❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

This is Part 2 of the Zombie Invasion event, click here for Part 1!

4 games have been released for the Zombie Invasion event…

1. Zombie Escape


This game is explained in the first post, click here for the tips and cheats!

2. Pumpkin Carving


Did you choose a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch during the Autumn Festival? You can now carve it and get a free prize!

Go to pet town and click on the table.


Choose a face. Make sure it is the one you want, you won’t be able to change your mind! (My pumpkin is orange, but you might have chosen a different one at the pumpkin patch)


Hover your mouse over all the little holes to cut out the face.


You will get a prize very similar to the pumpkin patch ones below, except it has a face matching the one you carved.

Pumpkin33. Haunted Maze


To play, go to the Forest and click on the sign shown above. You can find it right next to the fairy.

Borrow a free costume  to “transform”. It doesn’t matter which one, they are all the same.


Then, enter the maze.


Here is a map of the entire maze that I spent half an hour making! :mrgreen: Click to enlarge. The zombies are circled in red. Move around using your mouse/keyboard and touch the zombies to kill them.


There are 9 total zombies, but you only need to kill 5.

Prize is tickets.

4. Monster Mayhem


To play, go to the Wizards Domain and click on the sign shown above. You can find it right under Staries.

I think this game completely copied Plants vs. Zombies…

The goal is to kill the zombies before they reach the left side of the screen. You will have to wait a bit at the beginning of the game for them to appear on the screen, they are veerrrryyyyyy slooooowwwww…


How do you kill the zombies? By putting monsters in their path! To put a monster down, click on one in the menu on the left side and place it in one of the 4 roads.


If you try and put a monster down and nothing happens, that means you don’t have enough power. Each monster has a different strength and cost:

Ghosts can kill up to 1 zombie and cost 10 power units


Devils can kill up to 2 zombies and cost 15 power units


Vampires can kill up to 3 zombies and cost 20 power units


Werewolves can kill up to 4 zombies and cost 25 power units


To give you an idea of how much 10 power units is:


The game ends when 3 zombies have escaped and crossed over on to the left side. The prize is tickets.

Comments on: "Zombie Invasion Event Part 2" (11)

  1. ѕℓυѕнι ಠ_ಠ said:

    I just realized that monster mayhem is like plants vs. zombies


  2. Moomoo, I just realized, you can get tickets from scaring the zombies away. using Orions transform thing.


  3. jadeallstar said:

    Fantage……. *angry voice, glaring* I would be even more mad if they copied the song. I finished Plants vs Zombies once and it’s awesome! And now then have Plants vs Zombies 2! And also, you have to use REAL MONEY for something on it, I’m not sure what, but my friend told me. :mrgreen: <—– If mrgreen doesn't show up the way I expect it to then idk how to do it 😀


  4. I didn’t choose any pumpkin from the other event but when I carved a pumpkin, I got the orange pumpkin’s prize with a sad face (i carved a sad face).


  5. and yeah, Fantage is TOTALLY copying other games now. I’m getting annoyed, I mean, if you don’t copy other people’s ideas, why does fantage ? It’s not fair, in fact, they should get a warning or something. AND they make money from the user inspired items when they never them (they pixel it into a fantage item, but still….).


  6. the monster mayhem game is really hard…
    the power meter takes AGES to load.


  7. Theresa7897 said:

    Well when you get the costume you can keep it on until you go into your inventory 🙂


  8. lily102003 said:

    thank you so much for making this post! i didn’t even know there was a monster mayhem game until you posted! :mrgreen:


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