❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

The princess finally arrives, and there are many new items for sale! There are new limited items in Downtown and Uptown.

more limited items

Trade n’ Sell is also selling nice royal themed items. Go check it out.

trade n sell items


There are new Royal Ball Costumes at the Castle.

ballroom costumes


And New Throne Room costumes, too.

throne room costumes


If you go in the Throne room, you can click the King and Queen and they will give you a free item!

kind n queens gift


Well, Fantage overdone it a bit, selling like 4 carts of items, otherwise, it’s pretty awesome! So have fun!


Comments on: "The Royal Ball: The Princess Arrives!" (14)

  1. they have a renting thing….! its cool! non members can rent them and member can buy them


  2. Sorry if I sound bossy, but you forgot to put in about the item the prince and princess give you.


  3. Blurasxbery said:

    This was a really fun event.


  4. I like this event, I just wish there was at least one outfit for nonmembers in each cart. 😦 So this has nothing to do with the new event, but I really want the outfits they give the new fantage accounts. But if you make a new account, you can’t sell the outfit to your original account. And if I go to the trade and sell, I never have enough ecoins to buy the outfits from other users. You don’t have any tips or helps with this do you?


  5. desertblossom said:

    What the special prize from the prince that you get for wearing the seamstress dress?


  6. well, you can rent the Royal Ball Costumes at the Castle for 500 stars too


  7. Jessica said:

    Do you know the names of the hat?


  8. lunaravenue said:

    I know the event is over, but that hat stinks. It’s not even pretty!


  9. Quick question how did you gt thoses pictures on the side of your screen?


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