❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Balloon Craze and Bingo #2

For the Balloon Craze, just click here for  last year’s. IT’S THE EXACT SAME THING, WOW. And puh-lease, it was NOT the most popular event of 2013. Our 2013 post has a map of the maze, as well as directions for how to play the game. Remember that the only difference is the ticket booth this year.


For Bingo #2, I really don’t know if I can do tips every single week… 16 games… That’s a lot.

How about this. If you are having trouble with a certain game, comment, and I will post tips on here.

Here’s a screenshot of the board, so you can refer to it when you’re in the middle of playing.


If this is the first time you’ve played Bingo, you might want to check out our post from the first Bingo game, click here


Comments on: "Balloon Craze and Bingo #2" (56)

  1. I agree with you! This was Not the Most Popular Event of 2013! Thanks for making this post!


  2. Cool post MooMoo!!


  3. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Wait, can you please post a tip for Jelly Shuffle? ITS MY LAST ONE X(


  4. I’m having trouble playing the game, Art Smarts.. It keeps on stopping at 99%. So.. I was wondering if you were having the same problem as I was.


  5. Bellosnowy said:

    People are not creative these days. 😦 >.<


  6. Hi, I’m struggling with Totally tubular and stained glass. Any tips?


  7. Fantage did 150 ecoins this time and it is 6 squares for 900 ecoins and good enough for 1 lucky bot spin! Oh wow fantage


  8. lottie17 said:

    Wow, what happened to Fantage? They’re so lazy that they are using last year’s events and saying stuff like, “the most popular event of 2013 is back for an encore!” We’re not dumb fantage, anyone can see what your really doing.


  9. I need help with Stained Glass. I can’t get very many points and it’s the only square left I need.


  10. … for Totally Tubular I can’t seem to get pass 3000 points. Do you have any tricks or tips for me? I’m stuck on that mission… Fantage just wants to me to be tempted to buy the board…


  11. MooMoo your not the only one turning a non member in this space of time..



  12. Anonymous said:

    I am so upset right now. I was saving my UGC to buy ecoins today but someone used my code. I wanted the hot air balloon costume and now i cant get it .


  13. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    You hardly to write anything since it’s the same event from last time…


  14. To the person who’s card didn’t work, the stores to let you return them, but just tell them what happened and that you didn’t use it yet. Same thing happened to me before


  15. I have problems with the Stained Glass… its so hard…


  16. Chocolatesprinkles said:

    Hi Moomoo i love your blog i have some trouble with bingo #3 and the games are Bobo fish, stained glass, and word up thanks!


  17. Starburst :) said:

    I dunno if this is just happening to me, but suddenly there are a load of random ads all over fantageville. Some of them are also VERY inappropriate. This has never happened to me before, is it new?


  18. Selina Xu said:

    Ugh! I need help with bricks breaking!! I can’t get 48,000!!


  19. What about the theater OoO


  20. Excuse me MooMoo but are you going to post something about the new cosmic bingo?


  21. Starburst :) said:

    When are you posting about Theatre Week on fantage?


  22. Pleaseeeee help on how to get 10,000 points on Fruit Stack.


  23. Too lazy to think of a name said:

    Are you good at recoloring your avatar?


  24. The Balloon Craze Event prizes in the ticket booth are REALLY expensive! I wonder if it came from the taxes from the Trade n’ Sell…


  25. My favourite event of 2013 was “Fast in the Future”.


  26. princess moo moo, can u try to not say any rude words. just say the b word not say the whole word….. children go on this log right???


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