❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Thank You

UPDATE: I am feeling in a good mood, especially after Fantageville got unsuspended. So, I am giving away the first hint to the members/rares pass!! No joke, no catch. A free hint.

Click here to go to the page that has the very first hint. There is invisible text under the words “~More will be added later on~”. Just highlight the white space by dragging your mouse, and the hidden message will be there in white.

Some of you may be confused, and since I did promise a free hint, I will tell you what the invisible text says, in case you can’t figure it out:

Yes, more will be added… such as the first hint to the Members/Rares page! Here it is: The next hint is hidden on a page in this blog that does not allow any comments to be posted.

Good luck 🙂

Thank you, wordpress

To be more specific, I wanted to thank Jackie, a WordPress staff member. When Fantageville got suspended for putting an ad of Swagbucks on the sidebar, I sent an email to WordPress to figure out why and how to unsuspend it, and Jackie replied to all of my pestering emails within 24 hours each time.

Jackie also allowed me to remove all my ads in order to unsuspend my blog, which was SO generous.

Thank you SO much, it means a lot to me, I felt really lost without Fantageville!

Thank you, viewers

I wanted to mention that, to my utter shock, Fantageville STILL received over 500 hits, EVEN WHEN THE BLOG WAS SUSPENDED!!


I have no idea how that is even possible, but it really shows how much you all contribute to this blog.

I also wanted to thank several all the people who showed so much concern and hope for us when Fantageville got suspended. Things like “I know you worked really hard on that blog” and “I hope it will become unsuspended too” REALLY helped in those 2 days of complete confusion.

Thank you to everyone!

No thank you, tinkerbell

Still not removing your copied material, eh? Notice how easy it is to get suspended. I just put a banner of Swagbucks on the sidebar, and I got suspended. Imagine how easy it would be for me to report you…

Speaking of which, along with my thank you to Jackie, I am also reporting you. It seems like she has the power to suspend blogs 🙂

Update: I have NEVER seen a bigger LIAR than you. This is a screenshot of her “blog”


One, I NEVER even HEARD of her before she copied my blog. Like I have said a MILLION times, I do not know ANYONE in real life that plays Fantage.

Two, WHY THE HECK would I want to hack HER??? I have over 25 premium member accounts in my possession, given to me by my awesome viewers. Hacking is really stupid.

Three, uh, be the first at what?? Punching you in the face? Maybe!

Four, obviously my mods are banning you forever. Any blog owner would do the same thing. You are even worse than Kevin, at least he doesn’t LIE.

Five, that is the dumbest lie I have ever heard. I do not even know your username, much less your password. I don’t want a newbie account.

And that screenshot of the Fantagians that she is claiming to know the pass to? ALL of them are my friend’s profile pictures. She doesn’t even know how to screenshot.

Pinky229’s profile picture –> 

Who’s is this? –> images (5)

Cstar’s profile picture –> 

Her page: Capture5

I have never hated anyone more. She is a fraud, liar, copier, poser, the list just goes on and on…

Random stuff

One, I am really behind in moderating comments ._. Sorry if I don’t get to yours!!!


Two, I have decided that I will continue blogging, because I wouldn’t be able to stand abandoning this blog and Casey…

Three, I LOVE the new background, Casey! 😀

Four, if any of your friends still have not been notified that Fantageville has been unsuspended, please tell them all the info! That if going to the home page doesn’t work, then they need to clear out their cache: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache

Make sure to clear everything in the cache from the past 4 weeks.

This won’t delete anything, don’t worry. The only thing you will have to do is sign in again to any accounts that you had logged in to before (e.g. email, Facebook, Youtube, wordpress, etc.)


Comments on: "Thank You" (61)



  2. yes ur back


  3. Welcome back! The background is awesome, I like the page headings background too.

    How do you report a blog? There’s this blog that’s been copying a lot of blogs. I told her to remove the copied content two times but she didn’t listen. She refuses to think she copied and is saying bad things about the bloggers she copied.

    Here’s her blog: FantageTeaxoxo.wordpress.com
    She faked her page views and claims she started blogging in 2008 -_-


  4. woo hooo!!!!!!!!!
    your back,
    I really love your blog….
    Good thing it’s unsuspended!!!


  5. fefe3485 said:

    Wow, I wonder how you got those views while the blog was suspended! Maybe some WordPress staff went on and checked this blog? But then, that would take a lot of staff, so probably not, but just a thought. And also, I really like the background too!


  6. Anonymous said:

    hi princess moomoo im hi053


  7. pinky2219 said:

    no party?


  8. I saw fantageteaxoxo and they copied the hall of shame and copied other blogs


  9. Anonymous said:


    This is my idea for putting a sale page NO OTHER BLOGGERS CAN COPY ME!!!
    I DON’T WANT CREDITS. Do Not Copy Me on this Type of Post. This took over 3 months to create, so “credits” are worth less than a bucket of pig dung in comparison.
    If I find out that you have copied this idea, I will report you, and you will never receive a single viewer again. I am DEAD serious.



  10. Anonymous said:




  11. Anonymous said:

    Oh srry princess_moomoo…I just noticed that you already put that blog in hall of shame…Sorry!



  12. Cstarƨwirℓ❀ said:

    Remind me to put my name on my Gravatar next time…


  13. martha110fantage said:

    Umm she even copy your Chat Box Rules under her ” *^-^ MUST READ THIS” !


  14. Anna653472 said:

    Hey there!!! How are you? I am SUPER DUPER happy that you got your blog back! I saw it was gone and I was wondering why. But now I know. And I am Happy that I can go see your blog more! 😀 Have a great day!!! ~Anna653472~


  15. spark_spark_boom said:

    Ahahaha Great comebacks princess moomoo… lol first to punch her in the face 😀
    Yay blogs back!!!


  16. OH YEAH! THANKS SO MUCH MOO MOO! But it’s still hard 😛
    I’m looking at EVERY page on your blog. May I ask you something? Do posts count as pages? Or no?


  17. …………..read the newest post on fantage tea………..
    actually don’t read it. I read it and I almost choked on my yogurt.


  18. june_rocks_you_foreva said:

    Princess moomoo i tried this cache thing but it still says its no longer available what should i do ? DX


  19. I find it wierd that there are EXACTLY the same # of hits on one of the weekends…


  20. pinky2219 said:

    y am i on there??


  21. Words in Tea’s vocabulary: LOLOL. That’s it. Everything else is copied.

    The copiers need to get:
    1) a life
    2) the f out


  22. fefe3485 said:

    Omg, thanks soooo much for giving away the first hint to the Members/Rares page! After this hint, everything is sooo easy now! Thanks so much!


  23. sapphire9561xxx said:



  24. hi princess_moomoo, i know you don’t know me so well but I am a fan of your blog. I am really happy that your blog is back. Your blog is awesome and I hope it gets more hits! Continue our awesome work and forget that thing what happen and continue making your blog more awesome!!


  25. Oh my gosh, moomoo. I don’t know how you stand these copiers. Who happens to have a hollow skull.


  26. Anonymous said:

    Hi Princess_MooMoo,

    I just want 2 tell you what I think………

    Tinkerbell is SO STUPID!
    *All links removed because her links don’t deserve to show up on this blog lol*




  27. …and I think Tea just copied Pink’s post… I don’t want to comment on her blog though, she’ll think she’s getting to me and doing a good job and making me mad :/


  28. Anonymous said:

    Lol IKR! Her links shouldn’t show up on this blog xP
    I just wrote them 2 show you all that stuff that makes me SOOOO MAD



  29. Fantageteaxoxo insulted you! OMG btw, I’m so glad you’re back! Here is my blog: *Hidden* I love visiting your blog and I hope you can visit my blog too. I went to tinkerbell’s blog and she’s still not removing the copied content! Could you be an admin of my blog? Please. I usually make others authors. But I really hope you can be an admin of my blog, please? Thanks!


  30. The hint is so confusing, but thanks! It’s a good start!
    Are you going to report Tinkerbell? It irritates me that she’s getting away with all these lies!!!


  31. Pink *kinda* copied your Hall of Shame. Not really. Just the naming part.

    I think though, she just have anger towards FANTAGEstupidTEA.


  32. Thank god that your blog is unsuspended ,nd hi,I am a blogger anddd……..I play fantage and i visit this blog everyday


  33. Hey princess, what If I told you that she has ADVERTISEMENTS on her blog….. she has a link to check these ads…. 🙂


  34. ☮♪ Ƙʋяσღї Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♪☮ said:

    Omg Im so happy that ur blog is not suspended anymore cuz u hav a great blog!!! Its an awesome blog! xDDD


  35. Tinkerbell_is_a_idiot said:

    Omg Tink is way dumb. In pinky’s profile pic she copied, she wrote under it “now don’t think I copied this too. I have that Alice Hair. And everything.” BUT in the pic, pinky had BLOND BOMBSHELL on!!!!!!! And that’s like the 4th most popular hair on fantage!!!! FAIL BY TINK!!


  36. copier, tinkerbell2846 said:

    Omg you know you don’t copy do you? Umm, the comments in fantagevillie says:

    Please don’t remove this awsome blog.

    I think it’s still tinkerbell. No one would like a copier, no one would like a blogger that posts mean stuff.


    • She edits everyone’s comments and pretends to be different people to make it look like she has a lot of support, but it’s everyone on this blog against her. Nobody really supports her. She’s deleting her blog soon (she emailed me) and said she did all those awful things because she “wanted to be friends” and she wanted me to forgive her and be friends. I said “IN YOUR DREAMS LOSER.” haha.


  37. There’s a blog called Fantage Celestial who also hates you. I saw a user that commented lots of nice things on your blog turn her back behind you and gossip…


  38. What
    Why she call your blog in a mean way 😦
    Your blog is just..
    I have no word to describe..


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