❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Text in purple is MooMoo’s added words

This new event is from April 25th-May 1st


Event Info


Item Carts

There’s also some wonderfully creative Limited Items in Downtown or Uptown.


You can also design a crown, print it out, and wear it! Click on the sign at Uptown/Downtown


Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

You can get free items by helping the Royal Seamstress collect things. They are placed randomly around Fantage and is different for each person.


Click on the seamstress at Downtown/Uptown to start

Where are the materials?

Since they are different for everyone, we can’t give you an exact list. However, we can tell you possible locations to narrow down your search (these are NOT in any particular order, just check them all)

1. Mt. Fantage (right of Help sign)

2. Castle Bridge (next to guard on left)

3. Oasis (under water well)

4. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

5. Creature Area (under Photo Booth on far left)

6. Beach (under Fish Fish boat)

7. Lighthouse (left of entrance)

8. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

9. Fantage School (left)

10. Dock (under bench on left)

11. Forest (between Hidden Meadow and Wizard Domain signs)

Prizes for Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

Blue Necklace: 20 stars

Red Cape: 40 stars

Crown: 80 stars

Blue and Gold Staff: 

Yellow Dress (Members only): 

Activities at the Castle

This little pedestal is a History of why the princess wanted to come to Fantage in the first place.

where princess came from sign

history of princess

You can go to the Castle to see…. a fancier castle. The Balcony is the giant staircase with a red carpet on the left, and the throne room is the red door on the right.


And if you go even farther right…there is a soon-to-be dance floor.

dance floor

Basically, you can just climb up the balcony and walk around on it. That’s it. You have to buy a special limited items to get up there, by the way.

Actually, you don’t have to! You can just use the Castle Flying Cheat, click here for the post that was made AGES ago.

Keep in mind that you don’t get anything for going up on to the balcony, whether you bought the dress or used the flying cheat.


Members can go inside the Throne Room for free, nonmembers have to pay 100 ecoins each time. You can get prizes from the Mystery Box each time you go in!

the throne room info

This is the Throne Room. Click on the Mystery Box (gold question mark box) at the left to get a free prize. Click on the pink wardrobe at the right to try on royal clothing. Click on the Fairy Godmother to get a free board (you can buy the horse board too).

throne room

Mystery Box prizes can be accessories (yellow crown, white crown, and treasure chest), gems, stars…

Premium Members, if you go in and out too many times, the Mystery Box will disappear.

To entertain you, I made a picture of me, and it has a lot of me in it. Luckily, Yara_yara was there, so I guess she’s in the picture, too!

random pic

I think Fantage events are better than they were last year, but the events were really awesome in 2011. So keep up the good work, Fantage! And have fun with the new event everyone!

Yes, I think I changed my mind about this event too. I’m glad that Fantage has finally decided to move away from Michelle and Zack, and chose to create fun events again.

Comments on: "The Royal Ball: The Princess Is Coming!" (37)

  1. I thought your dad banned fantage…?


  2. Wow fantage has a serious problem, they’re making nonmembers PAY 100 ecoins just to go into the throne room, and then premium members get to go in for free! Smh. Thanks for posting the info though!


  3. Thanks for updating really fast!


  4. Pannda_27 said:

    fairy godmother?????


  5. theeny49 said:

    Oh my.. Casey! Is there a Copright on that picture of you and yara!


  6. Anonymous said:

    Very Interested Event, and you guys FASTEN UP!(:
    Hope this Blog never stops on Sharing the News about Fantage, especially teh events!
    FantageVille IS The best fantage blog ever!


  7. The only thing I don’t like about this event is that nonmembers have to pay 100 ecoins to get in the throne room.


  8. fantagia101 said:

    Reblogged this on Fantagia.


  9. the1cow1says1moo said:

    I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday, the 25, the throne room was free for me. I wasn’t a premium… but when I clicked pay 100 ecoins (I had 3, btw…) it let me in. Thousands of times. I kept going just to check….well yea…


  10. Anonymous said:

    Hi. Thanks for the info!


  11. the locations for the materials are no where to be found… I checked all of your places, and I don’t see any…


  12. Anonymous said:

    I went in and out of the throne room too fast and just like you said the mystery box disappeared…. the only problem is that it hasn’t reappeared. I’ve tried logging out then logging back in but still nothing. Could you please tell me how to get it to reappear ?


  13. fefe3485 said:

    Oh my gosh, I just met Pinkstardust at the castle and she was like saying non members couldn’t get in cause their so dumb and they dont have any ecoins. But I was there, and I’m like you, Princess MooMoo, I collect ecoins, so she went into the throne room and I went in the too. I was the like, the only non in there and she was like how the heck did you get in? I said i used ecoins and then shes like im actually surprised you have ecoins i bet your parents had to scrape up the last bit of money to get you some precise ecoins huh? i was like actually my dad makes alot of money tat this government plae and shes like shut it i dont care about you stoptalking to me. I was like you talked to me first and then shes like GET OUT and then i got banned for like 4 hours i was like, did she just ban me??? pinkstardust is so mean!!!!


    • fefe3485 said:

      I was talking about getting into the throne room sorry i didnt include that part


    • What the heck is wrong with her… I was beginning to cool off about her, she didn’t seem so bad after a while, but now… Permanent hatrid >xP
      Maybe her dad works at Fantage or something. What a loser.


      • pinky2219 said:

        maybe ur rite and alll her levels and stuff is from her dad since he works there or somehting…XP


      • fefe3485 said:

        Yeah, I heard her mom and dad made up Fantage or something…. I wanted to her because I thought she would be nice like YaraYara or something, but actually, she is very mean! After this experience, I never ever EVER want to meet her again!


    • lunaravenue said:

      I totally agree with you, so this is what I sent to Fantage about her and all the other bullies:

      I am here to report a bug. That bug’s name is pinkstardust. You may have heard of her. She is always #1 at the Hall of Fame. Well she is a bug. Why? Because I have heard of and seen countless times where she has bullied, tormented, and/or made fun of other Fantagians. She especially picks on non premium members. Why? Because of status. These days, people on Fantage are BULLIED because of wheather they are a member or not. That’s right. Your site is a huge hot spot for premium members to target and bully those who cannot afford membership, or think it is a waste of money like most parents do. Pinkstardust is the biggest bully of all. From what people have seen and heard, she calls people: peasants, poor, and dumb, and stupid. If you think that’s okay, then you guys are sick. She is a torment to all Fantagians and if you have any reason not to ban her or agree with me, just reply to this via email. Say what you please and I could care less. What I do care about is that Pinkstardust is bullying others and that is wrong. So you better remove all of those certified kid-safe and friendly seals on your homepage because unless bullying is stopped here, they will never mean anything. Get your game straight and read some of the things people say on here. You guys are just beginners at safety and helping others. Now stop trying to add more useless events and start protecting the people who really get their feelings hurt from pinkstardust and all others. Don’t be lazy, just do it.


  14. Anonymous said:

    Where did you get that picture of the information on the throne room?


  15. Anonymous said:

    The mystery box doesn’t disappear if you go in and out too quickly. It disappears after you receive all the prizes: Treasure chest, 1000 stars, gems and crown


  16. I love the picture you made Casey! 😀


  17. Yara_Yara wears A TON of makeup!! She probably spends half of her stars on it! I don’t blame her though. Everyone has to like something!


  18. Anonymous said:

    I’m a member on one of my accs and I didn’t get that yellow crown?


  19. CharlyChoo said:

    should i be on the lookout for members rares clues?
    or r they gone


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