❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Summer Picnic Bash

This event is a LOT like the Summer Finale Event from 2012…!

Item Carts

You can buy some yummy-looking items from the Limited Item Carts at Uptown/Downtown! Nothing for nonmembers this time…


Get a Burger Flip Costume to play Burger Flip! Buy more than one to flip different types of burgers.


Last, you can also get a Balloon Toss Costume to throw balloons at other people!


All activities will be explained, keep scrolling…

How to Play Burger Flip

You must be wearing a burger flip costume

Go to either Uptown, Downtown, the Beach, or the Carnival. Click on the red grill, next to Chef Emeril


You will play 3 mini games in order to make your burger.

*Tip: Go to an empty server so your computer won’t lag and mess you up

Part 1: Move your mouse up and down to add salt/pepper on your burger. Don’t worry if you don’t get a lot, you will still get a burger in the end. Your mouse will disappear, so make sure it doesn’t go outside of the window, or it won’t count (the mouse on the picture below is edited in).


Part 2: Press FLIP in the lower right hand corner when your patty is this color:


Press FINISH in the lower right hand corner when your patty is this color:


Part 3: Move your mouse left and right to catch to falling food. Do not catch the fish, spider, and smelly socks. (I edited in the green circle and red crossed-out shapes)


You’re done! Now, you can either wait for someone to buy your burger…

Flip6 *If you go to a different place, your burger will disappear!! The number of stars you get depends on how well you did with the games. A star will spin above your head once someone has bought it, and the sign will disappear.

… or give it to Chef Emeril for a prize.


Buy all 4 costumes to get all 4 prizes!

How to Play Balloon Toss

You must be wearing a Balloon Toss costume.

Click on the Balloon Toss! button on the left, then aim at anyone. Nonmembers will get 1 star for every person they hit.


You can also aim your balloon at the red target, at Uptown or the Oasis!


If enough balloons hit the target, stars will come pouring out. Pick them up by clicking on them, each one is worth 10 stars!


*Tip: Go to somewhat full server and do this at Uptown. If there are too many people, then your computer will get very laggy. If there aren’t enough people, then it will take a long time to get the bucket to pour out stars.

*Tip: You can also pick up the stars by touching them. Since they always fall in a straight line, you can just use your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth and get all of the stars very easily.

So, just click on a star, then keep using your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth to collect the falling stars. Don’t use your mouse or up/down arrow keys, or you will move out of the line.

Where is the Ice Cream Truck?

The Ice Cream Truck will come once in a while at Uptown, Downtown, Wizard’s Domain, and the Carnival. It’s VERY big, so you won’t miss it!


Once you see it, click on it, and get a prize.


Click on it again, and you can buy some more Limited Items!


Where are the Picnic Baskets?

Find picnic baskets all over Fantage and get prizes!

Regular Baskets: (anyone can get these)


Premium Baskets: (you must be a premium member)


Pawprint Baskets: (you must be walking your pet)


Here are the POSSIBLE locations:

1. Beach (left of Splash!)

2. Pet Town (right of Pet Academy)

3. Downtown (between Star Cafe and Super Power Shop)

4. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

5. Creature Area (under HELP sign)

6. Uptown (under ID Fone Shop)

7. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

Prizes! These are the possible prizes from the regular basket…


These are the possible prizes from the Premium Basket…


And these are the possible prizes from the Pawprint Basket…




Comments on: "Summer Picnic Bash" (31)

  1. Tee Hee said:

    Finally an event where we can get free stuff… still like the Summer Finale Event of 2012 better though… I MISS THE BUCKET SPILL THINGYS…


  2. Liaoyuqing said:

    I only found a premium basket and a pawprint basket so far…. O.o


  3. Pannda_27 said:

    i only get stars n when i toss a balloon at the target, the balloon goes to the red circle… anyone know y??


    • It’s supposed to do that… Everyone gets stars when you toss balloons (did I accidentally write “ecoins” somewhere…?)
      You don’t actually aim at the bullseye, you just click on it, and you automatically get stars.


  4. When I make a burger it doesn’t come up above my head with the ‘Buy’ option or even the picture, do you have to click something or something? Please help.


    • Yeah, that happened to me a couple times at first too, but when I tried it a few more times, it worked.
      You can always just give it to the chef, he will give you 10 stars 🙂


  5. Midoka123 said:

    Pawprint Basket is only opened if you have a pet brought out… sad


  6. katyperry1898 said:

    Outside ID phone shop, in front of lvl lock items in uptown! Please out this up too! This is where to find the hunt boxes…


  7. Anonymous said:

    the pawprint baskets have only one non member prize =( nooooooooooooo


  8. Put forest under grotto


  9. Prabha Rani said:

    Are those items in Pawprint basket only for premium members? I am just getting stars when I open it. When I saw that watermelon board at trade n’ sell, it’s for premium members only.


  10. You can also find baskets in front of grotto in forest!


  11. I bought a magic code with ecoins, took the pet on a walk and clicked on a pawprint basket. I got a watermelon board. I tried to put it on but It said that it was premium members only. I find this unfair because I paid a lot of ecoins for that magic code!


  12. Hermione24 said:

    There’s not target at the Oasis, anymore…


  13. pinky2219 said:

    talk bout the truck….. THERE WAS A PERSON WITH AN ICE-CREAM TRUCK BOARD IN DOWNTOWN. I CLICKED THE PERSON FOR 5 MINS!!! till i realized the real truck was on the other siade… -.-


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