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4th FV Games Results

I forgot to tell you guys the answers for task 2 and 3! Scroll to the bottom 🙂

Hi guys, got back from my 1 week break! I am proud to say that I’m all caught up with my homework, so time to blog again!

I’m sure you FV Games contestants have been waiting for this (sorry I’m so late!) so here’s the post! I will be making a huge Fantage updates post after this as well, so stay tuned!


Task 4 FreeRice scores have been entered. I screenshotted everyone’s score from our FreeRice page on Sunday, March 9, 3:50 PM FST. Yes, the task was supposed to have ended a bit earlier, but I forgot, and Daylight Savings Time confused everything. So I gave you a couple of extra hours [: The screenshots are below, if you want to see what I based your scores off of.

Again: Task 4 score = grains earned ÷ 100. If your name was greyed out, your score is the same, but minus 15.

The winner, who has a whopping total of 4735.8 points for all four tasks, is…


I sorted all contestants’ on the spreadsheet in order from highest score to lowest, so you can see what place you were in!

Latida18, just email me what $5 gift card you would like from Gifthulk. I once got my giftcard in 5 hours from Gifthulk, they are super fast, so it won’t take any time at all!

To all other contestants, thanks so much for joining! It doesn’t matter if you didn’t win, because, unlike any other contest, you helped people in the real world by playing! You can continue to help earning grains on freerice any time you want! I will be putting a link of our freerice page on this blog, so everyone can help!

(For Latida)
☑ Choose ($10 iTunes)
☐ Trade ($5 Amazon)
☐ Receive ($10 iTunes)

(For all contestants)

Sorry I forgot to release the answers for the tasks!

For Task 2, the bonus picture was from the Summer Picnic Bash post. Good job to everyone that found it!

For Task 3, here are all the corrected mistakes:


Some of you were VERY close, you just missed the part for italicizing Macbeth! Italics are used for full works, quotes are for parts of a work. e.g. a poem name would be put in quotes, while a book name would be italicized (or underlined, if you’re writing it by hand).

Also, it should be whom, not who, click here for an explanation.

The rest of the corrections are self-explanatory.

Thanks for reminding me in the comments!

Comments on: "4th FV Games Results" (14)

  1. The 4th FV Games was an exciting competition, and now it’s over. :(. I would like a $10 iTunes card and I’ve already ordered a $5 Amazon Card… Sadly, I have to wait for 7 days (Max). I’ll email you when it arrives. They wanted me to verify using my phone ==”.


  2. Ermmm Can you post about Task 3? (:


  3. Good job Latida! 😀


  4. Can you reveal the mistakes for the paragraph in Task 3? 😀


  5. Congratulations Latida


  6. Starburst :) said:

    Congratz on winning, Latida18!


  7. Good Job Latida!


  8. what are those pages


  9. pandiithepanda said:

    I can’t wait for more of these to come out~~


  10. Latida was the literally one of the first friends I have ever met on Fantage 🙂
    I’m so happy for her!


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