❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Recent Updates

Angela’s stuff, if she wants to add anything, will be in blue. Whoohoo for collaboration!

Fantage Movie Contest

Fantage is holding their 3rd movie contest! I most likely will not be able to join this one, but maybe you can give it a shot! Here’s the information sign:


To shoot your movie, you can use the temporary wardrobe to wear any clothing! Just go inside any of the 3 stages and click the wardrobe button on the top left corner.


Don’t know when an item was released? Click here for our all items list! Remember that you can go to February 2014 for the Lucky Bot Items, including the awesome Elsa cape and the Lucky Scepter that makes you grow when you wave! 😀


Remember to upload your video to YouTube and send the link to contest@fantage.com before Tuesday, March 18! Good luck! ❤

Germ Busters Event

This event goes from March 13 – March 19.

germ busters event info

To do anything, you need one of the items below from Orion’s Rare Finds. I put the gem combo you need below it.


You do NOT need those super rare items to do this event. I’m doing perfectly well with the nonmember one, the Super Soap.

To level up, walk up to someone that has the pink cootie thing above their head and wave to cure them. Sorry, you’re not supposed to wave to those big pink floating things!! I didn’t read directions xP

This event is VERY much worth doing. The maximum level is 30, and you can get there in no time. This medal is for nonmembers!


Levi Heichou would be proud ;3

Taken from anaterma.tumblr.com


“Special” Speech Bubbles

Now for premium members, your speech bubble will stand out in the crowd. This is just another luxury that you get if you become a premium member today!

chat update

Not that you should become a Premium Member just for this… I think this works pretty well for us nonmembers.


In case you didn’t know, if you type “uqly” into the chat box, it will automatically turn into “awesome.” You can make your chat bubble super big this way 😀

Squeaky Shoe (??)

Disappointed that Flappy Bird is gone? Well, Fantage has released the fantastic, totally-not-copied-from-Flappy-Birds game called Squeaky Shoe! Lets give Fantage another round of applause for Fantage copying an iPhone/Android game!

*slow clapping*

So if you have an iPhone or Android, you can go ahead and download this game.

*giggles* Omg I’m still laughing from that Levi gif…

Free St. Patrick’s Day Item

Phew, just got to post this in time! Tomorrow (Monday) at 5 PM Fantage Time, everyone gets a free gift. If you don’t know what Fantage time is in relation to your time, just check the Fantage clock at Pet Town, right of Pet Academy.


Get the prize right now! You can get it starting from 5 PM FST, not sure when it ends, but it’s 5:21 right now and I still got it. Nonmembers get a green hair, members get a cute looking shirt


Fantageville Update

Did you guys like the non-Fantage related humor in this post? I did it because so many people on the Tell Us What You Think page have been requesting non-Fantage related fun stuff, and fun stuff in general. Let me know what you think! Sorry if you didn’t get the joke!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m planning to create a BUNCH of brand new pages next week, if I have time! Keep updated!

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  1. Too lazy to think of a name said:

    Lol the gif looks cool. 🙂


  2. Leviiiiiiii . HERMIONEEEEEEEEEE


  3. LOL Levi ❤ the magical cleaning fairy


  4. Fantage, like, hates nons. Im a non….


  5. ♔*:- ρнαηтσмнινє °-:*♔ said:



  6. You can also type “ughy” over and over in the chat box


  7. Too lazy to think of a name said:

    For the *slow clapping* thing are those people Europeans in some kind of concert?


  8. lol whos that person? on the thingy cleaning the window or something


  9. the green hair looks weird


  10. what does Your comment is awaiting moderation. mean?


  11. Yeah! Princess.. I Love your Site U changed it And i am so happy Specially For *Slow Clapping*
    Another Things For leveling up Both Mems and nons: Playing Bach Fashion Show Will Help in leveling up! Well i am sorry if u know this already !


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