❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Winter Freeze Event Part 2

Click here for Part 1

Sorry this was late, school has been very stressful lately.

Limited Item cart at the Beach, Uptown and Downtown


If you want to play the Mini Game, you have to buy a Bobsleigh helmet (safety first!)

Surprisingly, the nonmember helmet is limited, and it only costs 200 stars!! I’m pretty sure there is no different between the nonmember and member helmets for the game, there’s no advantage to buying the member one, unless you think it looks better. I wouldn’t wear a helmet anyway.

Also, it seems that there’s a new “Premium Member discount” thing going on. Just another method to convince you to buy membership. And of course this happens right after my membership expires xP


To play the Bobsleigh mini game, click on the sign next to the Limited Item Cart at the beach:


You must be wearing one of the bobsleigh helmets to play. Then, you can join one of the games (this is a group game). I’m guessing you need to have at least 4 people to play, 2 per team.

This game is boringly easy, I don’t even know how you can possibly lose. There are only 2 buttons you need to press: right and left keys.

Either a left or a right arrow will appear. Press the one that–ok why am I even explaining this, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE understands this… If you get it wrong, the little button turns red and your team is dragged behind. If you get it right, the little button turns green, and your little team gets to make the turn successfully.

Freeze6 Freeze5

You really cannot lose this. Like, I was repeatedly trying to get a screenshot of getting the key wrong (oops sorry teammate), and we still got 50 or so tickets in the end.


Oh, tickets? That must mean there’s a ticket booth. Yay.

Click the ticket icon at the top of the screen to see the prizes. Thankfully, there’s no medal that costs like 5000 tickets.


And I guess I could mention the Cosmic Crests updates… Though I think it’s made obvious enough by the signs (sorry for the lazy posts recently, I’ve been focusing on the FV Games and the feedback that you guys have given us). Just stand next to someone with the same color crest, and wave, something special will happen. I might get a screenshot later.

You can also buy a matching staff at the Grotto, for a very big price xC

Comments on: "Winter Freeze Event Part 2" (21)

  1. Cool 🙂 first comment! Awesome work as always MooMoo!


  2. The hair from the Ticket Booth looks so cute! I bought it, and it’s really worth it. c:


  3. Bellosnowy said:

    Actually I lost once……….
    Cause of a team mate. 😦


  4. I want the hair from the ticket booth, but eh, I can’t get it.
    Also, I think the events are getting less and less fun.
    There’s events straight after events…


  5. Angela princess_moomoo please can anyone help? Some has been getting on my account and wasted all my stars for the Heart Tee at Vintage!!! I was saving up for the V-Day Heart Shirt and it said someone has been getting on my account. Ihave screen shots too! I really really want my money back cause if my parents find out they won’t give me birthday money for membership and ecoins! Haven’t you’ve ever been treated badly cause your not a mem? It makes me feel sad! And if i change my password my parents will see in their email! Please email fantage and tell them about this. It would mean alot to me!!!!! My account is Princess_817 and i really need help. I had 12,559 stars then had 2,559 left when i last got on! Please help me anyone out there who would want the same


  6. awesome poo said:

    hi . your website is awesome . wheres the bot man.
    you got any member accounts


  7. Did you know there’s Cosmic Crest wands, too, that show your crest? It sparkles when you wave and jump. But other than that, it’s not really interesting. (They’re for premium members or for nonmembers with eCoins.)


  8. Bellosnowy said:

    I thought there was gonna be a medal but not. Phew!


  9. Bellosnowy said:

    I wish fantage has an event fantage had never had before. It would be awesome! 😀


  10. fyi, when two people both wearing a Comic Crest moodie wave at the same time, circles come around the moodies and go away when the people are done waving. Not really interesting. :/ Oh, and they finally released the Cupcake Conundrum event! Yay!


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