❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

April Fools Event

Some feedback forms suggested that I include my opinion for all event posts, while some said that I should shut my mouth and keep it to myself (ever heard of freedom of speech??) ._. To satisfy both sides, I will leave all opinions at the end of the post. The main post will not be biased or opinionated. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t read the bottom section! Ah, I love compromises. Make sure to change your vote to a thumbs-up on the Speak Your Mind page if you think this has solved the problem!

Limited Item Cart as usual at Uptown and Downtown. This time, there are only 5 items.


Premium Members get 50% off of everything!


Last, everyone gets a free prize on March 31 and April 1st at 5 PM FST! Nonmembers get 1 prize on each day, Premium Members will get 2.

Don’t know how to convert your time? Don’t want to do the math to figure out how much time is left? Just look at my sidebar, I made 2 countdown timers!


Just check it to see how much time is left! How convenient ^_^

Once the prizes are released, I will post a picture below



I’m hoping– no. I’m EXPECTING for them to actually release some games and tasks. It’s inexcusable to just make a limited item cart and 2 free prizes, and then call it an “event.”

I also don’t understand this “free prize at 5 PM” thing. I guess it makes the prize more rare, since not everyone will be able to get it, but what about the kids that don’t understand time zones? I also wish that they would clarify what time it ends. 6PM? 11:59 PM?

Until games and tasks are added, I am going to rate this…


Comments on: "April Fools Event" (20)

  1. Do we have to be online at 5 pm fst? because i’m pst, so i’m three hours behind…i’m at school at 5 pm fst, idk.


    • 5 PM Fantage time, which is the time on the eastern coast of United States.
      You don’t need to calculate anything, I’m pretty sure the counter on the sidebar already calculated it. No matter what time zone you’re in, there is still the same amount of time remaining for all of us.


  2. Fill in me name said:

    For the st Patricks It still gave me the prize when I didn’t login 5pm FST.


  3. Fill in me name said:

    They didn’t do the shop upside down, flood in uptown thing this year. And the NPCs not pranking us this year


  4. ~ ♡ ✿ ☯ ⓚⓐⓣ ☯ ✿ ♡ ~ said:

    Thats like two o clock pm for me. STILL AT SCHOOL???


  5. what bout this level up medal event? is it permanent forever. it costs bunch ecoinz I don’t have. so, only people bunch ecoinz can level up that event?


  6. Starburst said:

    This is a very boring event. I hope they add to it!


  7. [] Cupcake_Sparkles [] said:

    I honestly think fantage can do way better than this for an event I also agree with the games and challenges and also they should make limited items cheaper i mean seriously? the jester outfit is 10,000 stars and they should make more and better limited items I honestly think fantage didn’t even try


  8. I think you can log in maybe a day after that or something and still get it because for the St. Patrick’s day item thing, I logged in the next day and I still got the hair. Oh and I just noticed that you deleted my from your buddy list. 😮


  9. I’m a member and I’m not crazy about premium members getting two free items.


  10. Actually, I wasn’t on at 5 PM and logged on at 8 PM then got the mini car board yesterday. Strange.


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