❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Moomoo’s updates are in purple

Event Info

The things you can do during this event:

event info

Item Carts

There are limited items that can be found in Uptown and Downtown:

limited items

You can also buy a new waiter costume and ones from older events.

waiter costumes

If you already bought a waiter costume from a previous event, you do NOT need to buy a new one.


There is also a new comic that you can read.


New Stuff on Sea Breeze

On Sea Breeze, you can win prizes for playing Jelly Shuffle during this event.

jelly shuffle prizes

Don’t know how to play? Want tips? Click here for our old post.

ALSO. Is anyone else having difficulty playing because it’s SO laggy? Mine was, and I found out it was because of the ad. I just turned ad mode off by clicking on the settings. Maybe that will help.

There is also a new game on Sea Breeze called High Dive.

high dive sign

Here are the instructions:

high dive

Basically, you wait till the bar goes up to the red, and click your space bar to jump off the diving board. Then it tells you specific arrow keys to press to do tricks. If you miss one, you fail the dive. It’s very simple.

high dive game

Also, there is a new menu inside Chez Fantage, the restaurant.

chez fantage

The more you serve, the more you level up. And with the new cleaning costume, you can get extra stars from cleaning dirty dishes from tables.

chez fantage

This is the Chez Fantage medal. Nonmembers can level it up to 20, and Premium Members can level it up to 50.


Don’t know how to serve food? Click here for our post from a long long time ago, scroll down until you see “How to Serve Food at the Restaurant”

Also, I think there’s some sort of glitch with the Chez Fantage medal. I have 2 of them, and this guy has 5…


Tips For Serving Food

1. If someone served the customer before you could get to them and you’re holding a dish of food that nobody wants, get rid of it by exiting the restaurant and going back in.

2. If the restaurant is REALLY full, it’s easier to use your arrow keys to get to the table. When you’re close enough, click on the table.

3. It’s really annoying if another waiter gets to the customer before you, so serve someone that doesn’t have a waiter walking towards them.

4. Don’t go in a really full server, or you’ll be competing against too many other waiters. But, don’t go in an empty server, or there will be nobody to serve. Go in a moderately full server.

5. All waiter costumes are the same, you do not need to buy a premium member one, there is no difference.


Comments on: "Dinner Party on the Cruise" (21)

  1. The shell booth has been updated in the past few days too.


  2. haii!
    i just wanted to let you know something really unfair 😛
    after going through ALL that hard work to level up and stuff in the restaurant
    after you refresh it goes back to the level it was
    so don’t even waste your time in the restaurant!!!
    i got to level 257, then I exited and came back. i noticed that it dropped back to 220.


  3. lol i saw casey today in trade and sell and i think u were on brb or something


  4. If you ordered food and leveled up, when you refresh, your level will go back down. But if you serve food, your level will not go down. Hope I helped.


  5. ★ тαяαн ★ said:

    I’m having a lot of trouble trying to serve them, I’ve gotten the food, and then what do I do next? I tried to click on their tables but it wouldn’t really work, is that suppose to happen…?


    • It’s really annoying, sometimes, I keep on clicking the table, it just says that there isn’t anyone there. You have to be in a specific spot, like RIGHT next to them.
      Either that, or somebody already served them before you could get to them.
      If the arrow thing that has the dish of food above your head is still there, then you’re still holding the dish. If it’s gone, then you’ve successfully served the person.


  6. ★ тαяαн ★ said:

    And other people keep leveling up and getting medals; even when they’re sitting and ordering for food, I’ve tried that, but nothing happens…?


  7. Lucia860 said:

    Luckily there was this post… I thought this event was plain boring – no offense – until I read this… NO.1 Fantageville Fan❤


  8. I am soooo upset too I’ve spent hours and stars trying to level up I’ve got to level 355 when I was getting food and giving tips to Fantage users on Chez Fantage…….
    Then my level dropped back to 152 😥 I was soo upset
    I wish I couldn’t of done that……………


  9. Fantage fixed the glitch, I e-mailed them about it after I lost 200+ levels. They’re not restoring any levels that you earned. You can only have 1 medal and the only way to level it up now is by serving and cleaning, not by ordering food.

    Hope that clears up stuff!



  10. jadeallstar said:

    Did anyone catch in the comic that there is going to be and update for the IDFone???


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