❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Snowman Showdown

Event Info
Much info. So useful.
event info

Event Movie

You can watch many event movies in Uptown or Downtown, the last one coming out on January 20th.

event movie

Limited Items

Limited items are sold in Uptown and Downtown.

limited items

Limited Pet

Limited time pet, Blizzy, is also still being sold. You can get a free board if you have him.


Event Activities

If you go to the Carnival, you can play the game “Orion vs. Gizmo”. First, choose which side you want to be on.

orion vs. gizmo

Then, just click falling snowflakes for stars. Premium members get twice the number of stars.

how to play

snow collecting

For the next level, you move the mouse in circles to make a snowman.

build snowman

snowman making

In the last game, you just repeatedly click the snowman to add details.

finishing touches

finishing touches 2

At the end, you get tickets for the ticket booth.


These are the prizes.

ticket booth

That is pretty much it for this event, have fun!


Comments on: "Snowman Showdown" (26)

  1. ρяιη¢єѕѕ_ѕтαяℓιηg said:

    First comment . . . or it seems like it to me! 🙂


  2. Fantage Tigers said:

    I agree its not much of an ‘event’, its just a silly glitchy game that you can barley get tickets from.


  3. Can u show the top of the prizes u onluly showed the bottom I want to seebthe nons sorry I coudnt log in my laptop so I just want to see all the prizes


  4. first comment


  5. wow
    so doge reference
    much appreciate.


  6. Aren’t the prizes a little…not worth the Tickets? I mean, 1400 for boots?


    • melodypark10 said:

      so i did some calculating. all the items added up are worth 22,100 tickets. each time we play members get about 86 tickets. FANTAGE WANTS US TO PLAY THE GAME 257 TIMES. its either that or pay 9,000 ecoins!!! i think this little event was just so they can get more money… TnT


  7. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    My hand is tired of moving my mouse around and around i never got to the end 😛 my legs are sore to ( for no reason why i m typing this im. Just bored lol ) anyways bye


  8. Thanks for posting xD


  9. Hang on a sec…it says “Written by princess_moomoo” at the top, and at the bottom of the post, it says “~Angela”. So who posted it?
    Also, I think this is a very stupid event, I mean, the only thing you can do is play that Snowman game which is quite boring and you hardly get any tickets, and then the prizes cost so many tickets, isn’t there anything else you can do in this event to get tickets? The limited items prices are also going up…x(


    • I posted a “I will post this later” but Angela did it for me since I was busy. I was just about to change the author thing for this post.
      Ikr, I don’t see how anyone can get the medal, the game is really…
      Speaking of limited items, they’re not even pretty!


  10. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Reblogged this on Fantage Notebook and commented:
    Was feeling lazy… >-<


  11. Pink Kitty said:

    I don’t really like the event much either, I mean, UGH! on the minigame. Just UGH! I barely passed it on the first try.


  12. This is not related to the post but i love the new background!!


  13. superstargirl1 said:

    Wow, Fantage? Seriosly? LOL!
    no imagination.
    Glitchy game.
    Lame Items.
    TOO MANY TICKETS FOR A MEDAL (I cant even… 6000?)
    they could of had like another ice-skating contest or something like you have to find pieces of snow on fantage and roll them into a ball and then you pot them in some sort of ‘inventory’ and then bring them to like that guy on mt.fantage and let him help you build a snow family? D: This was a lame event! End of! I appreciate that you took your time to write something of high quality on such a L A M E event!

    the limited items – Didn’t even look correct XD The girl with the hat ~ Looked like the hat was PART OF THE HAIR (Like anyone would have hat hair?) Like it wasn’t layered correctly..? It was like it looked like the hat was just stuck onto the hair 😀 Lol, fantage, lol.
    I didnt particularly like this event but i guess the only good about this is that… uh…… *awkward silence…*

    I hope people agree (hehe!)


  14. I agree, this was such a useless event since they’re just characters, and it’s not a showdown because you can choose either one of them to play as. I think Fantage should have had us choose Orion or Gizmo then stick with them for the rest of the event. Which ever team makes the most snowmen in the end gets a prize or something. Just my opinion. :3


  15. i think snowman showdown was really boring… i really hated it * _ * but idk why fantage doesnt do fun events anymore * — *


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