❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Changes to Our XAT!

*This post has been updated a couple of times, check it often*

Due to many complaints, Casey and I have made several major changes to Fantageville’s XAT chat box. We feel that these changes will allow all users to have a better time on our chat.

1. The chat has been reset, meaning all Moderators, Members, Owners, AND banned users have been made guest again. If you were banned forever, we are giving you a second chance to redeem yourself. We hope that you will use this privilege wisely.

2. We will be promoting people to the rank of Moderator more frequently now, because there has been a lot of rule breakers on the chat lately. I will be deleting the Report button, the Moderators will be enough. We are looking for people that never break the rules themselves and come on to the chat very often to be moderators. DO NOT ASK TO BE MOD PLEASE.

3. As suggested by Casey, we will follow the example of most XAT chats by making everyone Member

4. Casey is currently working on a new Rules banner. The punishments will be less strict.

5. Casey and I (we are the only owners on the chat) will ALWAYS have an orange icon next to our names. If there is no orange icon, then it is not us.


6. Because the XAT group chat page (xat.com/fantageville) always glitches, and because many people are unable to locate the XAT on the sidebar of this blog, I have made a whole page just for the XAT. Click here. (This page was made a while ago, but I don’t think many people realized it)

A Note to Moderators

Please make all users Member, EXCEPT for those that have bot names (e.g. WoogleDip, WoogieKins, etc)


*NOTE FROM CASEY… I think bots don’t really do anything, and kicking them makes more come, and also if we are always kicking bots, the chat will be spammed with messages saying “blah blah kicked blah blah reason:bot” but I don’t know if princess_moomoo will agree…

*IN RESPONSE: Ok sure, I still don’t get what bots are, people just keep on telling me to kick them. So yeah, to save time, let’s just ignore them. But you know, the same argument can be made for members, I still do not get the point of them. Many users are complaining, including one of our mods, that we should not have members. You said earlier that everyone hates us because we don’t have members…? We shouldn’t change our chat based on what haters want. We should change it based on what our viewers want. I suggest a poll?

*NOTE FROM CASEY Don’t ban them just because they are from those chats, if they actually break the rules, you can ban them, or else they will just hate us more, and nothing will be solved between us

*ANOTHER RESPONSE: Yes, Casey has been trying to negotiate things with them, and I think she has done a really good job. Once Casey has finished with the rules banner (you’re making it, right?), things will be more clear as to who to ban and who not to

*ANOTHER ANOTHER NOTE FROM CASEY We made up with Fantage Courtney Cakes and some people on Fantage Cheese, so yay!

We hope that these changes will make Fantageville XAT a happier place!


Comments on: "Changes to Our XAT!" (31)

  1. Cool! So are you going to have the same mods or are you choosing new ones? If your choosing more, could I be one? Or do you have to be registered for that…


  2. I made a xat for my blog, but I never show up as owner…do you know why?


  3. Moomoo or Casey, can one of you guys remod me? >.< Someone just adv on your chat too..


  4. hollow72244 said:

    You might wanna update your sidebar- it says ”633,789 Views! 620,000 by July 1?” but it’s past July 1 AND you have more than 620,000 views


  5. Wht is a bot? Is it like a fake person?


    • Yeah, I’m not very sure, but everyone tells me that they can hack your XAT if you don’t kick them. I personally don’t believe it, but better safe than sorry…!


      • That’s a major flaw in Xat then if ‘bots’ actually can hack your Xat by just being on it.


      • Yeah, I think they’re just a waste of space on the guest list, I seriously doubt they can actually hack it. I’ll do a little research and get back to you.


      • Okay lol I’ll be waiting to find out what you learned.


      • Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.
        I tried looking up “XAT bots no ID number” on Google, but the only thing that popped up was the XAT power, bot. You can buy it with XATs, and they supposedly help you moderate the chat even when you aren’t there.
        Not the thing I was looking for…
        Nevertheless, I am nearly 100% sure that they will not do anything harmful towards your chat.


  6. pups215 said:



  7. Princess_ JC said:

    Awesome, Can I be too?


  8. Thanks! 🙂 You should make some people that come on at night a mod. I don’t care who. But at night is when people break the rules. xP


  9. hollow72244 said:

    ‘Bot’s in my knowledge is guests, when I’m not logged on XAT sometimes I usually end up with a name like KissieHeads…or CrunchyHeads… So, bot’s are like anonymous people or people you have just signed out. :p


  10. ⊙ω⊙๖ۣۜKιтту♥๖ۣۜCнaи⊱aиιмє4єνa♥ said:

    Hmm..soo like you wrote above how you’re going to start making more mods does that mean you’ll come on more often to actually see who would make a good mod?


  11. hey.
    is trading accounts allowed on ur xat?
    well ill show proof of it saying so:

    btw i did not make this appear there! i just came on xat when it said that!


  12. sui_elephant101 said:

    If trading accounts is allowed now, can you guys change the rules on the fantageville xat? cause everyone is still yelling at each other for trading accounts and stuff. xD also what will be the specific criteria for becoming a mod?


  13. thatonepenguin said:

    The “bots” are called nulls. If you click on them, and you see that they have no ID, don’t mess with it. Also, the orange icon is called a pawn.


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