❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Adventures in Wonderland

See MooMoo’s updates in purple!

Event Info

event info

There is a limited items cart in Uptown and Downtown


There are also Fantage Sold Items that you can buy from Trade n’ Sell

fantage sold items

You can also visit Wonderland through the gigantic Rabbit Hole in the Forest.


As you arrive in Wonderland, the first thing you encounter is a giant caterpillar.


You can click him, and pay 20 stars to grow or shrink. I clicked on the cap and it made me grow! If you click on the stem, it will make you shrink.


TIP: You will still stay that size if you leave wonderland, try going inside trade n sell and see how people react!

The next thing you will see in Wonderland is the March Hare.

march hare

He wants you to help him find items to fix his watch.

scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Items:

Lemons- Above the Caterpillar


Butter- Next to the fountain and the even info sign


Jam- On top of the rose bushes on the right side of Wonderland, next to The Queen’s Tarts


Tea- Rose Area(go right in Wonderland, and click the rose bushes), top left of screen


Sugar Cubes- Rose Area, top right of screen


Then you must return the items to the March Hare, and you will get prizes.

scavenger hunt prizes

Then you can find the game, Curious Croquet, if you walk  to the right.

curious croquets

These are the instructions for the game.

croquet instructions

It’s quite simple, the card bridges move up and down, and once they are in line with your hedgehog, click your hedgehog, and it will kick the hedgehog straight forward. The more card bridges you go through, the better!

Of course the cards cheat when it is the queen’s turn, so they move to the right place for her! Still, you can beat her though.

curious croquet game

If you do beat her(it’s quite easy), you get a prize: a ah… flamingo!

curious croqut prize

The next game you encounter on your journey through Wonderland is The Queen’s Tarts.

the queens tarts

These are the instructions for the game.

the queens tarts instructions

So basically, it is a shuffling game. There is one card with the tart, and after they shuffle the cards, you must pick the card with the tart on it.

queens tarts game

TIPS: Play this on a desktop computer, on an empty server. It’s very hard to play on a small screen, or if it’s laggy.

If you get 3 tarts, you win a prize! (Thanks Daniyah428!)

queens tarts prize

The next game along your path is The Queen’s Roses.


Unfortunately, you have to have this member costume to play the game, so I can’t play it or get the prizes…

queens roses instructions

If you wander farther right into Wonderland, you will come to the next section, which is basically the painting rose section for The Queen’s Roses, which you can only paint if you have the Royal Gardner(isn’t it gardener?) Costume for members. To paint ALL the roses, you have to work with other people!

rose tree garden

Fortunately, I had enough ecoins to buy the costume. It costs 2,300. I will be selling mine for 2,000 some time today, so be on the lookout for that cheap price at trade n sell!

You actually do NOT need another person to help, if you are very fast. Start from the left and keep going right, try not to miss any, because it will take time to go back.

Each rose you paint is 5 stars! This is the prize for getting all of them.


Other bloggers, if you would like to borrow this picture, then you have my permission, as long as you put big credits, a link.

That is the only prize, you do not get another one. You can, however, do it again to get more stars!

And that is it for this event, have fun!


Comments on: "Adventures in Wonderland" (27)

  1. Ahhh. Nothing better than a game…of Croquet. I am in England and I used to play it at school most of the time. Ah.


  2. Blurasxbery said:

    Ok so I bought the painting roses costume and I was painting roses for 1 hour straight….. And no prize O.o


  3. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Actually, it is the same for everyone !
    If you click on the mushroom, it makes you grow.
    Click on stem (Or mushroom stem..?), and it makes you tee-tiny.
    And you get a poptart as a prize for “Queen`s Poptarts”. lol


  4. TheFantageHipster said:

    What ღღღנяƒღღღ is true ouo
    You can tell because the text on the mushroom picture thingy has hints
    The words ‘Grow’ and ‘Shrink’ are colored!
    ‘Grow’ in red, meaning the cap.
    ‘Shrink’ in blue, meaning the stem. ouo


  5. There is a hint… You know how it says: “Be careful! One part will make you GROW and the other SHRINK!” well, GROW is in BLUE and SHRINK is in RED so that is a hint, I figured it out the first time I tried this… Just so you know 😀


  6. Oh wait, Its the other way around.. GROW is in RED and SHRINK is in BLUE sorry!


  7. Oh, look!… Grow is red and Shrink is blue… The mushroom cap is red and the stem is blue… oooooo I wonder which makes you shrink and which makes you grow.. xP
    You get a Painted Rose board from painting roses… It’s half gray :(.. dead rose

    ~sarcasm used~


  8. Theresa7897 said:

    It’s say the whit rabbit is always late but its brown 🙂


  9. Is the prize only for mems…?


  10. polleeawesome said:

    I was playing a pet game and I saw a rabbit hole in the pet town. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the update, but i thought you should know.


  11. Moomoo, other people cannot see how large or small you are.. I tested this out in Fantage.


  12. slushipup1903 said:

    The shuffling game is hard!


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