❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Mother’s Day 2013

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown, nothing for nonmembers this time


Buy a Flower Catching Costume at Uptown/Downtown to play Flower Catching! Yellow one is for nonmembers.


Nonmembers, ever wanted a pet? Click on the Pet Sale sign to buy magic codes for a much cheaper price! Find this at Pet Town, Uptown, or Downtown


Flower Catching

1. Buy a Flower Catching Costume from Uptown or Downtown

2. Go to either the Forest or the Castle Bridge. You will find Blue, Red, Purple, and Yellow flowers floating in bubbles.


3. You can only click on flowers that match the color of your costume. Don’t worry if they disappear, then will return in a couple seconds.

4. Bought more than one costume? No need to go to your inventory and change every time, just click on the flower and you will change automatically!

5. Catch all 10 of the same color to win a prize. Catch 10 of all four colors to get a free board!


Tip: Try buy the costumes and/or prizes at Trade n Sell for a cheaper price, you might be able to save some stars/ecoins!

Where are Zack and Poofi?

Every day of the event, Zack will be in a different place, deciding where to put his Movie Theater:


You will level up the Pet Pals medal each time you find him! For Premium Members, it can level up to 4; for Nonmembers, it can level up to 2. You must be walking a pet to get this medal!!


May 11: Castle Entrance

May 12: Forest (under Bubble Bug)

Pet Parade

Go to Uptown or Downtown, click on Stella’s mom, and see if you can show her the pet she wants! She will ask for a different pet every 15 minutes, so keep checking!



Also, wear Pet Locked Items in the Fashion Show to get bonus points.


Comments on: "Mother’s Day 2013" (20)

  1. Hey, do you know where the admins are?


  2. The Limited Items are not good looking


  3. Foreverball11 said:

    Do you think this is a good event? Im soo happy they decided not to do any more of the Michelle and Zack thing. Btw, I love your new header!


  4. Hermione24 said:

    “Nonmembers, ever wanted a pet? Click on the Pet Sale sign to buy magic codes for a much cheaper price! Find this at Pet Town, Uptown, or Downtown”

    Can non-members really buy pets?


  5. theeny49 said:

    first comment. nice post 😉 have you found the admins yet?


  6. moomoo,
    i bought 2 pet magic codes and checked my barn to get them.
    There was nothing there, i clicked on the magic pet code pot and still nothing appeared.
    So I am quite worried…


  7. sanjulee said:

    how to get Pet Pals medal for Nonmembers?
    “You said it can level up to 2. You must be walking a pet to get this medal!! ”
    But how to bring pet outside, I am Non-member. Help Please.I have Mumbo & Jimbo pets, they don’t come outside.


  8. Princess Moomoo or Casey,

    Do you still have the email of the wordpress worker? I’ve been wanting to report this blog which has been copying a lot of people…
    So, do you still have it? If so, what is it?


    • That email was specifically for reporting problems. If you want to report for copying, go to the blog, and hover your mouse over its name on the bar at the top. There will be a report button I think.


  9. I found him at Mt. fantage


  10. Hermione24 said:

    Can’t find any dudes with the “A” hats. What do they do, anyway?


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