computer.


  36. Its stupid how you cant buy eyes with ecoins in fantage at all now. i’m soo mad.


  37. twinkie432664 said:


    I’m having problems with the expert thingie. My account is OVER 30 days old and I’m WAY over level 20 and every time I try to take the expert quiz, I can’t do it? I tried contacting Fantage about this but of course, they never replied. -__- I tried asking my friends if they had this problem and they fixed it, they said it worked just fine for them. Do you think there is anything else I can do? (Sorry for my long comment)


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