❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes in the comments and the other blog posts as well!

The Cosmic Crest update has been posted, just scroll down

Blog Anniversary

Fantageville is now 2 years old! xD Thanks for the happy wishes, WordPress!


And thanks SO much, sugarplum8888, for this amazing anniversary gift for the blog! She told me that she’s been working on it for a really long time, and I was really excited to see the final result ❤ It’s a collage of the stuff I love: Harry Potter, cows, British people (lol), phoenixes, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Asian food!


In fact, I felt so appreciative, that I am going to put her blog link below, to show my thanks 🙂


I, unfortunately, have not been working as hard as sugarplum, and I haven’t been able to finish my collage yet. I will make sure to reveal it as soon as I am done, thank you to everyone who sent their ID Fones!

Fantage Cosmic Crest

I thought that the moodies and boards were free for this mini event, and that we could each choose only one of each, but I guess I was wrong.

They aren’t free, and you can buy as many as you want.

To buy your Cosmic Crest, go to the Forest, go inside the Grotto, and click on Lily.


You can scroll through all of the different crests to choose the one(s) you like best. Fantage doesn’t know your birthday, so you can buy any moodie/board you want.


All moodies are 200 stars/100 ecoins, all boards are 2000 stars/1000 ecoins.

Once you buy them, you will find it in the Moodies section of your inventory.


Not sure if you want to buy it because you don’t know how it looks? Here it is:


Comments on: "FV’s Anniversary and Fantage Cosmic Crest" (55)

  1. Happy anniversary c:


  2. samrocks704 said:

    Yay first comment 🙂


  3. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    Happy anniversary!


  4. Long Blogging Journey for 2 years…Happy Anniversary Fantageville! 🙂


  5. ѕℓυѕнι ಠ_ಠ said:

    Happy blogiversary! e.e I’ve been blogging longer than most of the bloggers here I think except for eli cstar and jeff, and I just have like 30,000 view hah. but anyways, merry blogiversary


  6. I love Harry Potter too! And Happy Anniversary!


  7. Happy Anniversity!


  8. Reblogged this on Infinity British Fantage Owls and commented:
    Congrats Fantageville on your AMAZING 2 years here on WordPress! I wonder what your first post was…?


  9. ~αѕнℓα~ said:

    HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY! I can’t wait to see the finished collage 😀


  10. Congratulations, moomoo. Happy anniversary x)


  11. Im sorry! I couldnt remember my password for my old wordpress account! I made a new one! Here is a banner I made: http://prntscr.com/2n9xvo
    Seriously, only use it if you NEED to. It’s so rubbish!

    ~NathanPaiva19 (Previously know as: nathanpaiva051) 😉


  12. 7th comment i think or am i just pagging.. Well anyway happy anniversary : )


  13. Happy anniversary


  14. Happy second anniversary! I didn’t know about Fantageville until last year, when I started playing Fantage, and I didn’t follow it until a few days ago. Anyway, I hope you finish the collage soon!
    Btw I might want to get the fairy Cosmic Crest because Mylo is my favorite pet and she’s a fairy. 😉 But I’ll wait till you show all of them; I want to pick the one I like best.


  15. blurasxbery said:

    Happy anniversary! I love your blog xD Can’t wait for the collage!


  16. ♔*:- ρнαηтσмнινє °-:*♔ said:

    Happy anniversary~


  17. Woohoo moomoo! Hey, Moomoo, you know in the new ‘cosmos’ event, well, you can buy ALL the boards and moodies! I think that really good ❤ I'm a friken barnacle D: They're probably my least fave pets xD :3 Hope that helped (apparently I'm goofy!)


  18. I looked yesterday, you were doing your homework. Today, u r still doing ur homework.


  19. Anonymous said:

    Nice gift Moomoo! 😉


  20. Anonymous said:

    Moomoo, when will you take pictures of cosmic crests moodies and boards yet?


  21. LOL. When you first open the moodie thingy. The month that is shown is suppose to be the month you signed up. So… Fantage birthday, I guess.
    Happy Anniversary… it sounds like Fantageville got married… AAHAHAHAHAHA


    • Haha yeah, that’s what I keep on thinking, that’s why I used “birthday” at first instead.
      And yeah, I guess Fantage uses the birthday that you signed up under, but you can always buy any cosmic crest you want 🙂


  22. butterfly5343 said:

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Btw, the cosmic crest board is for premium members only.


  23. princess_starling said:

    typo. the board costs 1,000 ecoins, not 100.


  24. katy50312 said:

    The boards actually cost 1,000 e-coins, not 100 e-coins.


  25. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    Since the moodie crest thingy is for nons, why did you buy it with ecoins? Was it an accident or something?


  26. Happy 2nd Anniversary! And congrats MooMoo for level 1000+ ! I’ve been a member for 12+ months and still on level 500 -_- Almost on level 600 though! Thanks to my peppermint pines which I set an alarm clock to when it’s ready to harvest! xD Well the 2 new plants, Freezia and Peppermint Pine are for a limited time only, so I would make the most of it! I’ve gained 20+ levels from the new plants which is amazing.


  27. >_< Once again, Fantage releases another extremely dull "event".


  28. The moodies and boards are for everyone I think. My friend got it as a non-member and it didn’t cost any different than for members. Also, have you noticed that this is somewhat similar to the Chinese Zodiac? Rip-off much….? Just an assumption. What do you think?


  29. Aren’t the moodies so big?Also happy b-day xD


  30. dont like the moodies only wearing them because everyone else is -.-


  31. You watch attack on titan? I watch that anime too! 😀 I like Sasha (AKA potato girl)


  32. Happy 2nd Anniversary!


  33. Happy Fab second anniversary, Fantageville, princess_moomoo. Thanks for the updates on this event. I like cosmic crests a lot. It’s very creative and cheap items. Maybe we’re getting the old Fantage back. Yeaaah.


  34. Happy anniversary is the collage done xD


  35. Bellosnowy said:

    Is the collage done yet?


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