❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Hot Air Balloon Event

Event Info

event info

Limited Items

There are new limited items in the normal places in Uptown and Downtown.

limited items

There are also new Balloon Catching costumes sold in Uptown and Downtown are used to catch balloons(explained later).

balloon catching costumes

New Cloud Maze costumes are also sold in Uptown and Downtown(also explained later).

cloud maze items


There is a comic you can read that is in Uptown and Downtown.


Balloon Catching

To catch balloons, you must have a Balloon Catching Costume that you can buy from Uptown/Downtown.

The places that you can catch balloons are the Carnival and the Beach.

balloon catching areas

There is a costume that is for members, and a costume that is for nonmembers. The members can catch yellow balloons, and the nonmembers can catch blue balloons.

balloon catching

You must catch 20 of each balloon to get the prize. To turn in your balloon, you must go to the Hot Air Balloon.

The prize for the Star balloons is a glasses accessory, and the prize for the blue balloons is a cloud necklace.


The Hot Air Balloon

There is a hot air balloon located in Downtown. You must climb the ladder to get on it.

hot air balloon rope ladder

The girl on the right is where you turn in your 20 balloons from Balloon Catching to get your prize.

hand in balloons person

Free Falling

There is a game, Free Falling, on the Hot Air Balloon.

This game is similar to the game High Dive from Sea Breeze.

free falling instructions

Move to get the stars, and watch out for those seagulls(with awesome sunglasses), if you hit them, you lose stars!

free fall start

free fall game


1. If a seagull is going to the right, move to the left! Or vice versa.

2. Get the 2X Stars for more points.

3. The balloons don’t do anything, they are just decoration.

Cloud Maze

The last thing you can do on the hot air balloon is go in the cloud maze

You must have a Cloud Maze costume mentioned at the beginning of this post to go in there, though. You can buy it in Uptown or Downtown.

This is the maze. Each rectangle represents one screen, so you can see it is very large! Each item circled in Red is some item in the maze. The seagulls and balloons don’t do anything, and for some reason, the seagulls are playing Hide n’ Seek. The stars, gems, and clothing coins are prizes.



– You cannot collect the red airplane, the colored balloons, or the birds, as they are in closed off areas. The flying trick will not work to get you inside them.

-Prizes for the silver item coins:


-Prizes for the gold item coins:


-All of these prizes are starred and can be worn by nonmembers

-Once you collect the item coins, there will not be new items if you go there again, it will have been replaced with a star prize (10 stars)

-Type of gems change every time, but they will be in the same location

And that is it for this event. Have fun 🙂

Comments on: "Hot Air Balloon Event" (33)

  1. princessjillana said:

    Well for me it usally comes out around 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM O.O


    • Do you know why I hate kewlkat? Because she started insulting my blog on foreverball’s blog, back when we had that argument, saying that my ideas sucked or something like that. She still hasn’t apologized. Also, I have reason to suspect that she hacked on of my friends and took her pb hat, she was one of the only people that had the pass.


      • foreverball11 said:

        No! Moomoo, I know who has melanie’s password. Princess_JC or Titania, Cat, and αℓιcια has her password. And look at this: http://randomfantagestuff.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/wahhhhnooooooooooooowtf/ Kewlkat never had her password. It said that someone hacked her email… But, Cat said that she went on Melanie’s account to check if everything was fine, but no. She saw that the pb was up on the listings. And someone offered. The username was selenagomez74539. Cat said that she offered for the pb. I dont know if this is true… But, I swear that KewlKat didn’t take it!


      • Yeah, I interrogated selenagomez/Alicia, she kept on ignoring me at first, then finally replied saying she didn’t steal the items.
        She even showed me a pic of her inventory, showing it didn’t have PB hat. It could have very easily been edited, though.
        I said “You were the only person who had her pass” not because that was the truth, but it’s a way to find out the truth. Psychology (;


      • foreverball11 said:

        😀 Okay, that’s what I am saying. Cat went into Melanie’s account and denied the offer. BTW, The cloud map is GENIUS!!


      • No, selena offered to the secretary, pbh was already ‘sold’ when i logged in


      • foreverball11 said:



  2. It came out. Please make an update!


  3. Omigosh Casey… that map of the maze was GENIUS!!


  4. Unicorn magic said:

    Also you can collect the ballons at uptown beacause i saw it


  5. Maegan (Mrsjapan on Fantage) said:

    I logged off on accident for a few seconds when there was no event then I came back on and I’m like WOAHHH lol the event appeared!! :3


  6. ღ Ninak099 ღ said:

    Thanks! The map helped a lot xD


  7. I agree the map was fantastic. I knew one of you guys were going to do that.


  8. When I try to get the gold coins in the cloud maze it says you have to be wearing a deluxe balloon costume. (I’m a non member)


  9. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Where exactly is cloud maze?


  10. Lol all you have to do is just go get all the gems and you got all the rare items xD


  11. Prabha Rani said:

    Thanks for the maze! When I collect 5 balloons, I just go up to the hot air balloon. Is it like we have to collect 5 balloons, give them to the girl, return and collect another 5? 🙂


  12. ★ тαяαн ★ said:

    why does it say the post’s written by Princess MooMoo? o.O


  13. Rasberry. said:

    Thanx for the maze! When I collect 5 balloons, I just go up to the hot air balloon. Is It like we have to collect 5 ballons, give them to the girl, return and collect another 5?


  14. Wow, I played still played Fantage around that time but I never saw that event…

    It looks boring, so the one in a few days will probably be too…


  15. This event came agian, and the maze if very different then before. I got lots of legendary items. 🙂 That’s what I needed!


  16. […] to https://fantageville.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/hot-air-balloon-event/ for how to play. I’m too lazy to explain how to play […]


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