❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Quick Post

Hi, MooMoo here!

In case you didn’t notice the scroll message on the XAT chat, I’m on vacation right now, for about a week!

I can still moderate comments and stuff, but I need Angela to do a couple things for me:

1. Post Part 3 for the Holiday Blowout event

2. Take screenshots of items sold for the Vintage Gold History page

3. Check once in a while on our ask page

Also, when I’m back, I’m planning to do a couple things as well:

1. Make a petition to get rid of VG, as suggested by several people on our ask page

2. Do a surprise mini-art collage thingy that requires a little something from all our viewers, to celebrate Fantageville’s 2nd birthday (Jan 27)

3. Continue art requests, maybe?

Thanks for reading! ❤


Comments on: "Quick Post" (38)

  1. ✌ BeachBum123 ✌ said:

    Why get rid of Vintage Gold? Especially since on January 7, 2014, BB hair is coming!


    • Hm ok, after reading all of your guys’ comments, I probably shouldn’t do a petition. Seems like a lot of people like VG, and a petition probably wouldn’t do anything anyway


  2. I don’t like the idea of getting rid of Vintage Gold. They wanted cheaper “popular items” but when they get them, they’re complaining about how nothing is worth it anymore? People: you can’t get the best of both worlds, so you either have the items (and popularity will no longer exist) or not get the items (Possible never get the items, but still have popularity).

    I like Vintage Gold and I don’t think a petition will help since Fantage Admins said that T&S will never ever return. This is just my opinion. Just because a few people said it, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. Right?

    Parody of Let her Go by Passenger:
    “Only want the T&S when its gone. Only BB when it’s not on. Only want it back when you let it go. SO LET IT GO!”

    ~Opinionated by Luna


  3. Enjoy your vacation Princess_MooMoo


  4. ~αѕнℓα~ said:

    Hope you have fun! Where are you going? ( if you don’t want to answer that, its fine! I get that you might not want to give away your current locations). HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


  5. D: I don’t want to get rid of VG.. And Fantage probably won’t anyway.


  6. blue_jeans a.k.a scarlett_rose said:

    Hi, where are you gone on holiday? I hope you have a nice time 🙂


  7. Have a great vacation, Moomoo!

    ~Alex, You’re fan ❤


  8. PurpleDove said:

    Has anyone else noticed that the holiday safe chat for New Year’s says welcome 2013 instead of 2014…? Lol how could someone mistake something like that?


  9. Happy Early Birthday! It’s almost my birthday as well 🙂 I’ll be turning 12 on Jan. 16th. YAY!


  10. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    I don’t like the idea about getting rid of VG. People like VG, some people don’t. Its all because of the items they are selling, the popular ones. But they are no longer popular. People also complain about the prices, they are too high. To me, the prices are perfectly fine. I don’t see a reason into getting rid of VG. I like the idea of the petition, but it only goes towards those who wants to get rid of it.


    • Gonna copy and paste my comment:
      Hm ok, after reading all of your guys’ comments, I probably shouldn’t do a petition. Seems like a lot of people like VG, and a petition probably wouldn’t do anything anyway


  11. basilcat12345 said:

    Can you PLEASE post holiday blowout part 3? I really need it.


  12. I have some pros and cons about Vintage Gold. It’s kind of cool that we get some good items, but I can’t stand it constantly changing everyday. My green beta hair isn’t worth anything anymore. It’s always member goods almost everyday, and it is super hard to get ecoins without paying money 😦


  13. I have some pros and cons. I like it that they are selling items, but I hate it that it constantly changes day after day. And almost everyday, they sell member goods and I’m a non, and it’s super hard to get ecoins without paying really money 😦


  14. Can you please do a petition about choosing 20 items from Lucky Bob’s we would like back. Because I know a lot of people want some items back. Especially me.


    • Lol I doubt any petition works against Fantage. They aren’t interested in what we have to say, they are only interested in the best business move for them. They don’t even care about what beta users think, because they are a minority.


  15. i want to get rid of VG because Fantage people are soooo mean puting items up to 50,000 ECOINZ!!! dont u realize the normal bb hair costs under 5,000 ecoinz I really want trade n sell bUT people Get Scam B/C they ddont do safe trade and then thy start crying Becayse thy got hacked like wth they DID NOT do the safe trade !!!!!!!!! thats why i get angryy and its no fair dat they r putting items for 5,000 E and more in vg like hellooooo think of new people and poor people that dont have enoughhh to buy member ship or some ecoinz……..BTW whats the point with Wishlist they dont even give u the stuff ! ……..some of u r saying uf the poor people dont have enough money how do they have a compu then maybe they r in a lybery or thier friends house…….And for da holidays mayb Fantage should get s little nicer and give out freee 5.000 or 3,ooo E TO everybody ……..ll ur thinking lll She has a point /…. I DO comon Guys im less then 12 years olddd and i thought of dat

    •Pony Express
    Ps if u find me in Fantage add me the name is Craftingeek
    WOS sorry fir a longgg coment
    BTW ponyexpress873 is not my rral email i dont like givein Real info Sorriiiz


  16. Well MayB VG is kinda Nice but The prices r not and I want the olldd vintage .


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