❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

*Check the bottom of the post for updates, I have added several things

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Nonmembers, if you want something, you’ll have to use ecoins.


Buy an Explorer Costume to play “A Piece of Fantage” scavenger hunt! (explained later, keep scrolling)


Beachwear items can be found inside Top Models Inc. and on the new island (all the way to the right). Wear them in the Fashion Show to get bonus points!


You can also buy the Turbo Tube to perform double jumps in the new game at the island, called Totally Tubular. Click on the sign at the island, at the far right.


The New Island

You can now click on the island on the map!


There are LOTS of games and new areas on the island that are coming soon. Expect a post when they arrive! This also means, members, that the maximum of your game medal will higher, since there are more games!


New game, called Totally Tubular. Not going to explain, because it’s pretty simple and not that great of a game, especially if you have a laggy computer.

A Piece of Fantage Scavenger Hunt

Find all the items for Ellie to get a prize. Buy an Explorer Costume to play. Nonmembers, if you want the pink bikini prize, buy the deluxe explorer costume with ecoins. You do NOT need to buy the nonmember Explorer Costume, it is just a waste of stars!!

*Cheat: If you’re a nonmember and you want the Deluxe Explorer Costume, try looking in Trade n Sell for a cheaper price! I bought mine for less than 1,700 ecoins!


Here are all the locations I have found so far. Thanks to everyone that helped in the comments!

Hunt1 Pet Town (inside Pet Shop, right of entrance)

Hunt2 Carnival (right of Rocket Board)

Hunt3 Outside Lighthouse (left of door)

Hunt4 Inside Zack’s Theater (left of Stage 1)

Hunt5 Mt. Fantage (left of cave)

Hunt6 Wizard’s Domain (inside Orion’s Rare Finds, far right)

Once you’ve found all of them, go back to the island and click on Ellie for your prizes! Nonmembers can wear the pink bikini too!

*Tip: If you’re a nonmember and you bought the Premium Explorer Costume (using ecoins), the costume is useless after you have gotten the bikini. Sell it at Trade n Sell for 2,399 ecoins!

Beach Fashion Show

Go to the island and walk right. Click on the big Fashion Show stage to play.


Each time it will be a multi-theme: beachwear and something else. Just wear items from the carts, then add on items from the other theme!

If you make it into the final round, you will get a medal! Even nonmembers can get this! I think the maximum is 2.


Hot or Not

This is pretty dumb, in my opinion, because you have to judge whether people are “hot” or not. Wow, talk about judging people by their looks???

Click on the sign at Uptown to submit your own look (Members only, dress up BEFORE you click on this), or vote. Members and nonmembers alike will get 10 stars for every 10 votes.


Members, if you gain enough votes for you look, you will win this super cool rainbow dress! It is a starred nonmember item, so nonmembers, if you get one at trade n sell, you will be able to wear it!


Looks like it’s worth a LOT too, not many people have it, and people are selling it for 5,000,000 stars at trade n sell…!

New Updates

They are having Flash Sale again at the Beach. In case you didn’t know, Flash Sales are when they sell a limited number of limited items in a limited time span, and they do this to many items. You may think that flash sale items are worth a lot, but honestly, they are not.


They also opened the Spa at the Island!

spa entrance

This is what it looks like on the inside.


There is a spa for members, but there is really no point… and you can paint your nails! That’s interesting…



And apparently, it actually shows! It looks so weird though…like you have magical powers or something…


The game Slide and Splash also came out, so go over to the island to check it out!


That’s it for now, but there will definitely be more updates, so keep checking this post!

More Updates

There are now Prize Item Sales!

prize items sale

The Resort is also open at Ellie’s Island


The only thing you can do inside the Resort is play a game.

inside resort

The store, High Tide, is also open. They sell cute swimsuits and accessories, but only for members.


There is also a Seashell hunt. You have to wear a seashell collecting costume to collect seashells though.

seashell costumes

If you collect enough seashells, you can trade them in to get prizes. Nonmembers can only collect the shells for the first prize though, unless you buy the premium member seashell collecting costume.

seashell scav hunt

I have  no idea why, but there seems to be like no seashells around Fantage, I only saw like 2, and they were premium member seashells.

So the only advice I have for you is to look near the beach; at Ellie’s Island or the Beach, and keep going back and forth. Otherwise, there are no specific places that the seashells are at.

Sorry I might be wrong, I only guessed this after about 10 minutes of exploring and discovering this event on Fantage.

Have Fun! ~Casey

Comments on: "Ellie’s Mysterious Island" (81)

  1. The island is on now. I’ve been playing on it!! Lots of good items too


  2. They say EXPLORE NEW SECRET PLACES.Is there really any?(Srry 4 caps btw)


  3. Shiningbri said:

    Lol I agree with y’all yesterday people kept saying wear green for the island!!!! WE WANT THE ISLAND! And I got really annoyed because fantage has been working really hard and people should be patient 😄 Well I hope it comes out soon!


  4. Actually, the island was open at around 10:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time…


  5. lol pixelated things wearing bikinis


    “Are you hot or not?”


  7. oh my god i am seriously laughing
    which bikini should i buy? (i’m serious)
    i can’t pick.. the white one or the dark blue one?


  8. i found all the items. i got both prizes too! i finally have a swimming suit


  9. The velvet rope is inside the acting academy, and the orb is inside Orion’s! The life rings were around the Lighthouse I think?


  10. caro1726 said:

    The magic Orb is at Orion’s Orb place! I found it today!


  11. Life rings are in the Light House :]


  12. Fish Food is at Pet Shop.. INSIDE THE SHOP… and the Life Rings are at Lighthouse


  13. Hey Princess_moomoo or Casey,
    do you know how to get the rainbow dress?


    • Yes, sorry for the late response…!! You have to be a member: submit yourself to the Hot or Not contest. If enough people vote for you, you will get the dress as a prize. You can also look in trade n sell to buy it!


  14. hey just so u know, the life ring is at the right of the lighthouse.


  15. Life rings are at lighthouse!


  16. Heyyyyy said:

    Magic Orb thingy is at Orion’s Rare Finds


  17. i wanted to tell you,the fish food is in the pet shop in pet town. 🙂
    the fish food is at the lighthouse. :3


  18. Heyyyyy said:

    and i forgot last one xP: Velvet Rope is at the Theater that Zack had just opened.


  19. I couldn`t find the swimsuits! XD. Thanks moo_moo!


  20. dawn448 said:

    The life rings or mine were at the lighthouse:]


  21. The life-ring (orange circle with white) is at the lighthouse


  22. dawn448 said:

    The magic orb is in Orion’s Rare Finds


  23. dawn448 said:

    The Fish Food is in The Egg Shop in Pet Town


  24. chloe4843 said:

    Ah, though you might need some help finding the Scavenger Items( saw it was still updating). I’m not sure if locations vary from players, but here are the ones I’ve found!
    Fish Food: Pet Shop
    Life Ring: Lighthouse

    Sorry! That’s all!
    Goodluck! (:


  25. I found everything but the velvet rope. D:


  26. Naya2613 said:

    Btw the life guards ring is in front of the light house…….I cant find the fish food! Does ANYONE know where it is????? If u see me on fantage add me!


  27. ♋Hollow72244♋ said:

    Fish Food is at the Pet Shop, velvet rope at Zack’s theatre, light rings thnig is at the lighthouse and the orb is at wizards domain.


  28. icewhisker said:

    Hey moomoo.
    Have you found the fish food and the Life rings? I’ll tell you!
    The fish food is at the pet shop (In pet town)
    The Life rings are at the Lighthouse.

    -ICEWHISKER(quitted blogging)


  29. everyone is wearing this pretty pinkish greenish kinda yellowish dress its really pretty and I really want idk how people get it can u tell?


    • Jessica Le said:

      OuO ive seen you around 75temp! Anyways you get the dress from submitting you hot or not look. Stay on fantage for an hour, refresh and you should get it 🙂


  30. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    The Resort and the jungle don`t have the “Coming Soon” flyer no more except when I click on it, I cannot go~ Please help..!


  31. Jessica Le said:

    sorry this isn’t even related to the topic, but I was wondering if you could host an inventory competition where the winners get prizes? I missed the first inventory contest, and was hoping you could do another one 😀


  32. Could I use the information about where the items are?


  33. Why do people want the rainbow dress so bad?


  34. Hermione24 said:

    Your Fantage updates are perfect, as usual; thanks! I wish I had more time to play on Fantage… exams are seriously driving me insane right now. Are your exams doing okay? 😀


  35. Omg thank you! I have been wondering where the fashion thing was omg thank you once again ^-^


  36. Did you notice that they changed the way ellie looked so she looks more like a normal Fantagian? OnO


  37. actually, everyone is wearing the white bikini…


    • Yeah, I was so disappointed when Fantage made a shop for those bikinis, I was selling each one for 5555 ecoins because a LOT of people didn’t know where to buy them. I sold like 7 of them at least… Then they put it in the shop, and that was the end of it Dx


  38. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Now the island updated! If you`re voted the most “HOT,” you receive a medal but only available for Members because only we can submit our characters. Also, the Fashion Show gives a medal for the winner of a show, too~ 😀


  39. karolinademikyte said:

    How do you know how much views you blog has?


  40. Yolanda miami 42 said:

    have you seen the newest spa?


  41. Is it normal to only get 2 views in 2 d. ? D:


  42. Meow Meow said:

    Dear MooMoo and Casey
    I just wanted to say, but there is a lot of negativity within your posts. You guys are always rude when sending back emails and you guys always hold a popularity bar whereas you guys are too full of yourselves. Please consider quitting!!


  43. Hermione24 said:

    To be honest, I only like the nail polish when it’s black… 🙂

    By the way, I’ve seen some really awkward-looking male Fantagians wearing, umm, female attire… I mean, seriously, this dude was wearing a fairy dress and long blue hair. It looks incredibly disturbing in my opinion and I’m just wondering how they do that. It is some kind of cheat?


  44. Anthony said:

    Hey casey how do you have so many stars ?
    PS i saw you in foxotic i hope to meet you in open beta:)
    Pps a new raffle for closed beta is on be sure to check it
    Ppps im an old friend of moo moo , since pet playtime



  45. candy123729 said:

    The island is having the event of finding seashells.You are supposed to buy a costume and find shells on the new island. I bought the premium member costume and went on the island. There are some seashells,but you can’t pick them up and they don’t count if you click on them. Can you tell me where they are and how to interact with them?
    Best regards,


  46. Wow, I was convinced that the max level of the medal was 2…
    It was level 2 and it was taking forever. I finally leveled from doing 1 more and thinking “Yes! 192!” and the contestant medal became 16! xD


  47. candy123729 said:

    Also, are you sure the creators put up the seashells, so this isn’t a scam?


  48. candy123729 said:

    It said the seashells are there and I looked there on the island, I found one that is a shell you are supposed to find, clicked on it, and didn’t work!!
    Please help. :*(


  49. Casey, you can find the seashells on the lighthouse too, further right by the water 🙂 and what I did was i went back and forth from the dance club to the beach, that way a shell is always (almost) going to pop up ^.^ hope this helped lol


  50. Hey Princess_moomoo. Today I went to Fantage and I was planning to play the beach fashion show. Before I play the fashion show I randomly just checked the prize items (seashell thingys) and I saw there were NEW prizes! o.o


  51. i needed some help:
    the sea shell making thing changed and you have to make it yourself.i need a little help on that because every time i try to combine the shells they just pop back on to the top bar. if you don’t understand i added a picture or you can check for yourself on fantage.
    I’m really confused so please help me!


  52. I saw a jungle coming soon and they never released it. :/


  53. math10000 said:

    They also have shells at the lighthouse. Plus, a good way to get stars is to buy the premium shell finder, and then keep making extra prizes, then sell them all at Lucky Bob’s.


  54. awesome_fantagian said:

    The rainbow dress isnt really worth much now. Pretty much nobody does the Hot or Not thing now and I got it on my first try… Most of the people to judge are bots…


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