❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

New Admin Items Special

So apparently, 2 admins of Fantage are retiring.

And to say a goodbye, Fantage is selling recolors of some of the best limited items ever sold on Fantage.

To find them, go to Uptown. Yes, they are pretty expensive, so save up those stars and ecoins!

admin items special

admin items special2

From Casey. Personally, I hate it. I know all the people who wanted Basketball Hair or the Autumn Princess Dress got what they wanted, but now they’re raising a whole racket on it. I personally feel, my BLONDE Basketball Hair and ORANGE Autumn Princess Dress has no value! People are all like “WE LOVE BROWN BB” and they are trading and selling it for rip-offs! People everywhere are like “BROWN BB FOR BLONDE ONE” or “BROWN BB FOR CC” which is SOOOO not worth it.

So please stop trying to rip people off and thinking “its the real deal” cause is kind of makes me mad. But otherwise, it’s pretty cool Fantage is letting everyone have recolors of really cool items on Fantage. I see that Fantage now understands what the people of Fantage actually want….

❤ Casey

Added note from princess_moomoo:

Ever wonder why the United States, for example, doesn’t just keep on printing money? I mean, they basically have an infinite amount of money, right? Wrong. The more money there is in circulation, the less it’s worth.

So, how does that relate to Fantage? Well, something is only valuable if people want it, even in this virtual world. The brown basketball hair is worthless not only because it looks ugly (well, to me at least) but because it’s so easy to get. The more common something is, the less it is worth.

For those of you that are complaining and wishing they had released the blonde basketball hair, just take a second and imagine if they did that…

…everyone would have a “bb hair”, and the value of it would drop to nearly 0. People that worked hard to get this rare hairdo from before would be EXTREMELY mad, because there is no value in it anymore.

So what is my point?


Think before you act.

If you just used your money today to buy membership and/or ecoins, then you just fell into the trap. The only reason why Fantage released this was to get more money.

Now, you might ask, isn’t it the same exact thing whenever they release an event? Limited Item carts, costumes, prizes, etc. all tempt you to buy stuff… right?

No. Because releasing events are part of the game. LYING however, is NOT.

What the heck am I talking about? No need to listen to me blabber on and on… Listen to Wind blabber on and on instead [: (jk Wind, you never babble ahaha). Click here, and you will be absolutely shocked.

Comments on: "New Admin Items Special" (27)

  1. I have bb too , and It officially doesn’t seem special anymore. 😥


  2. I agree… it really isn’t worth the blond bb… so now people think it is, when it really isn’t! Exept I did get wintergreen for it… xD otherwise eh… I don’t like it either


  3. I know right!! I had blonde bb on and i was just hanging around in the trade n sell and then this girl came up to meh and said TRADE ME BROWN BB FOR UR BLONDE! NOW OR I WILL REPORT U! I mean seriosusly, the people think that they can get the blondes outta people. but i think pretty soon fantage people are gonna be recoloring frisky and cc.


    • Pewiedewiepie said:

      That girl is just -_- Doesnt she knows that Blonde BB is wayy more better than brown?~Has she got nike some problem?Geez.


  4. Finally someone who reads me!
    I hate it when someone comes up to me and goes “brown BB for bunny nose plz? shoe”


    • hate it how people put shoe or fun in the back of the sentence. its really unessesery. -.-


      • Actually, I think it’s some sort of trick to see whether your text shows up. Yea, it still gets pretty annoying, just like “o oi” and “owo”. That just REALLY annoys me whenever people do that.
        The most annoying thing is when people say “shoe” or “fun” on XAT. I mean, that just shows that you don’t even know what it’s for, and you’re just doing it because everyone else is.
        Kids these days… x]


      • Its to see if what u are saying shows up LOL so you dont have to wonder if it showed or not!


  5. ★xx♏iyuкixx☆ said:

    Um then they’re stupid. Blonde BB is way more valuable because it’s the original plus jot many have it. Also the recolors look dumb anyways.


  6. Im never gonna buy anything from fantage again.


  7. Anonymous said:

    OMG at first I thought it was a little racist because people keep saying blonde bbs are better than brown it’s the same thing people except different color this is how I see it IT’S JUST SO RUDE!!!(blonde=whites=expensive). [brown=blacks=less expensive]


  8. xXpopzsugarxX said:

    Gosh i will never buy ecoin or membership, PEOPLE PLZ READ THIS


  9. On the last sentence of your post, how do you do the ‘click here’ thing and send them directly where you want them to go?


  10. I agree. I used to have a really popular hair called the Angel hair which is like second to cc hair. But then fantage sold it and the value dropped. I paid alot of ecoins for it and it seemed like it is worth nothing because ppl wouldn’t accept my trade for angel hair… 😦


  11. Anonymous said:

    I got cupid arrow for gum before it resold and I LOVED it SOOO MUCH, then Fantage resold it and it wasn’t unique anymore .-.


  12. Coca-Cola is Awesome! said:

    at trade n sell, I saw that the bb hair is worth 3,200 stars. I like the brown bb hair, but the blonde one is prettier.


  13. Coca-Cola said:

    You know, I can’t believe people at Trade n Sell used sell stuff for like 9,999,999 stars or something. I mean, can people actually earn that much stars before the item expires? No, right? I mean, that’s kind of stupid.


  14. i really hate it how on fantage everyone is wearing a popular item then when you finally get it its nit popular anymore!!! I JUST got he rakoon hat and NOBODY else is wearing it!!! I might be a member but its nit really ALL THAT


  15. I used to want Blolnde BB hair, but then i got the delicate brown hair, then i realized im everyones twin. I also got the peace out tee, and everyone has tht. :T


  16. Man one time when I was in Trade n Sell there was this girl trading me every second. SHE ALWAYS TRADES ME HER CLEO SHOES FOR MY BB BROWN 😡 SHE EVEN SCAMMED ME. but I got it back thanks to the admin retirment


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