❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

This event seems to be part of the Summer Camp event, because the campground and fishing lake are still there. Click here for the post if you missed it.

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart can be found at Uptown and Downtown, pretty sure there’s nothing for nonmembers this time…


Ghost Hunt ~ Where are the ghosts?

This part is what everyone is confused about, including me. I suspect that Fantage isn’t completely finished with this event yet.

1. Go to the Campground where all the action is taking place, and click on Stella to begin.


2. Here are the locations of the 3 clues (it’s blue slime)

Above the campfire


Inside your cabin


Left of the Fishing Lake


3. Click on Stella again, and you will automatically get a free lantern accessory.


4. Ha, I was right, Fantage hadn’t updated completely yet…! Go out onto the lake and keep going right until you see the cabin. Click on it.

Click yes.


IF you haven’t already watched the event movie, you will automatically be shown it right now.

At the end, everyone will get a free blue tee:


Premium Members will also get this white cap hair (this item is a starred member item)


And of course, you will have “solved” the mystery by watching the video: the “ghost” was just Blizzy -____-

What I don’t get is why Stella gave us the lantern, you didn’t need to be wearing it in order to see the video…

Right now, you can also watch the same video by clicking on Michael at the Campground or Downtown, but this might possibly be a mistake, so it might be removed soon.

Summer Camp Badges (Medal)

Click on this button on the left side of the screen to see the badges.


You only need to earn one badge to get the medal (??). The nonmember medal is fixed at Level 1, while the member medal is fixed at Level 4. You will not level up more if you get more badges, so just do 1…


It’s also kind of pointless because we’ve done all those things listed on there from the previous event, they should have given this to us then…

And another thing, some badges don’t seem to work, even if you’ve already done the task. Solution? Wait a couple hours for Fantage to FINISH UPDATING =__=

Comments on: "Summer Camp Out Ghost Tales" (25)

  1. They didn’t give me the shirt or the hat…


    • Check ur inventory. You have to click on it at ur inventory. Also u have to watch both movies for the shirt.
      U can click “skip” and u can still get the shirt. 🙂


    • me too!
      I tried it a lot of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. synja234 said:

    I think that they should have made this one of the events for halloween idk though. am i the only one that thinks that?????


  3. lunaravenue said:

    Fantage really needs to get its game together…literally. There are just so many glitches that they need to fix! Some good (such as the ability to fly) and some bad.


  4. Anonymous said:

    They didn’t show me the movie after i camped out and it was night time? Is this a bad glitch or what>


  5. Jiminelle said:

    Umm i cant find the tent….help plz?


  6. Austin 36324 said:

    Hai it’s me again hey moo moo I missed the vantage event can u tell me what happended tht would be great Thank You !!!! Austin 36324


  7. Thx a WHOLE LOTZZZZZZ 33333333
    yo website is da BOMB… I gotta buy the hair at trade and sell.


  8. hey moomoo i feel like ive been making a bunch of the fantage update posts on wind’s blog so can you put up the ghost story one on wind&slippy’s? thanks


  9. Hi Princess Moo_Moo! I’m Seham, and I understand that you may not be able to my question. But my question is, I also posted this part of the event for my blog. I have everything you have, but now when you go to the lake and it becomes night, you don’t get to watch the video. Why is that? Please answer ASAP!



  10. Maegan (Mrsjapan on Fantage) said:

    Hey princess_moomoo! I have a question and comment. 1: I didn’t get the ghost tee shirt and and I watched the videos and completed the ghost hint! 😦
    2. I saw you on Fantage! One time…lol


  11. Gigi Lin said:

    Hey Im sorry I didnt add my username but its c1210. I didnt check your blog for a long time.

    Gigi Lin

    Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 23:33:40 +0000 To: gigi_lin@live.ca


  12. Austin 36324 said:

    Hai moo moo it’s me again I’m sorry for the comments I have been making lately it’s been 2 weeks since I have been on I’m sorry for the pinkstardust comment I left 3 sorry comments I have left for the best lol ok ily moo moo ok Thank You !!!! Austin 36324 ps i love the blogging tips page why isn’t casey been on a while ????? Thank You Austin 36324 oh yea sorry about the pinkstardust comment


  13. Austin 36324 said:

    Hai Moo moo do u have advice about dealing with a bully on a blog Thank You Austin 36324


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