❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Summer Camp Out 2013

Update: There is a prank that the boys can play on the girls, scroll down until you see it to figure out how to do it!

Another update: There is also a prank that the girls can play on the boys! Keep scrolling until you see it.

If you were there for the Summer Camp event last year, then you’ll see that this event is very similar!

Item Carts

As usual, Limited Item carts are at Uptown and Downtown. Not as usual, there is something for nonmembers: the marshmallow stick accessory!


You can also buy fishing gear, but WAIT! These costumes are the EXACT same as last year’s, so if you saved it from 2012 like I did (click here), then you don’t need to buy another one! This time, however, there is a rainbow canoe, which allows you to catch all colored fish. Like last year, the yellow one is for nonmembers.


Campground Reopened

The campground, which has been closed all year until now, is located right next to the Forest.


Go inside your appropriate cabin at the far left to get a free tee!



Girl Cabin Prank – NEW UPDATE

This sign is hanging on the left wall of the girls’ cabin:


Boy Cabin Prank – NEW UPDATE

This sign is hanging on the left wall of the boys’ cabin:


Where is the prank? Go outside, and double click the green drink on top of the girl’s table, under their cabin.


The basket will move, and a toilet paper roll will appear. Click on it.


Tee Pee House!


Pillow Fight

You can also play Pillow Fight inside your cabin. Click on the dresser to borrow the costume for free.


Click YES. Again, this is free.


Click on the Pillow Fight! button on the left, and aim it at anyone.


This is pretty pointless, because you don’t get any stars for this. Just for “fun”!

Roast at the Campfire

Also, you can buy a marshmallow stick and a sausage stick by clicking on this sign next to the campfire (or, just get it from the Limited Item Cart). Remember nonmembers, DON’T waste your ecoins buying the marshmallow stick, you can get it for stars!!


Wear either stick, stand by the fire, and wait until it gets this color.


Then, quickly move away, and get your prizes! (Members, can you tell me in the comments if you get these prizes too?)


How to Catch Fish

Last, you can go fishing on the lake at the far right. Wear your canoe costume and catch matching color fish. (Buy the rainbow costume to catch any color).

Keep an eye on the bar at on the top. If it’s at HOT or WARM, you will most likely get a fish. If it’s any lower than that, you will probably get a dirty boot or a sock.


Here are the prizes. Catch 30 of the same color fish to get them.


Crazy Canoe

Click on this right of the campfire to play Crazy Canoe, instructions are pretty simple.


Boys vs Girls Fashion Showdown

Go to the Island and play the beach version of Fashion Show. ~updating~


Comments on: "Summer Camp Out 2013" (30)

  1. Candyo3otwins said:

    Yep, members get the same prizes.


  2. We get the same items non-members do for the Campfire thing. 🙂



      • pups215 said:

        hey moomoo! I found the girl prank. You go to the camp, click a glass, then on the top table, click 3 (any) times on (a) glass(es) to reveal a lipstick under the fruit basket and click it. then the boy’s cabin will be girly! 😉 Worked for me! I hoped I helped. -pups215


  3. lunaravenue said:

    Theres a not about a prank on the boys in the Girls Cabin. Can you please check it out? I don’t know what the prank is!


  4. Pannda_27 said:

    I figured out what the prank is!
    Go to the table near the boys cabin and click the green drink. The basket will move and under it is… lipstick! Click on the lipstick and it will draw on the boys cabin!


  5. Ellie4917 said:

    Why can’t fantage create a more creative event than summer camp for last year? >.>


  6. When I did the prank it was lipstick 🙂


  7. Theresaisawesome said:

    You can level up more in the fashion show thing yesterday I level up about 6times and now I’m on level100 yayz(even though I’m not a member) the medal can go higher than 2 even tho you leave alot of them you still level up 🙂


  8. Theresaisawesome said:

    Lol when went inside the girls cabin yesterday my computer broke down there so many people there! 😦


  9. To be honest, I think I preferred last year’s canoeing prizes… I was looking forward to this event, but it seems pretty dull. Oh well, at least fantage released items for non memebrs this time :3


  10. I was kind of looking forward to this event… I’m quite disappointed by the canoeing prizes. Well, at least we non-members can buy two limiteds :3


  11. I know another prank for the girls. I already emailed it to fantageville@gmail.com. I don’t know if this works for guys. Double click on the flowers until the boys cabin roof is covered with flowers. xD Hope this works.


  12. Hermione24 said:

    I checked out the Summer Camp post from 2012, and I couldn’t help but realize how much your blogging style has changed… ❤ They've become so detailed compared to last year! Thanks for the updates xxx


  13. Theresaisawesome said:

    What if you you gaught sixty fish do you get another of the same item?


  14. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    The girl prank is the same but on the pink table!


  15. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    And yes, you do get the smores and hot-dog stick.


  16. נα∂є_ρнσєηιχ said:

    By the way, now they have boards you can buy or get from Wizard’s Domain Downtown to go on the lake. It’s pretty cool actually…


  17. I figured out all the pranks.
    Pranks for boys to do on girls: The one you listed and double click on the nest on top of the girls cabin roof and the cabins roof will be full of eggs :3
    Pranks for girls to do on boys: Double click on the cup on the boy’s table, there will be a lipstick, then click on the lipstick and the boys cabin will be painted owo Also double click on the flower box on top of the boys cabin and their roof will be full of flowers.


  18. there are 2 pranks for each, see my post


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