❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Guys thanks soooooo much for all your help and support!!! Thanks to all my awesome fans, I got my stuff back, yay!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you so much! I love you all!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Hacked…reborn!" (34)

  1. idkwatidoing said:

    yay! good job all you people out there (: now if they could only do the same to all the others who ever got hacked 😛 but no problem, really glad you got all your stuff back :]


  2. that’s great glad you got ur stuff back xD


  3. you are welcome!!! I’ll support you any day!!!


  4. Congrats! 😀


  5. Latida18 said:



  6. foreverball11 said:

    Wow. You must be very happy!


  7. kawaiikila said:

    Did u ever find the hacker?


  8. sasha888 said:

    Your welcome~! (●´∀`●) I’m happy that you got all your stuff back!! Well, I got hacked just now… (´∩`。) I lost 500,000 Starz, and I was trying to get 1,000,000 Starz. I used to have 980,000 or so. T Ti I’m not sure if I lost anything, but it’s really frustrating. After all that hard work! (/ .□.)\ ︵╰( ゜Д゜ )╯︵ /(.□. \) I hope you guys can help me out too? I’d really appreciate it~!! <3<3

    ✨(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ sasha888


  9. Congrats Casey! I’m glad you got your stuff back!


  10. YAY *claps*


  11. YAY! 😀


  12. Yay!! U got all ur stuff bak!! xDDD lolIMMA CRAZY!! I LUV PIEEEEEE!!! IMMA CRAZY BIG SNOTTY MONSTER!!! Lol xDDD IN SOO HAPPY!! xDD LOL


  13. YOU DID? YAY! I AM SO HAPPY OR YOU! Now I will try it on myself to get autumn leaf and bright pink back! I MUST GO!


  14. Roselynh100 said:

    OMG! CASEY! AWESOME! U GOT UR STUFF BACK!!!!!!! I helped u too~

    To celebrate, can u add me on Fantage? I know u dont play anymore, but still. 🙂

    Please say yes. YAY OMFG U GOT UR STUFF BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Anna653472 said:

    Wow! That’s Amazing news Casey! I am really glad that you got your stuff back! 😀 Have an Awesome day! ~Anna653472~


  16. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!1


  17. fefe3485 said:

    Hooray! I think I sent like 5 messages to them, but that doesn’t really matter, because YOU GOT YOUR STUFF BACK!!



  18. Anonymous said:

    Casey how did you get your stuff back?? I just bought party sparklers for 8000 stars and when I logged off to switch servers and logged back in it was gone, along with my stars 😦 please help


  19. Congrats! I’ll tried to get my stuff back but fantage always never replies.


  20. theeny49 said:

    OMGZZ Yay!


  21. fantagia101 said:

    OMG CONGRATZ!! When I read it I literally screamed! Anyway OMG SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!


  22. YAY!! 😀 I Hate Hackers Dx but atleast you got your stuff back!! 😀


  23. the1cow1says1moo said:

    Congrats!!!! 😀 btw, this title sounds alot like an animes. Just…random things…


  24. fantagepenguins said:

    And It Really Worked?


  25. hi i also helped get ur stuff back. I love ur blog and im so happy for u. i also got hacked but i cant get my stuff back. I think its because not enought ppl r complaining. if in any way u could help me i would love that. here is what i would like u to say:

    A lot of Liver1515’s items are gone due to a hack. Please restore Liver1515’s items. They were the following:
    -Basketball hair (blonde and brown)
    -Cupid’s bow and arrow
    – Glow sticks
    – Gum
    – Intriguing hair
    – Sandy blonde hair
    -Alva hair
    – Secretary Hair

    Thank you that is a few of the items. I would really appreciate it if you would consider giving her back these items. Once again her Username is Liver1515. Thank you so much Fantage!

    If you and moomoo could say that i would b ur bff. I would do anything if u could do that for me. It means so much to me. All u hav to do is copy and paste what above and send it and mayb u could get other to do it too. i no this is alot to ask but if u could consider it u would b the best thanx


  26. thank you casey and moomoo u guys r the best ever


  27. Everyone plz read my comment above and contact Fantage so I can get my stuff back thx. Casey and moomo will help me and so should you. Just copy and paste from above. If u help me get my stuff back I will help other ppl get their bac

    Casey how long did it take u to get our stuff back and how many times did u contact Fantage and what did u say plz plz plz help me


  28. Anonymous said:



  29. I’m soooooo happy for you! I really hope you find out who did it, did you?


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