❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Lights Out Event


Event Info

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Click the pictures above to be directed to the matching part of the post!

  1. Power Generator

Work together with all the other Fantagians to turn the lights back on! Click on this huge, creepy chunk of metal to see how full the meter is.


There is no prize for filling it up. The screen will just get lighter and lighter as the meter fills up.


Remember that each location has a SEPARATE generator. So, for example, it could be pitch dark at Uptown, but very light somewhere else.

How do you power up the generator? By collecting Power Cells! You can find these inside Capsules (explained below).

2. Capsule Hunt

Find capsules all over Fantage to win stars, gems, power cells, and prizes!


These capsules are HUGE and GLOWING, you won’t miss it.


Where are all the capsules? Here is a list:

1. Uptown (far left, under Hall of Fame)

2. Downtown (far right, under Stellar Salon)

3. Beach (left of Splash lifeguard)

4. The Island (under the Resort building)

5. Lighthouse (left of entrance)

6. Oasis (left of airplane)

7. Carnival (right of Rocket Board)

8. Pet Town (far right, left of Pet Games sign)

9. Castle Bridge (right side)

10. Castle Entrance (left of doors)

11. Mt. Fantage (right, under Boxy)

12. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

13. Forest (left of Grotto)

14. Fantage School (under school)

15. Creature Area (under HELP sign)

TIP: The capsules reappear once you leave the place and come back. You do not need to wait.

You can also get Power Cells, which will help you power up the generator.


Check how many capsules you have collected by clicking on this button at the top of the screen


3. Comics

Why are the lights out anyway?? Find out by clicking on the COMIC capsule, at Downtown, near Star Cafe.


4. Firefly Hunt

Catch colored fireflies to win cool prizes!


Buy the very expensive costumes first, click on the Firefly Collecting sign at Downtown, and click BUY COSTUMES


Where are all the fireflies? I have just confirmed that these locations are the same for EVERYONE. Also, these locations are the same every day. Yay!

TIP: You can tell what color the firefly is by the color of their butts abdomen 🙂

PURPLE: Downtown (above Super Power shop), Lighthouse (far right), Carnival (right of Arcade), Carnival (above Go Cart), Oasis (above well)Mt. Fantage (right of Comet & Co.)Mt. Fantage (left of Comet & Co.)Wizard’s Domain (right of Candy Swap)Creature Area (right), Forest (inside Grotto).

RED: Uptown (on Trade n Sell shop), Downtown (under Stellar Salon), Carnival (right of Rocket Board), Carnival (right of Putt Putt Revolution), Oasis (under well)Mt. Fantage (far right)Downtown (in Star Cafe)Downtown (in Super Power Shop)Uptown (in Trade n Sell)Uptown (in Furniture Shop).

GREEN: Downtown (right of Top Models entrance), Uptown (right of Furniture Shop)Beach (left of Jelly Fishin’), Carnival (front of Arcade)Oasis (above airplane)Pet Town (right of Pet Academy), Mt. Fantage (under Boxy), Wizard’s Domain (left of HELP sign)Forest (left of Lucky Bob’s)Dock (bottom).

YELLOW: Downtown (front of Star Cafe), Uptown (left of Furniture shop)Beach (front of The Palm)Pet Town (far left)Castle Entrance (right)Castle Realtor’s (above desk)Downtown (in Le Shop)Uptown (in Board Shop)Uptown (in Costume Shop)Lighthouse (left, under the moon).

BLUE: Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)Castle Bridge (right)Castle Entrance (left), Castle Realtor’s (on desk)Castle Realtor’s (left)Forest (right of Lucky Bob’s)Fantage School (right)Creature Area (above pond)Downtown (in Star Cafe)Downtown (in Stellar Salon).

5. How to Play Short Circuit

Click on the sign at Uptown.


You must fill up the meter with 5 power cells by yourself in order to play. Find the Power Cells from the capsule hunt. You only have to fill it up ONCE.


Basic instructions:


Keep on going right. The lights will get dimmer and dimmer. Collect as many green power cells as you can, to keep the lights on. If the green bar runs out, the lights have gone completely out, and you can’t move any further.


Reach the exit and win!


6. Limited Items


Other Stuff

Collect all the stamps in the Stamp Book to receive a medal! This medal is for nonmembers and members. It is worth 2 levels for nons, and 5 levels for members.


Click on the Stampbook button at the top of the screen and hover your mouse over each stamp to see how to earn them.


Comments on: "Lights Out Event" (77)

  1. It’s coming out tomorrow. I live in the same exact time zone as Fantage HQ so my time is also theirs.


  2. It’s Wednesday..


  3. It’s called the B;ackout Event just to let you know moomoo!


  4. o.o isn’t the event suppose to come tomorrow? and i bet this event is gonna be like the “black out” event, except that they changed the name a little bit.


  5. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Actually, it tomorrow. Fantage lives in a Time Zone that I live in. lol.


  6. jadeallstar said:

    I saw you on Fantage last night and I was jumping like crazy cx and I also saw lunaravenue and ararara. I saw lots of people that i heard of on the internet last night! cx


  7. I think Fantage are running out of good ideas for events, because this seems far too similar to the blackout event we had earlier…I honestly feel like they’re losing their touch and what made Fantage so enjoyable xC


  8. LOL…
    But it is Thursday now! It’s still not out yet though…


  9. I gotta tip for you 😉 If you just want the prizes from the capsules keep going in and out of the lighthouse, and collect the capsule each time :3
    Fantage user; fizzii


  10. Hey Princess_moomoo! I saw you Downtown but I was to shy to say hi! I’m kinda shy! Lol! I must say this feels like the longest event! It is taking me forever to post about it on my blog! You are so fast at posting! Anyways bye for now!



  11. Hey, MooMoo, I think they might be in different places for everybody … or maybe just colours idk.. The purple one on the lighthouse under the moon is yellow for me and there is no purple above or around the super power shop.
    Just thought i’d tell you .. x


  12. Sorry to keep commenting, but I also noticed you said Candy Swap was at the forest when i’m pretty sure it’s located at the Wizards Domain.. ❤


  13. foreverball11 said:

    Some of the fireflies are in shops like Trade ‘N Sell, Le Shop, Jester’s Costume Store, and more. I’m not so sure if they are in every shop.


  14. omg princess_moomoo your blog is like, PERFECT. All of the pages & posts are like filled up with info which is probably why you have so many viewers. anyways thanks for the awesome stuff


    • 🙂 Thanks
      I hope this post wasn’t TOO filled with info, it got SUPER long when I finished haha, hope you guys don’t get finger cramps from scrolling!


      • lol thx! your blog is AMAZING


      • Ugh I hate it when people suck up to me and act all nice when the next minute they copy and paste things from my blog and pretend it’s their work. Remove the list of the capsule and firefly locations from your blog, I worked for an hour on those, and you just steal my hard work?
        You have no idea what it means to be a blogger if you’re copying people already.
        You have now just lost my trust.


      • your a motherf***ing b**** YOU WH*** i bet youre only one years old DUMB***

        Wash out your mouth with soap, girl, or we will do it for you.


      • Oh, if I’m a “dumba**”, then why did you copy EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POSTS? What a smarty pants you are.
        Insulting me just because I caught you copying me, then suddenly turning from a sucking-up flatterer to a full-out cussing machine.
        Go away.


      • sorry moomoo, for the benefit of it, i kinda sensored the cuss words, to well, save our reputation


      • Yes, thanks! I just checked out her blog, lol. Her stats are fake, I checked a cached copy, it hasn’t moved since August 20.
        She copied all of our recent posts.
        She liked her own posts because nobody else does.
        Wow. Never seen such a fraud.


      • why dont you
        you look like *removed* in your bunny suit
        rot in *removed* like i suggested
        are you in 2nd grade?
        and i gave credits


      • 1. I don’t accept credits from wannabe blogs. I never gave you permission.
        2. Perhaps the clothes I’m wearing looks like cotton fuzz to you due to your poor eyesight, but for the rest of us, I’m PRETTY sure they look like CLOTHES.
        3. You calling me a 2nd grader would be like a normal person calling someone Einstein.
        4. Stop commenting on my blog. Go back to your own blog and continue liking your own posts, editing people’s comments to praise yourself, and all the other fraudulent things you do.
        5. I see you have finally fixed your fake hits counter to show your REAL hits. Good job, first step to stop being a fraud.


      • ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

        Poor witty you.
        Embarrassing yourself by harassing my blog & here.
        Are you sure about your grade? -w-


    • ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

      Some people need to maintain their junk inside or they`ll get burned on the internet. And cussing isn`t gonna make it go away. Choose your words wisely, because you certainly sound like a blabbering idiot who need to see up the word, “copying” and “dumb-donkey”.(:


  15. Hi,
    I tried finding all the purple fireflies but there wasnt one above the go cart so i only have 9/10. Do u kno where the last one is? (besides the ones u already posted)


  16. Kristyshi2000 said:

    Thxs so much for giving the information about the fireflies! You saved me A LOT of time XD!!! Usually i would try forever and could not find it in the end XC This is an awesome blog! I meant to write this here XD Nice videos btw


  17. candycane266 said:

    you forgot another firefly thing for purple


  18. There’s a wonderland event on next thursday.It says in the comet


  19. Its wednesday for you ?! , its FRIDAY for me o-o…


  20. izzybee152 said:

    I’m not sure if someone has said this but there is another mistake in there. It says in the green one that its Next to the help sign in the forest but it is actually in Wizards Domain. I was looking everywhere and just like “OMG WHERE IS THIS FIREFLY! Cause it was the last one I needed.


  21. Theresa7897 said:

    Thank gosh tommorow is Saturday 😀 yay free day


  22. thanks princess_moomoo for adding the last one for purple firefly hunt


  23. Thanks so much! You helped a lot with the firefly catching.


  24. i am looking for the firefly’s and i only found 9 in yellow and i went to all the places and i couldn’t find the last one


  25. lol thx moomoo ur awesome lol


  26. Here’s a tip that worked really well for me: Go to Fantage school and click on the power cell, then go to creature arena. I just kept going back and forth between those and now I have all the items except for the shoes! 🙂


  27. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Thank you so much for The Fireflies locations. 😀


  28. i wonder why i cant collect all of the clothes?


  29. Lol! xD Fireflies’ butt! xD *cough cough* I mean abdomen. *cough cough*


  30. cupcake_queen171 said:


    LOL 😀 i had too much sugar xD

    i was like where do u find those fire flies
    i look at dis and im niek OMFG I FOUND DEM



  31. Insert name here said:

    Are the prizes all for nons?


    • Anonymous said:

      The prizes in the capsules: yes The prizes for catching fireflies: only the yellow glowing t-shirt from the yellow firefly costume.


  32. thanks so much moomoo and casey! you rock!(CC)


  33. helloitscarmen said:

    i can’t get the glow outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:



  35. ♥ⒶⓈⒽⓁⒺⓎ♥™ said:

    Dear princess_moomoo , i know this is the wrong place to say this but there is a new scammer and imposter they have sent me an email fantagexatprizes@yahoo.com and the real one actually works for many people which is called fantagexatprizes@gmail.com. the gmail is the good one and the yahoo is the scammers/hackers/imposters but this is very likely that is a blogger who has contacted them already! maybe you could ask them who has and who hasn’t? Since this is one of the most famous blogs of all time i was wondering if you could expose them? ~ashley here is extra stuff: http://prntscr.com/1sccby


  36. since i know your inactive:
    first, ur SO annoying. I was childish before but now i can tell that you calling me “fraud”< you are describing yourslef. you are a pathetic BITCH. you disgusting asshole who puts creddits on info that isnt good


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