❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Cupcake Conundrum

Princess_MooMoo is done updating

Limited Item Cart

They have some pretty awesome-looking items this time! Remember, all Members get discounts on the 3 items on the bottom.



Valentine’s Card

Click on this sign at Downtown to design your own Valentine’s Day card


Click start and start designing! You can design all 3 sides: the back, the inside left, and the inside right. Drag over the stickers from the right to decorate.


Click finish when you’re done, to print. I recommend asking your parents first; color ink is SUPER expensive, I doubt they will be very happy that you printed it without their permission.

You can also just take a screenshot of it and send it through email. Who uses snail-mail these days?


Gift Your Friends

This is just like the gifting thing in the Christmas Holiday Blowout event!

Click on the GIFT icon on the top right corner of the screen (next to the Daily Spin button)


Choose one of the 4 gifts and send it to someone near you, or a friend


Also, they cost a LOT more now. 1000 stars/500 ecoins each. These are nonmember items, so DON’T waste your ecoins on them!


Also remember, like last time, that these are furniture. The first 2 are indoor furniture, and the last 2 are outdoor furniture. Just edit your home, and it will already be in your home furniture.

You will know if you received a gift, because a notification will pop up at the top of the screen.

I LOVE the furniture, so pretty! Yes, I did put a gazebo on my roof, so? :3


If you can’t convince people to buy them for you, just use some spare accounts. You can try the ones on the Nonmember Accounts page.

Chocolate Fountain

Same fountain as the one from the Chocolate Challenge event and a couple of other ones that I can’t quite remember.

It’s at the Carnival, so yummy looking! Walk into it and you will temporarily turn into a delicious snack.


I’ll just reuse the screenshot, here are all the costumes you can turn into!


To try on a new one, leave the Carnival and just come back. To take it off, just leave the Carnival.

Cupcake Chaos 2


To play, go inside Star Cafe! For those of you wondering what Cupcake Chaos 1 was, it was from the Chocolate Challenge Event.

Looks like it’s the exact same game, they didn’t bother designing a new one. Which is lucky for me, I don’t have to explain it again xD Click here and scroll down to the “How to Play Cupcake Chaos Mini Game” part if you forgot how to play. I’m so glad I got to reuse those instructions, I spent a lot of time on them.

You get tickets for playing (not that much, unfortunately), which means, of course, there will be a ticket booth (explained later).

The cupcakes look so TASTY!!

Not sure why they titled it Cupcake Chaos 2 if it’s the exact same game… It’s like having a movie “2” but it’s the same as “1”…

Frosting Fuss


This game is also inside the Star Cafe. Here are their instructions:


Not that complicated, you just have to dodge the glowing red stuff and collect tickets. If a red ! shows up on the bottom right, then an obstacle is gonna fly at you, so be ready to jump.


I’m not gonna go too much in depth, I’ll leave you to explore yourself.

Ticket Booth

Click on the ticket icon at the top right side of your screen to view the prizes, or just visit the booth at the Carnival.

Here are the prizes! There are no nonmember ones, except for the extremely expensive medal (level 10 for nonmembers, level 20 for members). If you want to buy any item, even before the release date, you can, using ecoins. The medal cannot be bought.



I might do something like this for future posts 🙂 Just my opinion on the event.

And this event is completely copied from the Chocolate Challenge Event… I even mentioned it twice in this post, to refer to it!

But, because I am completely obsessed with food and virtual food (yum), I’m pretty pleased with this event

★★★★ 4 star rating out of 5 🙂

Comments on: "Cupcake Conundrum" (37)

  1. It’s released on my bday! 🙂


  2. I feel stupid asking this but whats a conundrom?


  3. Hmm..so if Cupcake Conundrum…and conundrum means riddle…they’re might be a riddle with cupcakes involved? lol ok that doesn’t clear much up but I hope they have cool prizes and gifts whatever they are…and it’s about time Fantage makes an interesting event, unlike the totally boring ones they made the last few weeks!


  4. This had better be a good event which will keep me entertained for the holidays. 0_o


  5. Bellosnowy said:

    It’s gonna be released in the afternoon. Well that’s for me.


  6. They finally released this event and it’s (finally) not boring, (well, mostly not boring)! It’s similar to the Chocolate Challenge event. There’s a chocolate fountain and the Cupcake Chaos 2 game(except you can get extra points). And there’s Frosting Fuss…and…better prizes at the ticket booth! Still kinda boring…but better than the last few events Fantage made. Oh, and you can send gifts (aka Valentine Furniture) to your buddies and make a (boring) Valentine card. I didn’t even try the card thing, it seems so lame and useless unless you didn’t make Valentines yet. So yeah, that’s basically it for now. Oh wait! Before I forget…some prizes at the ticket booth are the same prizes from the Chocolate Challenge event! Boy are they related!


  7. is it just me
    or are the limited stuff getting more and more expensive


  8. Can you show the ticket booth prizes and happy Valentine’s


  9. ~αѕнℓα~ said:

    At least this time, they didn’t rub Michelle and Squirrel-haired Zach in our faces…speaking of Zach, they didn’t really do anything special with him at all? all they did was let him date a few people then shove him into the corner of fantage >.<


  10. Bellosnowy said:

    I’m so confused why it’s called Cupcake CONUNDRUM. And how’s it a riddle? I just like the furniture that you can give. 😀

    Why are the limited items so expensive! >.<


  11. There’s literally no free stuff this year. I remember before, they’ve ALWAYS had some free gift on V-day, like a tee or something. And I can’t believe there’s no prizes at the ticket booth for non members. UGH.


  12. Finally, a Fantage event that might acutally be good in 2014!


  13. Hey MooMoo & Angela!
    Sorry for commenting the 3rd time here…lol. I think it’s called “Cupcake Conundrum” because of the event movie? I didn’t watch it yet but maybe that’s the reason. And for the “Cupcake Chaos 2” I think it has the 2 at the end because that Cookie Guy (or whatever his name is, lol) is now a customer, and it seems like you get bonus points if a customer’s order bubble is outline with yellow and if you give him/her the correct cupcake. Also, what house do you own? It’s pretty and reminds me of a fairy’s home somehow. 🙂


  14. Do mems get special discounts at vintage???? And i was gonna say tht its not better to buy stuff with ecoins now i mean stars are waaaaay easier to get than ecoins. And so like you should just become a mem. 😀 so when your membership runs out and you lose your starred items you can just go back to your inventory and buy it with ecoins. ( yes u can do tht ) thats how i bought a premium monthly thing with ecoins. :DDDDD


  15. If tns comes back do u guys think ppl will treat items as worthless things or things with alot of value? How much do u think red gyms will be hm? My guess is laik 50,000 dtars/25,000 ecoins wat u think


  16. Since I have a touchscreen computer, so every time I play the Cupcake Chaos, I get like 100 tickets (which means I get tickets MUCH more faster…) teehee


  17. Bellosnowy said:

    Ugh. Fantage is getting outta control with membership! I can’t play single player games. 😦
    It said PMs don’t get ads. And I can’t press yes for playing single player games. 😦


  18. Bellosnowy said:

    Fantage is no longer creative……………………. Their lazy. ❤


  19. derpyderpette said:

    actually… i think that it’s called ‘cupcake conundrum’ because of the stuff that happens in the event movie. .__.;;
    if you watch the movie there’s a whole thing about how molly’s cupcakes were all ruined and stuff. so maybe that’s why??


  20. Bellosnowy said:

    Playing cupcake chaos isn’t a waste of time. If you get your score to 4500 you will get 63 tickets! And I miss the the stampbook thing. It’s easier than buying the medals with tickets. Wonder why they stopped that. 😦 I wouldn’t waste my time for buying the medal with tickets. But I did. 😦 😦 Waaaaaa!


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