❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

A Very Fairy Feast

Go to the SILVER BUNNY server for the Cornucopia prizes, they have already reached 5 million fruit!!

Event Info

event info 

Event Movie

You can watch the it in Uptown or Downtown.

event movie

Limited Items 

They can also be found in Uptown and Downtown.

limited items

You can also hatch the Thanksgiving holiday pet, Tom Tom the turkey. You can buy the egg in Uptown or Pet Town. If you have Tom Tom, you can get a cute Tom Tom hat, too!


Holiday Games

There are 2 holiday games. One is called Tree Trouble and it is located in the Forest.

tree trouble

If you wear special limited items, you can get bonuses.


Save the trees!

how to play turkey trouble

Basically, hover your mouse/wand over any trees with black swirly stuff around it.

turkey trouble

The other holiday game is called Fairy Flight and it is at Mt. Fantage.

fairy flight

how to play fairy flight

Just click whenever there is a shadow cat in front of you. It’s simple as that.

fairy flight game

From these games, you can get both fruit and tickets.

tickets and fruit

You deposit fruit at the Cornucopia in the castle.


If all the people of Fantage earn a deposit a certain amount of fruit, everyone can get prizes!

fruit donations

For the tickets, if you click the icon, it shows you a list of prizes you can get, but many have not been released yet.

ticket booth

Lastly, they are having a Black Friday sale for buying ecoins only. You can get double the ecoins and a free item too!

black friday sale

That’s it for this event, so have fun!

Comments on: "A Very Fairy Feast" (18)

  1. jemmie12345 said:

    Everything isn’t out yet! D: (the prizes)

    Also, Moomoo said you guys like it when you help her: in “From these games, you can both fruit and tickets.” I belive there was supposed to be a “win” after “both”?


  2. SunandRain3 said:

    It’s a nice event (; It makes sense for all the fairy items in Vintage Gold, doesn’t it? (;


    • Yeah, and that makes me suspicious. Stuff sold at Vintage Gold is supposed to be based on stuff we vote on. It seems very fishy that it “COINCIDENTALLY” sells fairy items during the fairy event, and Thanksgiving items during Thanksgiving.


  3. Topazblue11 said:

    Yay! Thanks Moomoo and Casey! Your fantage blog is THE BEST blog out there!! Hope I meet you guys sometime on Fantage!!! 🙂


  4. Can I make a correction? You can only get the item if buy the most expensive item in the catergory. Like if you buy $50 worth of eCoins, then you can get the item.


  5. Monica1611 said:

    You know, I think that you get 20 items for the cornucopia even if u get a low score.


  6. Monica1611 said:

    Oh, and is Tom-Tom available for non members?


  7. ℓιℓу102003 said:

    I love this event! :mrgreen:


  8. Nice event, but not as good as previous ones. A bad thing about it is there are only 2 games to earn tickets and fruit, and no group game 😦




  10. actually… the corn thingy… it depends on the server… lower servers lover donations :3


  11. wow ! so great


  12. Reblogged this on mhra44 and commented:
    My Favorite Blog !


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