❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

The Fantageville Awards-CLOSED

All our wonderful viewers, welcome to the first ever Fantageville Awards! This wonderful event is similar to the Oscar Awards; it consists of many categories that you can win, such as biggest fan or best fanart. In these categories, you will compete with one another to create something or do something involving skill. Then, we will post submissions for each category on here and the audience can vote for a winner in each category. What do you win? Well besides the glory and fame, you also get recognition by us, Moomoo and Casey. It’s just a fun and simple event for you, the viewers, to get more hands-on involvement with the blog! These categories are very open-ended, so be creative!

Here are the rules:

1. You can submit only one submission for each category.

2. You can only win in one category.

3. You can only vote for one submission in each category.

4. You must turn in submissions by the due date, no exceptions!

5. You must remove all names/usernames from submissions to keep them anonymous for voting.

6. Email all submissions to caseycowfantageville@gmail.com with the subject as “Fantageville Awards”. In the email, include your username and the category name and number that you are entering.

7. If your submission does not follow all the rules described above and below, you will be disqualified with no second chances or reminders for that category.

So here are the categories:

1. Biggest Fantageville Fan: Do anything(literally) to show that you are the biggest fan of Fantageville. It cannot be related to any of the other categories(such as fanart or banner). You must be able to email it to me. It does not have to be just a drawing or a poster or something, be creative!

2. Most Fashionable Fantagian: In real life, dress up with an outfit that is similar/the same as one on Fantage. Take a picture and email it to me, along with your Fantagian wearing that same outfit. The Fantagian does not have to be your own.

3. Best Fantage Fan-artist: Design original fan-art for a Fantage character. Must be original. One character only. You may use a character template if you want. You may also redraw Fantage characters.

4. Fantage Class Clown: Come up with a meme or a short comic strip related to Fantage that is amusing and humorous. You can also do jokes, videos, or anything that is funny.

5. Most Creative Fantagian: For this category, you can literally do anything original and creative. Think outside of the box. It must be related to Fantage. You must be able to email it to me.

6. Best Fantageville Banner: Create a banner/header for Fantageville like the one at the top of every page. Winning banner might be used. Must be 938 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.

Submissions are due November 26th at 3 PM pacific time(6 PM eastern time)

Good luck!

*Note from MooMoo: The 23 or so people who commented on the Red Ville Bill page BEFORE TODAY will be eligible for 25 bonus points. People that commented November 16 or later will not receive the bonus points, because the passwords were given away earlier by someone on XAT, and anyone could easily have found the page by cheating. Sorry if you actually worked for it, we have no way of telling otherwise. If you are one of the 23 who commented on the page, please tell Angela this when you email her your submission. People that did not comment but supposedly found the password will not receive points, because again, we have no way of telling whether you found it honestly or not. Angela will check the comments before giving you your bonus 25 points.

Comments on: "The Fantageville Awards-CLOSED" (71)

  1. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    This sounds really fun. Great idea Angela!


  2. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    I have a question. We can participate in all categories, but we can only win for one right?


  3. I’m SO joining 🙂


  4. Cool idea! But my computer broke down, and I can’t do this at the library. *sigh* ah well, it will be fun to vote for other people’s work.


  5. Feel free to hide this:

    Can we use the Red Ville Bill Prize?


    • I guess you can, I don’t know when we will have the change to do this again. But, some girl blabbered out all the passwords today, which makes things complicated…
      I know! I will make a list of all the people who commented on the Red VB page BEFORE today, and give it to Angela, so she can add your guys’ points.


      • Wow, uhh way to be subtle? O_O

        Dear Princess Moomoo,

        You requested a full apology, and I’m here to deliver.
        Don’t worry, this isn’t hate.

        First of all, I appreciate you deleting the post, even though it was wrong to give out my info and trash me. I’m sorry for disclosing the passwords to other people; this was very wrong of me and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry for calling it EASY, even though quite frankly it was. I’m sorry for “ruining” your hard work, even though I don’t believe 4 or 5 extra people is gonna ruin anything. I’m very sorry for the people that searched and searched, even though I was one of them and I’m kind of apologizing to myself in a way? One thing I’m not sorry about is the haters. Dear haters, word don’t hurt me, but they don’t save me either, so stop trying.

        Well, those are my apologies. But I also have some other topics to discuss. Cyberbullying. You do realize you’ve disclosed my personal email, my featured blog, and my name? I remember one time you wrote a post about an ANONYMOUS girl. What happened to confidentiality? You realize I may get hate mail flooding my inbox for WEEKS?

        Also, what about Casey? On the chat, she said she never liked me because I was “mean and broke many rules.” I don’t deny being a bit harsh when I got annoyed, but I was on this chat nearly 6 months and I broke one rule. One rule. You gave A_COW more of a chance!

        Another matter: I did not sell Ville Bills. Only my closest friends were on the chat and I didn’t make them pay. That private chat message? That was me, kidding around with Jessie. I never actually sold anything. Selling has 2 parts: the buyer and the seller. The buyer pays money and the seller earns profit. Nobody bought, and I did not make a profit, so therefore I did not sell anything.

        Also, that was from another chat. I was not at Fantageville. Therefore, I did not break any Fantageville rules.

        Besides, Casey called me mean. That hurt. I was always nice to her and complimented her artwork. She was my idol. Also, I’d like to call attention to the fact that a few regular Fantageville users are quitting Fantageville. I won’t disclose any names because I’m not that kind of person. *cough*

        As I now notice, most of this is just logic and not an apology, and I apologize for that. I’m not asking you to un-ban me– most people there talk trash about me and come to spy at the chat I’m on anyway. I’m just asking for you to stop calling me out, because, as I said, it’s cyberbullying…

        Well, I think this is a “full” enough comment….

        ~Saturn Clockworker


      • I don’t understand why you bothered to add all of those extra unsincere words, it makes your “apology” look extremely faked. You aren’t sorry, you commented this to avoid looking bad, and now you’re blaming me.

        Your first paragraph: Putting “ruining” in quotes was a very bad choice and shows that you don’t believe how much time you have caused me to waste. I don’t know what you mean by “4 or 5 extra people”, but if you’re talking about the number of people who successfully figured out the password HONESTLY, then your estimation is out of the ball park.

        Your second paragraph: Don’t you dare blame me for “disclosing your personal information.” For one, it CLEARLY says on your Blogspot blog’s About page your email (http://prntscr.com/24pegc), PUBLICLY DISPLAYED. And the fact that I “featured your blog”? What, do you not want people to see your blog or something? And then, your “name”??? By commenting ANYWHERE, you show people your name. It’s not even your name, it’s “Saturn”. Unless you are so ashamed of yourself you wish to be an anonymous, in which case that would be your own fault.

        Your third paragraph: Exactly how do you think we should give you a second chance? It’s already done, you gave the passes out, there is no taking it back. What, we give you a second chance, wagging our finger at you and saying “Oh, just don’t do that again, and we won’t ban you.” Judging from your paragraph, you seem very well educated, and you would not be stupid enough to do it again. That means we pretty much let you go without punishment, is that what you’re asking for?

        Your “other matters”: Oh, how very smart of you, breaking our rules on another person’s chat. Clearly, you went on another chat because you KNEW you would be breaking rules if you did it on ours. Meaning that you knew FULL well that what you were doing was wrong, and you did it anyway. And boohoo, Casey called you “mean” and you got your feelings hurt. That seems negligible compared to how much time and effort you have caused me to throw down the drain. Did you expect us to still like you after you did that?

        I don’t care if a few people are quitting, I am not the type of blogger that is obsessed with how many followers I have, neither do I refresh my followers page to see who unfollowed. This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened, and ALL those times, the person whom I argue with ends up apologizing and looking foolish.

        You didn’t give me hate, you gave me sass. Your “logic” is highly faulty. So either edit it and continue arguing with me, or write a REAL apology.

        There is NOBODY at fault here except for you.


      • ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

        Sorry for stalking, lol. But what are the points for?


  6. ♔ Ƿℎaƞȶomℎiⱱ℮♔ said:

    For category 3 (fanartist), do we pick a Fantage character (for example, Michelle), and draw a picture of them? (I know it has to be original) c:


  7. Do we have to do ALL 6 themes, Angela? ‘Cause I’m having trouble with the 6th one, I don’t know what design to do!


  8. for number 5, can it be a short video?


  9. moonlightmizuki said:

    Moo Moo! I have a question. About the Red Ville Bill Page… I have found out the pass a few months ago. I’m REALLY not a big commenter. Does that still count? I mean I found the pass and stuff just that I didn’t comment. I’m ashamed of myelf for not commenting. Unless 25 points isn’t alot in the contest…….


  10. In the banner, which theme do you prefer? since christmas is approaching,


  11. I know your only supposed to send in one fantageville banner/header but can you send in 2 and choose the best one Angela?


  12. I forgot which account I used for red Ville Bills(commenting)Would you be able to tell me if this account(or something similar)commented on that page so I can get the prize?


  13. When I commented on the red Ville bills page,I wasn’t logged into WordPress.Is there any way I can still get the extra points?


  14. Friendship203 said:

    So, I was doing number two and I had the PERFECT TOP (cheetah top) that looked exactly like the one in fantage but my mom returned it 😦 Oh well… I can’t wait this seems like so much fun this is a really nice idea


  15. I forgot if I commented on the red ville bill page or not. Can you check if I did? I either used the name Cindy or cindy_lee_9 to comment. I understand if you cannot do this. Thanks!


    • Oh, and this is because I didn’t have a WordPress account before and I go to the library sometimes to look for ville bills. Also, I have a question. In the second task, can you blur your face so other people on the Internet can see your face? I’m just asking in case you will take off points for it.


    • I’ll make a list of the people who commented, to make things easier 🙂


      • Actually, I’ve changed my mind on that. I don’t want people posing to get free points. Angela will see all the comments and match you guys up if you claim you got the bonus.


      • I didn’t get a wordpress account when I commented, so I wasn’t called cindylili then. but I am certain it still has “cindy” in it. Can you please count points for that?


  16. HarmonyWuffs said:

    I’m confused about #3 owo


  17. Amazing rainbow said:

    Ack my dad won’t let me have an email 😦 why does everything (some) have to have something to do with a email ( even though I’m using a email to type this thing I’m using my dad’s email ( he doesn’t mind it$)😔 even though you said there was no acceptions I still bother to write/type this
    Sincere a very sad rainbow😕


  18. I don’t remember if i commented (I might of but i’m not sure) but i did send you the trophy picture for the raffle entry, will it still count?


  19. ^(Moo Moo’s Comment on Saturn’s “apology”) Agreed! The “apology” seemed forced as to uphold her reputation as a blogger, it wasn’t sincere. Feel free to delete this comment though, I don’t want to add any unnecessary comments onto the post!


    • Did you also see the post she made on her blog? “But giving away personal info? No. Just no” (as quoted from the post) makes you seem the culprit not the victim; therefore her apology was DEFINITELY NOT SINCERE! *Again, feel free to delete this comment after reading…


  20. kookiesnkreamx3 said:

    ….I’m not even sure if I commented on the ville bill page….Back then I didn’t even have a wordpress account. :/ Do I still get my 25 points or something ? I did remember following you in time to receive that *Hidden* hint c:
    What happens then? O_____O


  21. I am terrible at these. But I could do biggest fantageville fan………………


  22. Oh and does the username have to be wordpress or fantage?


  23. Would a video be counted in to the creative fantagian? If not which one would it count to be >_<?


  24. moonlightmizuki said:

    I didn’t get a wordpress account until recently since my parents wouldn’t let me until I was of age. By a few months I mean like 1-3ish months. I don’t really care about the points since I have good ideas. If I was doing pixelart, can get photos online? I can draw on paper well just I can’t when it comes to the computer. Can we blur our face if it if a pictiure. I kinda don’t want my face seen by other people.


  25. ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~ said:

    What are bonus points for?!


  26. Are we allowed to submit entries to more than one category?


  27. What do you mean by “username”? The Fantage username or the wordpress username? And what do you mean by number? The catergory number?


  28. Blurasxbery said:

    Ooooo seems interesting. I’ll enter!


  29. nathanpaiva051 said:

    MooMoo and Casey,

    Can I please screencast your characters on Fantage (on the side bar) without the watermark (copyright thingy) on it?



  30. ♩♪♫ Eva ♫♪♩ said:

    Ooooh, I’ll probably enter for ‘Fantage Class Clown’ and ‘Most Fashionable Fantagian; c:


  31. interesting………………..
    when Saturn said “Also, that was from another chat. I was not at Fantageville. Therefore, I did not break any Fantageville rules.”, I looked back at the screen shots sent by an anonymous person that showed a xat about saturn giving away the ville bill passwords, the background of the xat actually had the background of fantageville with the words fantage ville and the pics of princess moo moo and casey cow on it! 😀 surprising for her quote xDDDDDD……..


  32. Could you enter a submission in more than one category?


  33. Hey Angela or Princess Moomoo, I have a question about the categories: I drew a anime-ish version of Kawaii and Michelle~would that go into Fan-Artist? I’m not very sure, I THINK so, but just wanted to make sure, since I was confused if that was like the ones for the Comet, where you have to use the templates. And if you could hide the part about what I was doing, I would really appreciate it. After all, I wouldn’t want someone to “borrow” my idea! 🙂 Thanks in advance.


  34. A few quick questions;

    May we enter for more than one category? Or are we limited to two…? (i.e. entering all categories…would that be okay?) xD

    Also, for the “Most Fashionable Fantagian” one… Basically, you dress up like your avatar and send it to you… Is it alright if we do not show our faces? I would only like it to be of my uh, body. x)

    How is the scoring to be done? Is it supposed to be in points? I’ve seen something about points and I don’t really get it. It’s not on a scale of 1-10 right? Because also, I’ve seen something about people voting for the winners. Sorry, I’m just confuzzled at the moment 😛

    Thanks for your time~


  35. can the banner be any size?


  36. ♔ Ƿℎaƞȶomℎiⱱ℮♔ said:

    For “Best Fan-artist”, do we have to follow character templates? Best way to explain it, can we do something similar to what MooMoo did in her art gallery(not copying, of course)? Also, do we have to include a picture of the character we’re drawing?




  38. kookiesnkreamx3 said:

    A few questions…
    1. Will this be a viewer vote, or an admin vote? .___.
    2. Are we allowed to submit a clean submission, but submit a credited submission for use if we win?
    3. What happens if you don’t know whether you’ve commented on the red ville bill page, but has worked out the password a while back? >__< Do we still get our points? (I don't even remember commenting… My names back then varied so much when I was a non-member of wordpress. ;;)
    Tank yew in advance. ^^


  39. Blurasxbery said:

    Omygosh I forgot to credit x-rainchan-x on deviantart for the base I used in my entry! Sorry you don’t have to approve this comment as long as you see it 🙂


  40. When’s the next contest? I want to enter one without the disadvantage of no bonus points.


    • We run them whenever we have time, and those bonus points are ongoing, they can be used for all future contests >.< I won't for the next one though, if I haven't finished the Ville Bill pages, because that's kinda unfair.


  41. When will the voting start?


  42. OMG like u have 19,721,935 stars and 116,668 e coins. I have 3,000 star and 20 e coins (and I thought that was a lot……:()


  43. Blurasxbery said:

    Where is the voting page? .-.


  44. Surprised said:

    Hi, I know this is already closed but I feel that there should be two winners in each category meaning that one Premium Member and one Non-Member. That way, the people who didn’t win will not feel unfair.<– That's just my suggestion.

    I hope you can understand how I feel about the awards. 🙂


  45. Hi, to everyone who commented a question:

    I haven’t approved your comments until now, because before, I thought that Angela would want to answer them herself.
    She hasn’t been on for a week or 2 now, and I don’t know when she’s coming back, so I decided to just approve it, because I wanted to clear up the 200+ unmoderated comments in our Comments Dashboard.
    I do not know when she is going to announce the winners, nor do I know when she is coming back. Once she does though, I will tell her to read through all of the approved comments on this post, as well as the other one on the FV Awards.
    Thanks for your patience, and I hope she returns soon!! xC


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