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Winter Freeze Skating Event

NOTE: Today in English class, we were satirizing (poking fun at) an exceptionally poor, amateur, senseless, etc. magazine article, so you will notice that I’ve carried some of the wittiness from that class into this post to poke fun at this “event.” Enjoy.

What is it with these impromptu events being released without any warning? I, personally, would like to have some form of warning before being hit with such an amazingly dull event.

And WHY is it released on Thursday? Why not wait a day, improve on it, then release it on Friday, when people actually have time to go on and play?

This event is so eventless, I’m not even going to use my normal Fantage event post format.

As always, there’s a limited item cart. Do the 3 “Special Items” costumes look familiar?


They should. In fact, I’d say you have short term memory loss if you didn’t recognize them, because this is the FOURTH (that’s right, FOURTH) time Fantage has used them. See the 2011-2013 All Fantage Items list if you don’t believe me: they were released in January 2012, February 2012, and December 2012, the only difference is the colors.

Apparently you can use these costumes at the Ice Rink, which is located at the Beach, as made VERY clear by this obnoxiously large sign, bobbing up and down.


Since I didn’t want to waste 6,000 stars on the costume just to tell you guys what would happen, I instead tried to observe other random people who were wearing the costume. It was pretty hard to find people who bought them, I guess most people are smart enough not to!

After seeing these people prance around with the costumes on the rink (thanks for being models, mhgoul and eryn6984, even though you didn’t even know I was taking pictures of you)…


…I’ve concluded that you can’t do anything special with the costumes, and they don’t give you prizes. I’ve also noticed that you can do the EXACT same thing with past ice skating costumes. This blue one was from December 2012 (thanks, random person randyp, for modeling)


In fact, if I’m not mistaken, you don’t even need to go to the rink to do all these dancing moves, you can do them anywhere on Fantage.


Instead, be creative and put together your own ice skating outfit, like I did!


Another slightly more useful part of this event are the 2 new, limited-time plants you can use in your farm. Click here if you haven’t read our farm information post.

Take advantage of this while it’s here, you might be able to reach the maximum Farm Medal level! These limited plants obviously produce more EXP in a shorter amount of time than the basic ones.

Some math/calculations, if you are interested: The peppermint produces 2 EXP per minute, and the freezia 8 EXP per minute. Yes, that does mean the freezia is a lot faster, but that also means you need more suns. If you are planning to be on your computer for several hours, then do the freezia. If you don’t want to stay on the computer, do the peppermint and come back in 2 hours to harvest.

Comments on: "Winter Freeze Skating Event" (48)

  1. They do tell us when theyre bout to do some events. If you go to the comet magazine they tell us what’s comin up. Last time they said that there was going to be a christmas dance thingut they havent done it. Most of the times they show some pics too! And i read they were gonna do the ice skating rink. Hope this helped ! 🙂


    • Oh I just look at the news bubble thing, I never read the comet. That’s where they usually announce the events.


      • I agree, princess. I would like some warning too about such an amazingly dull eventless non event. Boring. It’s so stale on Fantage now. They just recycle the old ice rink and don’t have to put forward any imagination to do anything eventful, fun, adevnturous and out of the box. It’s really sad what’s happening to Fantage ever since they decided to blame their problems on TNS rather than look in the miror and blame their creative laziness, lack of initiative and out of the box thinking for their financial problems. They keep cutting their servers down, but TNS was not the problem. If anything it was one reason many people stayed on so long. They need to create more adventures and fun stuff. They don’t get it. Selling things for 3 times the price and giving less items to gouge your shrinking client base is not a winning formula either. It’s an exponentially loser formula. Let’s see if they eventually get it before it’s too late.


  2. Layla Sahoobah said:

    SERIOUSLY, WHY CANT U GIVE AN NON MEMBER ICE SKATE COSTUME OR OUTFIT AND SKATES AND SHOES AND HAIR AND BOARD SERIOUSLY NON MEMBERS WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH THIS EVENT TOO REALLY im not trying to be mean but u should give non members awesome stuff too ok i love ur blog ur the best but non members want to have fun too so give them and me im a non awesome ice skate costume or anything awesome for non members ok seriously ok im not trying to be mean ok BYE LOVE UR BLOG AND UR AWESOME ANMD COOL BYE

    On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 7:36 PM, “ƒαɳƚαɠҽνιℓℓҽ” wrote:

    > princess_moomoo posted: “NOTE: Today in English class, we were > satirizing (poking fun at) an exceptionally poor, amateur, senseless, etc. > magazine article, so you will notice that I’ve carried some of the > wittiness from that class into this post to poke fun at this “event.” > Enjoy”


  3. Layla Sahoobah said:

    REPLY BACK TO ME OK reply back to me ok


  4. The farming really helped :). I decided to buy the costumes since I didn’t get a chance to get them. I saw you on Fantage today and I knew you were posting since u weren’t replying but I had to eat dinner before u were done lol. Also, tell me more about the magazine analyzing. Sounds interesting!


  5. Well I found out they are going to release the new VIP room! 🙂 In this new VIP room you can have some fashion show advice, see bodyguards’ status, use a new feature called the All-Access Dressing Room where you can try on any item in fantage, and finally you can get FREE VIP items……FOR FREE! I also read that all fantagians will be ble to get a Fashion Show Starter Pack in Downtown. You can check a sneak peak of the fashion VIP room in the Comet Magazine on fantage. I think it looks pretty cool……What do you think??? 😛


  6. amberwgao said:

    You have to love the two limited plants, though….they got me up 15 levels already. 🙂

    P.S. Love your ice-skating outfit.


  7. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    I was on when you were posting he he he remeber my username theresa7897


  8. THX FANTAGE FOR ANOTHER USEFUL EVENT =_=…..well i play another games since fantage run out of good idea….


  9. I kind of collect ice skating costumes, so i bought them. Oh, and BTW they cost 9,000 stars for me. D: I still bought them though.


  10. I though “Gosh, RIP OFFS or what.”
    Jeeze, I know I said something about a skating event but, man, even that was lame. I mean, If this was a lot more exciting then, suuuure, i wouldnt be bothered, but this is just the worst of the worst.
    Oh and frisky ~ 140,000 stars. We’re getting higher prices, but keep buying! (please, dont waste 140,000 stars on that, I bought 1 because its cute, not because lots of other people like it.)
    Oh and BIG SURPRISE! I won the fantage winter poem contest! Look ~
    >> I’m superstargirl1 http://tinypic.com/r/2pttd0n/5
    I was purely jumping for joy right here. More exciting than this event, right here!
    the only good part about this event was the awesome [L] plants! I think they’re pretty cool.
    😀 So, this is what happened in my week ): Havent done much else than buy a coat IRL because the other one had ripped and fail badly on a test – 31/40. (most people got 29, so i guess I did OK…)


  11. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    Actually, they did announce it before it was released. IF you go to the homepage, you’ll see a slideshow and it will say winter freeze, coming soon


  12. Great post as usual princess_moomoo. Great advice about the plants we have to use them as much as we can while they’re available to max out our farms. I already started using them and up to level 15. About the ice rink events, agree as usual. These limited carts are a real rip-off now. Fantage must be hurting bad for money. Their creativity is almost non existent, their so-called LIMITED carts are recycled items. To add insult to injury these DULL limited carts are THRICE as expensive as the good limited carts used to be, and we only get 1/5 the items we used to get. Their limited carts are a sad and pathetic joke, they’re not even humourous like your blog post. Great job on the information. The ice skating items are a joke, people shouldn’t buy them. They’re ridiculous and a disgusting rip-off from the past.


  13. Yeah this event is pretty lame.. But cool idea about the making your own costume thing! Creative! And I appreciate your sarcasm (:


  14. Sakura Blooming said:

    About he recolors: the past recolors of the skating costumes weren’t that bad (actually, the pink one with black hair released last year is my favorite). But this year’s….ugg. The green one is okay, but the other two…WHAT WAS FANTAGE THINKING? Did it ever go into their heads that those recolors look HIDEOUS?!?


  15. My comment’s been waiting moderation for 3 days too. That is a long time.


    • Actually, we once had a comment that was over 3 months old. That happens when we’re really busy, we get a LOOOOOOOT of comments, so it takes a long time. Sorry!


      • Ok, I get it. But my comment today posted and the one from 3 days ago is still waiting moderation. My comment’s importantt to this event. If you could please moderate it, it would be nice. Thanks.


      • I get it. You’re real busy with school, homework. I know we get so much homework too. My comment’s not that long, if you’d look at it it would be real nice.


  16. Eh.. huh? I know you get an awful lot of comments but the comment that went on and on didnt get approved? O-O I mean I’m Okay with that… mmmhmh…


    • Eh….huh…oh, well it’s not up to others to be OK with other bloggers comments posted on princess_moomoo’s site since they have nothing to gain or lose either way. The person posting the comment and princess_moomoo are the ones concerned. Some people think the world evolves around them but shocker, it doesn’t. But, I’m ok with that, whatever. It’s called passion, BTW, that’s why some people put some time and thought into their posts kind of like princess_moomoo does into her blog posts!! Love of mediocrity is no reason to bash passion!! Courtesy for fellow posters is golden.


      • superstargirl1 said:

        Uh… I didnt say that it did spin around me and me only? I know there are other people in the universe and I respect that…


  17. Did you know today they have the Black Skater at Vintage Gold? It’s proof that Fantage DID do recolors; the Purple Skater is exactly like the Black Skater only the dress is black (obviously) and the hair is blonde. The only good thing is they finally added something to the event-the Cosmic Crest. But it’s lame, all you get is a board and a moodie (that doesn’t look like other moodies).


  18. if the costumes were slightly more attractive I wouldn’t mind.


  19. Bella1235543 said:

    Hi! I’m new of commenting on your blog! 🙂 ;D


  20. Bellosnowy said:

    Moomoo, part 2 is released.


  21. I like these events thanks for sharing !!


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