❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

MAJOR new thing on this blog that’s I’m planning to develop over the weekend!! (I came up with this when I was brushing my teeth this morning, HAHAHA…)

First off, I will be completely removing the Members/Rares page pass because:

  • people start hating on this blog when they can’t get into the page (there are over 500 thumbs-down ratings) Picture1
  • when I checked the member accounts, all of them had expired, and lots of them had changed their pass :C
  • it’s really difficult and unfair to my younger audience
  • the entire thing takes a LOT of time to run
  • removing it will clear up a bunch of clutter on this blog (I dislike clutter)

I predict that a LOT of you will be asking/complaining about the following things, so I’ve included my reply underneath…

HEYYY… I spent HOURS, or DAYS, finding the hints, are you telling me all that work was for NOTHING?? 👿

Of COURSE not, I wouldn’t do something horrible like that to trick you. Keep scrolling, and you’ll find out that your work was NOT for nothing.

So, what was the pass?

I’m very sneaky. The accounts aren’t actually on the pass-protected page, just in case people hack it. The accounts are all on a Google doc, which I would share with you once you sent me all the answers to the hints.

As a special gift to viewers who were following this blog BEFORE this was posted, here is the doc with all the accounts! Just check your email for the unedited version of this post.


If you didn’t follow us BEFORE THIS WAS POSTED, then you will not see the link above. Make sure to follow us, and you will receive special gifts in the future! Also, don’t worry, all the accounts on there will be posted on the Nonmember Accounts page in a week. My followers just get early access 🙂

Please do not say in the comments that you followed us but never got emails. Either you never confirmed your subscription (which means you were never following us at all) or it’s in your spam mail. Don’t know how to follow? Click here.

Wow, uh ok… So what were the all the hints, and how did it work?

Since we are no longer doing the hunt, I will tell you all of the answers! *These hints have all been removed now, I gave you all a day to check them out

1. The first hint is on the Tricks and Cheats page, under the Premium Member Trade n Sell guide (click here). Highlight the blank space, and these words appear


2. The page that doesn’t allow comments to be posted and holds the next hint is the Nonmember Accounts page. You will find this fake account:


3. This leads you to the How to FLY Anywhere page (click here), where you will find this hint:


4. This leads to the MISSIONS page (click here), where this sneakily edited photo tells you to go to the All Polls page


5. On the polls page, you will find a weird looking poll. The question is “this is a hint” spelled backwards. You had to check all of the links for a hint. All of them look like a “not found” page.


6. The correct page is https://fantageville.wordpress.com/llllll/ ; you just had to highlight the white text at the bottom, and it tells you the directions.


Please do NOT send me food locations, the hunt is over, and the Members/Rares page no longer exists.

Also, let me make it clear that these hints were there the ENTIRE time. Those of you who are at the finding food part will back me up on this.

Did anyone actually find the password?

ONE person. Glittergloss_100. HOWEVER, many people were VERY close, they sent me a lot of the food locations, just not all 10.

Ok, now I’m getting impatient, what is your new idea, “ville bills”? How was my hard work not for nothing?

Please wait for the page, it is still under construction. The purpose of this post was to give you a sneak peak. I will put it right here when I’m done: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/ville-bills/. Ooh, suspense ;]

Don’t get mad at me, you’ll love it once I release it! ❤

Comments on: "Members Pass OUT, Ville Bills IN" (71)

  1. foreverball11 said:

    Congrats Glitter! Must be hard work to get the pass. Good Job! ^-^

    I was on the food one, I only found 6. Tell me where all the others were! Btw, nice new idea!


  2. foreverball11 said:

    Checking my email right now……


  3. HarmonyWuffs said:

    I feel stupid now xD The easiest hints in the easiest place. OwO now I feel awesome knowing. Don’t spoil DA moment! XD I’m jking xD I luff dis page. Can we meet on fantage someday?


  4. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    A lotta people want Sparkbear`s account. BTW, when I logged into her account, there was a Orange Dress. Then, another person logged in. After awhile, I left and logged on again. POOF. No Orange Dress… lol.


  5. I think it’s funny for me so when it was ibeliveicanFLY123 I thought it was a REAL account… xDDD


  6. foreverball11 said:

    About 30 minutes after you posted this, most of the things on people’s accounts are gone.


  7. I don’t get it what do we do with the accounts? I have never used them before


  8. I laughed so hard when I read this post! I actually tries hinthint the account! Lol!


  9. Hey! I’ve been trying to tell you on Fantage that I quit blogging. You are the only part of WordPress I am holding on to now. Hope we can still remain close friends.



  10. omg! WHAT THE HECK?! I HAD A BUNCH OF EMAILS IN MY INBOX, AND NOW THEY’RE ALL DELETED! THIS IS NOT A LIE. I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG FOR A LONG TIME! 😦 Oh well… I guess I don’t get early access 😦 ugh I was SO excited my heart was pounding so fast. *Me: YAY!* *CHECKS EMAIL*


  11. and i’m sick too… -.- I shouldn’t really stress about this, but it’s just so weird… can you email me the accounts? Please?? i followed like a LONG time ago.


  12. What? I followed this blog wayyy before this post but i didn’t get an email… its not in spam either…


    • Remember. I am not taking these “I followed but didn’t get the email”.
      Have you ever gotten follower emails? If not, then you weren’t actually following us. Most likely because you didn’t confirm your subscription.


      • i have… and it says following on my iphone at the top of the screen…


      • People tell me this all the time, I really can’t help you, because I don’t know what you email looks like. Either check in the spam, or check in the other labels that Gmail has. The easiest thing to do is just type “Fantageville” into the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox.


      • yeah… its definitely not there. its okay, i dont really need them






  15. Lol -___-, I came upon the first second and third hints but I thought I was just being paranoid with the whole thing. I also came upon the page with the instructions, but I thought that was part of one of your old contests >_<" Guess I should start trusting my instincts more. I even sent you a comment about it TT TT


    • Btw, it’s very cleverly hidden, I saw the second to third hint or so and check the missions page SO MANY times :3 It was a great idea~Are you going add more accounts soon that we can “earn”? I liked working for it.


  16. Can we use these accounts to get those costumes where you could get when your new?


  17. lol i went uptil the mission page and now that u posted this im just like face plam i was soo stupid lol good job hiding the hints u must be good at scavenger hunts 🙂


  18. Theresa7897 said:

    Vile bills hmmmmm…… What could it be i saw lots of food on some pages lol 🙂


  19. Theresa7897 said:

    Ohhh i see it but i not going to spoil it :3 if i do well idk


  20. Glitter so lucky.. TnT


  21. NOOO…. i got all the way to the last hint. but i never saw the fly or mission page. i just was randomly going on ur page. and saw one of the polls that said this is a hint. then i found the correct page where the hint was written. i found only 4 of the foods though. i never found the rest. 😦


  22. nathanpaiva051 said:

    Oh Wow! I didn’t send an e-mail but I nearly found all the clues yesterday 😦 Poor me!


  23. wow i have seen like lollypops and icecreams but i thought it was just from a contest and you never took it down. I feel stupid now.


  24. Yeah, I saw it but I only found 8 of them. Others, I had no idea about.


  25. foreverball11 said:

    I think I know what Ville Bills are! Are they the tickets on the sidebar? 🙂


  26. i got to the its your mishion one but then i could not find anything *facepalm* hehe


  27. ashleyrmendez@gmail.com said:

    Lol, now I know what the banana was for 😊



  28. Princess_moomoo, I got the email but when I clicked on the link and tryed the accounts, they were all banned. My guess is that one of your followers probably followed just so they could get the “Gifts” and ban them. And even though this will not allow me to get the link to the google docs accounts anymore, (ToT) you should probably try to think of a way to keep out people who ban and create a new google docs page for accounts. 😦 Sorry my explaining skills are below horrible…


    • I expected people to do that, there’s no way of stopping it. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to get to play on them, but there’s no way to separate selfish people and good people, unfortunately.
      Actually, maybe there is! Check out the new Ville Bill page 🙂


  29. Hi Moo Moo
    I was on the last hint Found 6 foods!
    I actually think that this was a very smart thing to do because I see people rage commenting (lol). Thanks!


  30. Lol now I feel so stupid. 😛 And I wuv this blog ;3


  31. I think you made the hints too hard… since only one person got it.


    • The mem pass? Yeah, but mem accounts are really rare, and I wanted only smart people using them, lol.
      Or are you talking about the Ville Bills? Because a lot of people have found each color already.


      • The member pass.Yeah, but I still think it should be a little it easier, so more people could have a chance. ^^

        As for the Ville Bills, I think they’re pretty easy to find, its a great idea.


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