❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Back to School Event

Event Info

Info1  Info2

Info3  Info4

Info5  Info6

1. Teacher To Do List

Click on the teacher at Uptown/Downtown to start.

There are 6 tasks, keep scrolling for instructions/tips…

There are prizes for each task, you will get stars, a medal (level 4 for nons, 10 for mems), a T-shirt,



Drag the subjects at the bottom into the blank white spots next to the times. There is NO right answer, just fill all the time slots and click DONE at the bottom.


School Supplies

Find and click the same school supplies that are in the speech bubble.


Take Attendence

First click on the student’s NAME on the list. The teacher will call out the name.


They will raise their hand and say Here! if they are present. Check the P row if they are present, and check the A row if they are absent.

Teacher8 Teacher9

Grading Tests

Pick up the green marker by clicking on it, and select all the correct answers.

Then click on the red marker and click on all the incorrect answers.


Grading Papers

Click on the spelling errors. It’s ok if you click on something that was correct, you won’t lose points.



Click on the pile of books, and decide whether it’s Fiction or Nonfiction. You must clear the entire pile of books!

Here are all the possible FICTION books. If your book isn’t in this list, then click on the NONFICTION shelf. I put it in ABC order.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A Wrinkle in Time

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlotte’s Web

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Hunger Games

Little House on the Prairie

Peter Pan

The Golden Compass

The Little Engine that Could

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


2. Work at School

This is the same as helping the teacher, I don’t think there is a separate activity for it. Again, here are the prizes


3. Simon Says

TIP: Click on the Event Info sign and click the Go There button under the school bus. You do NOT need to wait for it to come to Downtown!


Click PLAY on the upper right, and Simon will tell you to either Wave, Cry, Jump, or Wink.

Remember that you can do those actions using your keyboard by pressing on the numbers:

Wave Wave (1)

Cry Cry (2)

Jump Jump (3)

Wink Wink (4)

There is NO prize for this, you will just get 5 stars each time you get it right.

4. School Games Medal

Go inside Fantage school and play these 6 games:


TIP: You do NOT need to get a high score. Make it quick by losing on purpose!

Can’t find the games inside the school? Here’s a map.


Prize is an indoor furniture piece.


5. Off the Hook

The new topic to the trivia game, Off the Hook, is “Pop Culture”!. You can play it on the 2nd floor of Fantage school, inside the Gym.


6. Limited Item Cart

At Uptown and Downtown, nothing for nonmembers this time.


Comments on: "Back to School Event" (37)

  1. Yay first comment! LOL this has only been posted for 10 seconds, according to the “reader” section.


  2. It’s not back-to-school..gah. too. much. homework


  3. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Its midnight! lol


  4. foreverball11 said:

    I want Fantage to d those Fantage sales. With ecoined pointer, because I have my ecoins ready t go.

    But then again, pointer will loose value.


  5. It’s funny how most people are just starting school when my school term is almost ending.


  6. elainefantage said:

    Yay! Tomorrow at my country its the starting of holiday so I could play! xD


  7. I started school like last Monday lol.


  8. jadeallstar said:

    I actually started school on August 15 soooooooo yeah im not too happy when this released….


  9. Theresa7897 said:

    Realesed at 7:53 fantage time pm


  10. Theresa7897 said:

    I think


  11. Blurasxbery said:

    I got homework on the FIRST day D:


  12. $MISS_Charly$ said:

    I started school in July but it is winter so we have summer holidays during christmas.We get homework every day.The help the teacher thing isnt appearing on my laptop.We live in n.z so we are a almost a day ahead of fantage time.It was realased in our time 3pm the day AFTER it was supposed to be released O_O
    Although it was one of the only parties this year that actually makes sense


    • fantagefreak623 said:

      n.z. stands for New Zealand, right? You guys get snow. Sooo lucky! Here in Hawaii, all we get is pouring rain during the winter. And lots of cold. Probably not as cold as you guys (we only get around 68 degrees on the coldest days), but I’ve never seen snow in my life. Isn’t that weird? LOL!


  13. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Princess MooMoo,
    how can you subtract 15 – 25? I mean, isn`t the first number supposed to be greater than the second number? I don1`t get it… ><


    • Was that a question from Off the Hook?
      15-25 is negative 10 (-10). You basically switch the 2 numbers, subtract regularly, and stick a minus symbol in front.
      Hope this helps! I love math 🙂

      Another example: 6 – 10
      Switch the 2 numbers, so it’s 10 – 6, subract that, you get 4.
      6 – 10 = -4


      • fantagefreak623 said:

        Math is like, easy for me, since I’m in fifth grade, but for some reason, it’s not my favorite subject. You’d think I’d like something easy for me, but no. LOL!


      • ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

        Oh… Thanks! I wasn`t familiar with it. I never learned it yet. >-< And Math is A-B-U-S-E. 😥


  14. Phantomhive said:

    I’ve got a quiz coming up already Dx


  15. theres also an apple hair that you can win


  16. foreverball11 (logged out) said:

    You can win an apple hair too! It’s only for members though.


  17. The Grading Papers have diff stories for diff ppl ..


    • Yes, I know. I just took a screenshot of mine. You get the general idea, just read it through and try to find spelling and/or capitalization errors.
      Even if you click DONE and you missed some, you won’t lose any points, it will tell you to go back and find the rest.
      If you really cannot find all of the errors, close and play again, you will have a new paper to correct.


  18. foreverball11 said:

    Lots of homework, huh? Me too. But sometimes, too much homework is too much.


  19. so bored so whats up princess moomoo lol


  20. fantageroxlol said:

    love this website i come here for everything!


  21. fantagefreak623 said:

    Hey MooMoo, I love your drawings. They’re like, so awesome! I suck at drawing on the computer. Any tips?


  22. fantagefreak623 said:

    MooMoo and Casey, do you guys know any other safe ways to get ecoins besides watching the idfone ads? Please let me know ASAP! I’m running out of ecoins to get gems!


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