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Daily Spin and Fashion Show

Daily Spin Update


I’ll make this quick, because the star of this post is the Fashion Show updates.

New item prizes (all recolors), 200 star prize instead of 20, 50 ecoin prize instead of 20, and each additional spin costs 100 instead of 50 (don’t buy the spins… come on… you get a free one EVERY DAY)


Fashion Show Updates

WARNING: If you are a nonmember Fantage blogger and you are in need of screenshots of the VIP Room, do NOT take mine without permission; I think the big copyrights are an obvious-enough warning. If you do, you will be forced to remove them in the end, don’t try it. Just ASK. Do not assume that I gave you permission.

I could have sworn that my membership expires today, but I guess it’s tomorrow! THANK GOODNESS! Now I get to show you all the VIP updates!

Everyone can get a free Starter Pack! Go to Downtown and click on this sign. Then click Get all!


These 10 shirts and 10 boards will be added to your inventory, whoohoo!


Next is the VIP room. Sadly, this is for members only. Don’t worry, nonmembers, I’ll be joining you in a day, my membership expires tomorrow I think.

Thankfully, I’ll be able to show you screenshots while my membership lasts!

Members, to visit the VIP room, go through this entrance inside Top Models…


Here we are! Nonmembers, this is what the full room looks like (without the red boxes and copyrights of course). It took me forever to edit this so nobody is in it, and to connect the two pictures. Click to enlarge!


Let me explain the 4 things I’ve boxed in red.

1. Fashion Show Consultant

This is something that we’ve needed for a long time now: to see what items are worth the most points in a fashion show. You can use this (Zoe’s Fashion Consulting) to see how many points you would have scored in a real Fashion Show Round if you were wearing the items you’re wearing now.

Before you start, decide on a theme, then dress up. Then click on Zoe.


Choose a color and add a style if you want. I chose blue and fantasy. Then click Rate My Fashion


So, if I was wearing this in a round, and the theme was Blue/Fantasy, I would have received a 6 star rating.

You don’t get any prizes for doing this, it’s just testing to see what score you would get. Pretty useful!

2. All-Access Dressing Room

Don’t know when an item was released? Click here for our All Fantage Items List.

If you go inside the VIP room, you will see a LOT of people with “popular” items, like Movie Star Hair. They’re all fakers, lol, they just use the All-Access Dressing Room.

It is literally all-access. You can try on any item you want!


Yes, that’s right, you can dress up as anything, including the stereotypical, spoiled, conforming Fantagian! (jk)


You will never see me dress like that again. I took it off immediately after I took the screenshot. It felt so wrong, to try and dress like the “popular” people. I did it just to make a point: you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on movie star hair or any other FGC, because anyone can wear them now.

Obviously, you don’t get to keep these items. They will come off after you click your inventory or leave the VIP room. I’m waiting for something to figure out a glitch :3

3. Bodyguard

We finally get to see how bodyguards work! In each server, there are only 5 bodyguard sets. If one of them is protecting someone, then they will not be available to anyone else unless someone beats the high score.

This is good for nonmembers to know as well, because they can get bodyguards too!



4. Exclusive Free VIP Items

I remember the old VIP Room had a free item too, but this new one has a BUNCH of free items!


I love these updates!

WARNING: If you are a nonmember Fantage blogger and you are in need of screenshots of the VIP Room, do NOT take mine without permission; I think the big copyrights are an obvious-enough warning. If you do, you will be forced to remove them in the end, don’t try it. Just ASK. Do not assume that I gave you permission.

Comments on: "Daily Spin and Fashion Show" (70)

  1. amberwgao said:

    Just a thing about the copyright – if you’re a non, still click on the VIP Room and when the sorry sign comes up, they have a video about it. It won’t have as much detail, but it still shows everything(I think).


  2. May i use your pictures for my blog i barley turned a non and will give you full credit


  3. jemmie12345 said:

    This stinks! Non members can barely get anything useful!


  4. Pannda_27 said:

    This is a stupid question but whatever. For the VIP items, if you turn into a non, can you still wear them? I might happen…


  5. Bellasnow777 said:

    I got the hair! But the items look so pink! 🙂 😛 😀 😦 😦


  6. UGGGG My Membership Litterally just ended YESTERDAY on 1/30/14 So thats my life and i REALLY wanted the bacon dress! xP
    But Great Update and i luv the colorful boards!


  7. Can I use the mem accounts on the vb pages?


  8. Where u wore movie star hair,was it a good feeling?


  9. I’m just wondering, i’ve been looking for this glitch for a long time. But it’s when u click the home button really quick if ur a non. But i’ve tried that many times and failed, do u have a way?? if so, plzzzzzz reply!!!!


  10. Hiii
    I’m a nonmember and I really want to use the formal VIP dress for editing and stuff…so can you please give me a non-edited screenshot for the formal dress? (If you check my clog you’ll see my friend and I barely post about Fantage’s events)


    • My membership expired the day after this was released Dx It’s greyed out now in my inventory…
      Does editing require the item to be in a white background? If not, you can try and find people wearing it around Fantage, I’m sure you can find someone 🙂 Or, just look around on other blogs, not everyone puts copyrights like me xD


  11. I always wanted that dress.Its the recolor of Formal Green Dress right?and before the Formal Green it was CashU outfit it looks the same except stripes.CashU is stripless pink frock with while polka dots and bow.Thanks for reminding me of the new Daily Spin.I was absent for somedays and I didnt knew that the Daily Spin was updated.


  12. wait….instead of 20? i think instead of 50


  13. For some reason, I keep getting 200 stars every time I do the free spin..


  14. I ♥ this blog. It’s so nice and neat and thorough and there’s always good pictures! And this post was really good, with all the pictures and everything. I think the new VIP is awesome! (But this blog is better of course lol.)


  15. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    Wow why is the fashion show so easy for me i got first place a lot yesterday the i got the bodyguards the same one that is D:


  16. Preciouskay1 said:

    I don’t get how they put a VG sign on some of the items.. Does it mean that they are going to sell it or its the most voted one?


  17. I think the glitch only works in people’s homes, because I have the mermaid outfit from the theater and its supposed to be underwater only right? Well when I go to my house or a party the house …. Hard to explain…. Kinda overrides the pop up to change. I’m not sure above the VIP clothes thogh cause im a non. I hope this works!


  18. ”1,076,511 Views! 1,075,000 by February?” you reached your goal before February ! Just BEFORE February to be exact ;D


  19. The good thing is that the free items in the VIP room are luxury as I’m collecting trendsetter items, because it’s the only thing I do on Fantage now except harvesting my crops….


  20. Bellasnow77 said:

    Fantage is getting boring now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😦


  21. Sakura Blooming said:

    Are the vip room items still accessible to wear even after one’s membership runs out? If not, is it possible to still ecoin the items?


  22. Omg we can buy premium monthly gifts with eCoins !!! I was so shocked !


  23. Anonymous said:

    You might want to change the hits counter on the sidebar. You already reached 1,075,000 hits :3


  24. YAY i got bodyguards for like a second…..


  25. Oh! Now I understand why everybody got those flying fantasy outfit thingy!
    But I have a question. I always get the SAME bodyguards every time I do get one. How come?


  26. Moo moo? Can u do ur inventory page


  27. ERMAHGERD I AM SO GLAD THEY GOT THE VIP ROOM AND CHANGED THE DAILY SPIN!!!!! (I go to my dad’s every other week, and my mom’s laptop is broken, so I miss out on a lot of cool events, but I’m going back to my dad’s house today so I definitely won’t miss this one, thank God!) Thanks for showing me, Princess_Moomoo!


  28. Bellosnowy said:

    Hi! Fantage is boring now and I like fantage to improve.:P


  29. I do notice that Fantage is giving a LOT of free stuff these days (especially the newbies),
    newbies get free stuff, then gems, then these clothing… I guess they want to give a better impression on the newbies like,”Fantage seems so nice! I might buy a membership…”


  30. Anonymous said:

    Ggggggrrrrrrr! I keep getting the stars! D: But I got the hair! I want the dress! 😦


  31. I was looking for fantage cheats and saw one that said how to get into the VIP room ( old one ) they tried but it didnt work for them but then i tried on my slow computer and it worked!!! Omg u guys should try it! 😀


  32. I still don’t like how fantage changed the wheel, I tried this with my spare account and whenever I spin I keep getting 200 stars or 50 ecoins. I try it with my main account, same thing. They maybe lowered down the chances on the wheel, to prevent some people to get the good stuff and get the lame junk. I’ve noticed this ever since they updated the wheel with the new “Recolors”. What’s next? Red bb on the wheel? And it costs 500 ecoins to spin again? ._.




  34. You said you membership ended is it okay if I ask, Does you level go back down to what it was before the premium membership or does it stay the same after the membership ends?


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